Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 652

Nicole was shocked. “What? He gave Nolan Group’s shares to her?” Hayden answered, ‘Yes, and he gave another fifteen percent to North. He also gave her at jade bracelet. It’s a family heirloom. I think he wants Olivia to be Eugene’s wife.”

Nicole never thought Merlin would be so flippant about this. She wasn’t mad that he gave North some shares, since he was a part of the Nolan family. But why did he give ten percent to Olivia? And that bracelet! “Is the bracelet dark in color?”

Hayden answered, ‘I have no idea what it looks like.” Nicole frowned. “Penny told me that her grandmother has a dark bracelet that she loves a lot. It’s worth at least tens of millions. She thought she would have it after her grandmother passed away, but she doesn’t. Mr. Nolan can’t have given her that, can he?”

Hayden said, “No idea, but I did hear that Madam Nolan loved it.” Nicole said, “That’s the one then. Mr. Nolan actually gave it to an outsider.” Hayden looked at Nicole. “She’ll be a part of the Nolans. She’s no outsider. Don’t you see? It depends on Eugene. If Eugene didn’t like her, he wouldn’t have given her the bracelet.”

Nicole said enviously, “She’s so lucky.” Hayden felt jealous, but he pretended to ask nonchalantly, “Do you still like Eugene?” Nicole froze. “T-That’s fake news!” Hayden popped a piece of meat into his mouth, and he asked, “So you don’t like him?”

Nicole finally calmed down after the initial panic. Nobody knew she liked Eugene. He was hard to get along with, so if he knew she liked him, being friends alone would be impossible, let alone being together with him. She knew he didn’t like her, but he didn’t like any other woman either, so she stayed by him quietly as a friend. She thought he would notice her eventually, but Olivia’s appearance made her feel nervous.

She came up with plans and used Aleena to keep Eugene in touch so he wouldn’t get together with Olivia, but she never expected Olivia to be the woman on that very night. Because of that, her plan backfired, and Olivia and Eugene were finally entwined. The twist had happened too fast for her to react, and when she did, they were already inseparable. She sipped some water and acted calm. “No. 1 don’t treat him differently than I do you. You’re both my friends,” “You keep staring at him during our gatherings.”

Nicole shot him a playful glare. “But I look at you too.” Hayden smiled. “Did you notice that I was looking at you then?” Nicole stared at him, shocked. Hayden said, “Nicole, you can’t hide your love for someone.”

Nicole frowned. “What are you trying to say?” Hayden looked at her gently, “I’m saying that Eugene already has Olivia. If nothing goes wrong, she will be his wife. Why do you keep going after him? Just look back and you’ll see that someone else has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Nicole looked at him quietly for a long while. She did feel his affection for her, and that’s why she could do anything around him. She knew he would support her no matter what she did.

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