My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2004

Satisfied, Ethan pulled her closer and murmured, I love you, Joey.” Consumed by his confession of love, Josephine allowed him to have complete control over her.

The next morning, Josephine went to work. To her, work wasn’t about earning money. Instead, it was about fulfilling her dreams. Thus, she loved heading in to work every day.

She didn’t spot the pair of eyes in a black sedan nearby that was fixed on her. Once her car was out of sight, the man in the car gave Jenna a call. “Josephine Jacobson has left for work, Miss Langley. Mr. Quarles is alone in the house.” “Alright. I’ll be coming over soon. Keep an eye on things for me,” Jenna replied.

“Yes, Miss Langley!” Back at the hotel, Jenna pulled out a sexy dress. She was about to move forward with her plan. Just as she was halfway there to Ethan’s house, the bodyguard called her again. “Mr. Quarles has gone out, Miss Langley. Are you still coming?”

“What? What’s he doing?” “I don’t know. I’m tailing him right now.” “Keep your eye on him and keep me updated.” Jenna wasn’t going to give up.

Soon, her bodyguard called her once more. He followed Ethan and found that the latter had gone to the hotel where Jenna was staying. Evidently, he came to the hotel to meet Donna. Jenna was peeved. If she had known that Ethan would come to the hotel, she would’ve waited for him there.

Her bodyguard had to wait near the exit of the hotel’s basement parking lot. He didn’t want to get too close out of fear that Ethan would find out he was helping Jenna with this. If that happened, there was no way the bodyguard could get away with it unscathed.

Soon, Ethan’s car exited the parking lot, and the bodyguard quickly reported this development to Jenna. “Miss Langley, Mr. Quarles has driven. out of the hotel. He’s heading to the house.” “Is he alone?”

“I couldn’t see if anyone was sitting in the back.” However, Jenna was certain that Ethan had to be alone. Last night, Donna said she would be heading out to meet with her old friends the next day. By now, Jenna had arrived at Ethan’s villa. The last time she was here, she secretly stole a peek at the password Donna keyed in to get into the house and seared it to memory. Now, she sauntered into the place as if she were the lady of the house.

No matter what I do, it’s all because I love Ethan, she thought to herself. I’m willing to do anything for him. I’ll even give myself up to him. She used the same password to unlock the door leading to the living room, and when she walked in, the couple-design items scattered all over the living room made her jealousy rear its ugly head. He’s even willing to do these sorts of silly romantic things for Josephine’s sake.

Jenna was still in touch with the bodyguard, and to her absolute joy, Ethan’s car was heading back to the house. Doesn’t that mean he’s coming home alone?

She decided to offer herself up to him. She knew what men were like. She was going to stand naked in front of Ethan later; she was convinced he would get a reaction from the sight. How could a man possibly reject a woman who’s throwing herself at him?

Jenna went to the master bedroom and took a shower. She moved around as if she owned the place and used Josephine’s toiletries to get herself all squeaky clean, humming a tune the whole time. Once she was done with the shower, she put on her almost completely see- through nightgown and lay down on the bed.

Just then, the bodyguard reported to her, “Miss Langley, Mr. Quarles’ car has driven into the house.” “Got it. Stay away, and don’t let anyone else discover you. I’ll handle the rest myself.”

Jenna looked out the window expectantly and spotted the car. She closed her eyes and made a wish. Please let this be a success. Then, she took off her nightgown and sat down on the couch. She wanted Ethan to see her the moment he opened the door.

Meanwhile, out in the courtyard, someone came down from the back seat and said to the bodyguard, “Wait here. I’ll be right back after I get something from the house.”

“Yes, Mrs. Quarles,” the bodyguard replied.

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