Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 648

“When will I be out of the observation period?” Eugene asked. “Depends on how you act.” The moment she said that, Eugene held her arm and swiveled her around, backing her up against the piano. Before she realized what was happening, she saw him looming over her, and she knew what was going to happen. However, she didn’t dodge or push him away. All she did was close her eyes. She could feel his breath getting closer, then his lips kissing hers. Her heart started to thump furiously despite this not being the first time Eugene had kissed her.

Eugene enjoyed her being so docile. He wanted to do more with her and go deeper, but he controlled himself and tried to be gentle. Every time he kissed her, she would stiffen up, as if she was nervous. Kisses should be great, so he wanted her to be happy and enjoy it like he did.

The kiss was gentle, and it lasted for a long time. Eventually, the gentle kiss became stronger, as Eugene’s lust was flaring up as well. He started to lose control and became sloppy.

Olivia retreated in fear, but Eugene kept going. after her. When she was finally backed to a corner, she pressed down on a key on the piano, and the screech snapped Eugene out of it. He parted his lips, and they were huffing Eugene apologized, “Sorry, I couldn’t control myself. That wasn’t a good performance.” Olivia was speechless. This is how you’re going to act?

Olivia’s silence unnerved him. “D-Don’t get mad. I’ll do it better next time.” Olivia wasn’t angry; she was scared. But still, what he said made her anger flare. He thinks this is part of his evaluation? “Next time? You wish there’s a next time.” And she tried to leave.

He wouldn’t let her go, of course, and he held her hand. ‘Are you mad?” Olivia said, “Yes. Stay here and reflect on your actions.” She escaped his grasp and went to the door.

Eugene followed quickly. Olivia glared at him. “What are you following me for? Eugene answered, “You’re mad, so I have to calm you down.” “I don’t need you to calm me down,” Olivia said.

“I thought you’re going to evaluate me,” Eugene asked. Olivia almost laughed, and she relented. “Fine. I’m not angry. I’m just tired, and I want to sleep.” She went ahead, but when she saw him still following her, she put her hands on her hips. She shot him a playful glare that said, ‘You’d better not push your luck.!

Eugene smiled and raised his watch. “Time for dinner.” Oh well. North came out the moment they reached home. “Oh, welcome back. There’s a request here. Do you want to accept it? They’re paying ten million.” Olivia asked, “Who is it?”

North went to the couch and picked up an apple. He bit into it and answered, “You should know him. His son is Sean.” Olivia was surprised. “Sean? Who’s sick?”

North answered, “His mother.” Olivia gave it some thought. “Take the request.” North held his apple in his mouth and typed away on his keyboard.

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