Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 641

At this point, Olivia was sobbing uncontrollably: as she kept pressing a tissue to her eyes. Eugene lovingly helped to wipe her tears with a tissue. Likewise, North looked at her with a worried expression and cried out uneasily.

“Mommy-” She wiped her tears again and reassured him, “It’s okay! I’m fine!” The truth was that she believed those words. It was not just Henry’s story, but also the necklace as it was truly an extraordinary item. It was not an exaggeration to say that the necklace was priceless.

No matter how highly she spoke of her father, he was nothing more than the boss of a small company. How could he have afforded such an extremely expensive object? It was fortunate that he never brought the necklace out before. If Amy had known about this necklace, there was a high possibility that the necklace would have gone missing.

When Amy saw that Olivia was not saying anything, she took the opportunity to speak up.. “Olivia, your father has raised you for so many years. Why don’t you forgive Anna for his sake? Anna is the only biological daughter he has left.”

Those words made Olivia feel very uncomfortable as she had the inexplicable feeling that Amy was gloating. At the same time, she could not deny the truth either. The not-very-doting father of hers was no longer her father. She was truly without a family now.

Henry looked at her and begged, “Olivia, I know that Anna has made an unforgivable mistake. I’m angry too. I hate that she is so unrepentant and forgetful. I wish I could break her legs and confine her at home so I can watch over her, but asking me to watch her die… As a father, how can I possibly bear to watch her die?”

Olivia looked at them for a while, not knowing what to say. In the past where she believed that he was her father, she had blamed him for being cruel, for not loving her, and for being protective of Anna. However, she couldn’t even utter a single word of complaint now as he was simply defending his daughter. There was nothing wrong with that; she even had this inexplicable feeling that she would never be able to repay him for his kindness. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. “You should have told me a long time ago! Then, I wouldn’t have had to resent you for so long!”

He said, “Your mother refused to let me tell you. She was afraid that you would be sad, so I had no other choice until today. Olivia, please do it for my sake. Please overlook this and let Annal go.

Olivia took a deep breath. “I can let her go, but what she did is no longer a matter of whether I am willing to overlook this incident or not. She has violated the law. Even if I let her go, she will not be able to escape the law. If all she did was hire beggars to incite rumors among my crew and the Nolan Group, I could have forgiven her for your sake. However, she attempted to commit murder. Although she was not the mastermind, she was the perpetrator. I believe she will be sentenced to a minimum of three to five years in jail!”

Henry was taken aback by her words for a moment before he quickly responded, “I know. It’s enough as long as she lives.” If Anna falls into Eugene’s hands, it’s hard to say whether she will remain alive.

She continued, “This matter involves too many other factors. It is also related to the Nolan Family’s internal conflict. All I can do is drop my charges against her during the court hearings.” He thanked her, ‘That’s enough. Thank you, Olivia.”

Eugene suddenly spoke up. “You might not have been good to Olivia, but on account that you’ve been taking care of her for so many years, I will ask the best lawyers in the Nolan Group to help you pro bono.” Henry said, “Thank you, President Nolan.”

Then, Eugene took out his phone and made at call. His words were very direct. “Release Anna,” After he ended the call, he turned back to look at Olivia again.

“I hope you carefully watch her. The kindness. that you showed for raising Olivia is not inexhaustible. If this happens again, I will not. be merciful! Not even if Olivia is willing to step down for your sake!” Henry hurriedly replied, “Of course. I understand.”

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