My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1999

Once again, Jenna’s expression contorted in. fury. “As long as I’m around, don’t you dare even think about marrying into the Quarles Family!” she threatened.

Josephine wanted to roll her eyes. Jenna thinks so highly of herself. “When did you, an outsider, get to have a say in the Quarles Family’s matters? Josephine retorted.

“I’m not an outsider. Mrs. Quarles chose to me be her daughter-in-law when I was still a little girl!” Jenna crossed her arms and declared with confidence.

Josephine didn’t want to continue this conversation. She had the impression that Donna was someone wise and reasonable. I’m sure she can tell what kind of person Jenna is.

Therefore, Josephine simply washed her hands. and left. Jenna looked into the mirror and saw her jealousy-filled expression, but the jealousy she displayed on the exterior was only the tip of the iceberg of what she truly felt. From Mrs. Quarles’ reactions, it doesn’t look like she detests Josephine. Did Josephine manage to win her over in just a few hours?

No! I won’t allow it! Jenna had been eyeing the position of Ethan’s wife ever since she understood what it meant. She wasn’t going to let anyone take the title of Mrs. Quarles away from her quite so easily.

When Josephine returned to the table, Donna and Ethan had just finished their conversation. Josephine glanced at Ethan and saw that he seemed to be fairly relaxed. I guess his conversation with his mother went well.

Just moments ago, Ethan told Donna all about Josephine’s situation. Although the Jacobsons weren’t rich, they were elites in the political scene. A person couldn’t be judged based on wealth alone. Oftentimes, a person’s family environment contributed greatly to their character.

Donna gained a deeper understanding of Josephine, and at the same time, she felt even more disappointed with Jenna’s character and prejudiced views. Regardless of the situation, she hoped Jenna could be a decent person. In her eyes, being upright and kind was the key to a good life.

Jenna returned to the table as well. Once she sat down, she looked at Josephine and asked with a smile, “Josephine, if you and Ethan stay together, will you be moving to Dansbury to live with the rest of the Quarles Family?”

She purposely brought up an issue that was very important to Donna, and that was whether or not Donna’s only son would be moving to a different country. I’m sure she won’t be happy if she doesn’t get to stay with him in her old age!

“Also, are your parents supportive of you marrying someone and moving so far away? Will they choose to come and live with you in the future?!” Jenna tossed out yet another one of her supposed bombs. She wanted Ethan to know that if he married Josephine, her entire family would be tagging along with her. A man like him would be depressed by the prospects of that, right?

“That’s our business, Jenna. You stay out of it.” Ethan gave Jenna a warning look. “I’m just asking a few questions!” Jenna pouted innocently.

Donna could tell that Jenna was trying to cause trouble for Josephine on purpose. “Jenna, I’ve been in the country for a few days now and I quite like it here. I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing to live out the rest of my days here.”

Jenna and Josephine were both stunned by Donna’s declaration. Josephine was deeply touched. She had a feeling that Donna was saying it for her sake.

Meanwhile, Ethan knew Donna well. If she liked Josephine, everything else could easily be settled. Even the two questions Jenna asked wouldn’t be a problem. Jenna quickly tried to talk Donna out of it. “It’s nice here, Mrs. Quarles, but your family’s roots are in Dansbury! That’s your home!”

Donna smiled and said, “My mother came from this country. I spent a few years of my childhood here too! I do feel fond of this country.” “You’ve lived here before, Mrs. Quarles?” Josephine was taken aback.

“I did between ages five to twelve. You could say that I spent the happiest years of my life here,” Donna said. Her most precious memories of her childhood consisted of her time in this country. Jenna’s expression was a little stiff. “Oh!” she chuckled awkwardly. “I didn’t know you lived here as a child, Mrs. Quarles.”

Just then, the server brought their food over. Ethan immediately began filling Josephine’s plate for her as he instructed, “Eat up. You’ll need your energy.”

It was a perfectly ordinary expression of concern, but Josephine turned bright red. Even the tips of her ears were red. Ethan’s words sounded like a double entendre to her.

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