Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 644

Olivia said in a bewitching manner, “Eugene’s cooking is delicious!” Jewel shook her head again. ‘I still need to take my medicine.”

When she considered it for a moment, she realized that Jewel was right as Jewel couldn’t eat stimulating foods at the moment. “Fine. I might have to visit the crew in the next two days to finish filming the scenes that I’ve not done yet. Why don’t you come with me? That way you won’t be bored at home.”

To that, Jewel finally nodded in agreement. By the time Olivia returned to the 59th floor, Eugene had already finished cooking and was waiting for her. “Why didn’t you invite your friend over?”

‘She refused to come,” she responded while taking a seat. Looking at the table full of delicious food, she couldn’t help feeling touched for some reason. At the beginning, she had been furious to learn that he was the man from seven years ago, but she had now grown an inexplicable sense of belonging around him. The dependence she had toward him had long exceeded the limits of her imagination. “Thanks, boyfriend!” She laughed. He quietly wondered, “I wonder when it’ll become official.”

Olivia pouted. “Isn’t it already official?” Eugene gave her a wicked grin. “I was speaking about becoming your husband.” Those words stunned her for a moment. Her first reaction was not to scold him for pushing his luck, but rather, she could not marry him without first obtaining George’s approval.

It turns out I don’t feel the slightest bit of disgust at the idea of marrying Eugene, but how do I tell him? She glanced at Eugene, but before she could utter a word, he smiled. “I know. I’m pushing my luck again. I didn’t say you have to marry me right now, so can’t I at least dream about it?”

His voice carried hints of coyness mixed with hints of grievances, which made her feel flattered. The corners of her lips couldn’t help but curl upward. “From a medical standpoint, you should dream less. It’s bad for your body!” Those words had rendered him speechless.

Lowering her eyes, Olivia chuckled softly. “Let’s eat.” He looked at the woman sitting across from him. I’m not in the mood to eat right now. All I want to do is gobble her now!

Meanwhile, North glanced at the two of them from time to time as the atmosphere between those two was very strange. His mother kept lowering her head to smile in secret. On the other hand, his father was forcefully suppressing the smile on his face while his eyes were overflowing with love. Either way, it was a cozy feeling.

After that, North stuffed the prawn that Eugene peeled for him into his mouth and narrowed his eyes in satisfaction. I finally succeeded at matching Mommy and Daddy together. I’m so awesome. I’m also someone who has a Mommy and Daddy now.

He tactfully returned to his room after dinner and gave the two adults their own personal space Olivia and Eugene cuddled together on the couch. “Who issued the statement declaring that Northi is your son in the Nolan Group? Was it you? Or, was it Grandpa?”

Eugene said, “It was me.” Olivia asked, “Didn’t you already issue that statement once? Why are you doing it again?”

He replied, “The last time I issued the statement, I found that many netizens believed that I took your son in as my son because you are my girlfriend. This time around, I’m going to crush all the people who previously slandered you!” She quietly let out a soft sigh. “I used to think the same way.”

He was silent for a moment before he explained, “Don’t worry, Olivia. As long as it’s your child, I will love them. It doesn’t matter whether they are my biological child or not. I will love them as my own.”

Olivia said, “Do you know what Kate said to me the other day? She said that she used to worry about what would happen to our lives after we decided to be in a relationship. If we became married, we would surely want our own children after all. She was certain that you would give preferential treatment to your own child over North. That would surely have made me very sad. Thus, she was delighted to learn that you are North’s biological father. She claimed that the child was yours anyway, so I wouldn’t be bothered even if you showed him preferential treatment. I actually never expected for her to consider this matter so deeply.”

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