Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 650

North pouted. “All my effort went to waste.” Eugene held his forehead. “It’s my fault.” North looked at Olivia for a moment, then he went to his father’s defense. ‘But he’s been on good behavior ever since, right, Mommy?”

Olivia wouldn’t let them off the hook so easily. “Good behavior? You mean him chasing me out of Nolan Group and boycotting me? Or when he argued with me back at the bar?” Oh crap, Eugene thought. Whoops, North thought..

Nicole was scrolling through her phone at home, and she was reading the statement from Nolan Group. I am Eugene Nolan. North is not the boy whom I see as my own. He is my own, and Olivia is the woman I’ve been looking for all these years. Watch your tongue, or I will teach you a lesson. A paternity test was attached as well. It was a short statement, but Nicole spent the whole afternoon reading it. Her mind was occupied by a mocking voice that said, ‘The woman seven years ago is Olivia!”

This is laughable. So laughable. I planned and schemed for so long, but she gets the benefits in the end, while I… Why? Why? She hurled her phone away.

She had been spending the last few days following Olivia’s news online and watched as Eugene slowly culled the haters and curses. He even made multiple statements and even sent out his lawyers.

Why does he like her so much? Why does he do everything for her? And why is she so lucky? She got pregnant in one shot? Now what should I do? Olivia snuffed Lara out, and Eugene sent Aleena away. I have nobody to rely on. Who can help me now? Am I fated to be his friend? Only his friend?

Her phone suddenly rang. She stared at it for al while before she went to pick it up. It was from Hayden, asking her to have a few drinks with him. She hung up, straightened herself up, and went out. Her mother asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going out for a while.” Her mother said, “It’s late. Why are you going out? You’re coming with me to your aunt’s house tomorrow. Your cousin found Skye. You should go too, or they’d think we’re rude.”

Nicole was blocking her mother out, but she stopped walking when she heard her mention Skye. “What did you say? Skye?” Her mother said, “Yeah. Your cousin called. He said he found him, and he’s going to your aunt’s house tomorrow. Maybe she can be saved.”

Nicole thought that was surprising. Eugene wanted to find Skye, didn’t he? He failed, so Olivia managed to seize that chance. She treated his grandfather, and he could never forget about her since then. If it weren’t for her medical skills, someone like her would never have had a chance with Eugene.

If my cousin really found Skye, Eugene would be happy if I introduced the doctor to him, right? I can get close to him without it looking too awkward, and he wouldn’t be alarmed. She wasn’t planning on going, but now she said, “Okay. I’ll come back in a jiffy. I won’t miss tomorrow’s visit.” She went out and headed to the restaurant she and Hayden frequented.

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