My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2003

“It’s not important whether or not she manages to clear her name. Once this blows up, whenever the audience sees her face, it’ll be the only thing they can remember about her. I’m sure they’ll be put off by her presence and curse her out,” Ivanka said. She was confident their plan would be a success. Katrina hugged her sister in glee. “You’re amazing, Ivanka.”

“Alright. That’s the plan! You just need to make sure you find someone who can keep their mouth shut,” Ivanka declared. However, never in Ivanka’s wildest dreams would she have thought that this plan would end up sending Katrina to jail.

Back at the studio, Josephine was doing another test run of reporting the news when she saw the man standing at the door with his arms crossed. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling ever so slightly and ended up misreading two words as well. Her flow was interrupted.

At first, the broadcast director didn’t know what was happening, but when he turned around and spotted Ethan standing at the back, he realized that she was affected by Ethan’s presence. “Alright, Joey. That’s enough for today. Hurry up and go off your date with Mr. Quarles!”

The female employees eyed Josephine with looks of envy. Ethan was too handsome. Everything from his height and figure to his face was flawless in every way! “Why did you come over?” Josephine walked over to Ethan and asked.

“I guess I can’t be in the studio with you anymore, or I’ll end up affecting you,” Ethan remarked with a chuckle as he caressed her head affectionately.

Josephine recalled the way she faltered her lines earlier because of him and nodded. “That’s right. You can’t be in the studio with me.” Ethan laughed and put his arm around her waist. “Alright. I’ll hang outside the door and eavesdrop next time.”

He led Josephine away. The two were open with their affection even when they were in the office, much to the envy of the other employees. Who wouldn’t be jealous of the fact that Josephine, a mere reporter, had managed to become the boss’ girlfriend?

“Let me call my mom and see if she wants to have dinner together tonight,” Ethan said. “Sure, go ahead. I want to spend more time with her, too.” Josephine nodded.

When Ethan called up Donna, she said she wouldn’t have dinner with them. She also informed him that she had moved her things out of his place. Ethan was overjoyed at how perceptive his mother was!

“My mom isn’t free for dinner tonight, and… she moved back into the hotel.” He gave Josephine a meaningful look. Josephine’s cheeks flushed. Does that mean we can stay together again? It also meant that something wonderful and somewhat embarrassing was bound to happen tonight.

She never tried to deny being physically attracted to Ethan. He was sculpted in all the right places. No woman would find him unattractive.

“Let’s go! We’ll have a good meal before heading home.” Ethan took her hand and led her to his car. Along the way, he got a call from his subordinate, who had confirmed the purchase of the concert tickets he wanted.

“We can relax and have a good time tomorrow,” Ethan told Josephine. Josephine was looking forward to it, too. She looked forward to attending the concert with him.

They had a joyous and relaxing time together during dinner. The restaurant even prepared a special gift and dessert for all the couples dining there today. Although Josephine was a little tired, she felt entirely contented.

When they returned to Ethan’s villa, Josephine wanted to go over her script for a while, but Ethan soon pinned her down in bed. They had only been apart for a single night, but that was enough to turn Ethan into a starving wolf. She couldn’t help but wonder if he had been intimate with other women before her.

However, before she could dwell on that, his tongue pressed against hers, and she could no longer think of anything. The sensations sent bolts of electricity right down to her toes. She felt as if she were a precious gem he was cupping gently in his hands. She felt well and truly loved.

“Mmm… Ethan…” Josephine gasped. “Call out my name again,” Ethan commanded in a muffled voice. She clung to him as she repeated, “Ethan…”

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