My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1996

As Josephine’s car pulled over, Ethan walked over to greet her. However, he saw a familiar silhouette coming out from the front passenger seat and his eyes widened. It was his mother. Ethan finally realized that the person Josephine took to the hospital was his mother who was most likely testing her.

Josephine looked up and spotted her boyfriend standing at the entrance. “What are you doing here?” she asked in surprise. “Aren’t you supposed to be with your mother right now?” Ethan cleared his throat a little awkwardly before pointing at the lady behind Josephine. “She’s my mother.”

Flustered, Josephine quickly whipped her head around and saw Donna standing behind her with a smile. Josephine immediately let go of Ethan’s hand as she was afraid Donna would take issue with it.

“I do apologize for getting to know you in this manner, Josephine. I hope I didn’t scare you,” Donna said. Josephine turned red and stammered, “I-It’s fine, Mrs. Quarles.” Ethan put his arm around Josephine’s shoulder and made the introductions. “Mom, this is my girlfriend Josephine Jacobson.”

“Please don’t take it to heart, Miss Jacobson. It was just a spur-of-the-moment idea of mine. I wanted to get to know you.” Donna was apologetic. She knew that her attempt at secretly getting to know Josephine’s personality could make the latter feel uncomfortable.

“It’s fine! It’s perfectly fine, Mrs. Quarles. I hope I didn’t disappoint you.” Josephine was worried that her performance might not have been up to Donna’s standards.

“Not at all. I can tell that you’re a lovely young woman with a warm, helpful heart,” Donna declared. She turned to Ethan and said, “It’s time to eat. Let’s have a meal with Josephine.”

Ethan took in Donna’s expression and exhaled in relief. From the looks of it, she was pretty pleased with her assessment of Josephine. In any case, Ethan firmly believed that Josephine was a very likable person. “Sure, Mom. I’ll make the reservations right away,” Ethan replied.

“My bag is still in your office. Help me bring it down,” Donna instructed. Ethan went to get Donna’s bag while Josephine stayed with Donna, though she felt a little pressured. When she didn’t know who Donna was, she simply thought of Donna as a friendly older lady, but she now sensed a strong and commanding aura from Donna that made her nervous.

Earlier on, she loudly admitted that Ethan was her boyfriend. What if she doesn’t like what I said? How embarrassing! Donna even asked whether or not she loved Ethan, and she remembered how confidently she answered that question! Ahhh! It’s so awkward!

Josephine kept her eyes on the ground. She was tensed as she tried to find something to talk about. “Mrs. Quarles, you said you felt dizzy earlier, but you’re not actually dizzy, right?” she quickly checked. “If you are, we should head to the hospital.” Donna chuckled. “I’m fine. I was just pretending.”

“That’s good,” Josephine said with flushed cheeks. Donna took a closer look at her. Josephine was dressed in clothes made of ordinary material that didn’t seem to belong to any major brand. However, she was dressed decently and presentably. Her features were pleasant as well. She had a bright and cheerful kind of prettiness about her.

Donna recalled what Jenna had said in the past and realized that everything had been lies. She began to question herself for trusting Jenna’s words. Her malicious actions had to have hurt Josephine. She even told Ethan to send Josephine away last night. She must’ve been hurt by that.

“I’m sorry about last night. I had personal reasons for not meeting you,” Donna said. “It’s fine, Mrs. Quarles. I’m sure you were exhausted from the long trip.”

“I’ve been here for a few days now. I didn’t arrive yesterday,” Donna readily admitted. Just then, a deliveryman who seemed to be in a rush checked his watch and failed to notice Donna in front of him. He was on the verge of running into her.

Josephine noticed this and quickly pulled Donna away. Donna was startled at first, but she soon saw the man who had been behind her. She would’ve been hit if Josephine hadn’t saved her. Donna gave Josephine a grateful look as Josephine quickly let go of Donna out of fear that the older woman might feel offended.

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