Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 653

Why did he have to say that out loud? “Why did you bring that up?” Hayden said, “I don’t want to force you. I did try to wait, thinking that you would notice my love someday, but it has been seven years. When Eugene was single, you would never look away from him. Now that he’s together with Olivia, you must be upset, and I know that, but I think it’s not bad because I thought you would finally look at me. Nicole, you don’t have to keep chasing him. Come to me. I’ll give you the world.”

He tried to hold her, but the moment he touched her hand, she pulled it back instinctively. She looked at him with panic in her eyes. “Hayden, I’ve never thought that far. I’ve always seen all of you as my friends. You’re all the same to me, and you now I don’t have any intention of getting into a relationship. Please don’t force me. I’ll be leaving now.” Then she went out. Hayden looked at his hand and smiled bitterly. I scared her in the end, huh?

Sean waited outside Muse Peninsula early the next morning. He came according to the directions North gave him. He was still being suspicious, since he couldn’t believe he could see the elusive Skye so easily. I wonder if she’s just here temporarily or if she’s a Criecian in the first place. He sat in his car, waiting nervously.

He couldn’t leave his job site, but he knew the Will-o-Wisp Headquarters must have found the right person, so he drove here himself as a token of his appreciation.

Someone knocked on his window, and he looked out, but he was surprised to see who was outside. He got out of the car. “Olivia? Why are you here?”

Olivia tilted her head to the side and smiled at him. “You seem surprised. Let’s go.” She then opened the car door. “Hey!” Sean stopped her apologetically. “I’m sorry, Olivia. You’re going to the set, aren’t you? I’m waiting for someone, so I can’t send you. Why don’t I get a car for you?”

Olivia was amused, but when she noticed that he was being serious, she said, “Why? I’m going to your place!” Sean stared at her dumbly. “Why are you going to my place?”

Olivia whipped her head around angrily. I’ve made it obvious, haven’t I? “Do you want me to treat your mother or not?” Sean’s jaw dropped, and his lips moved, but he couldn’t say a word. He kept staring at her, looking even dumber than he was earlier.

“Wow, you really think lowly of me, huh? That’s why you never expected me?” Olivia said. Sean finally smiled, and he was excited. “Oh my. god. Y-You’re Skye Bailey?”

Olivia answered proudly, “Now can I get in?” Sean opened the car door immediately and apologized, “I’m sorry, yes. Come in, please.” Olivia got in the car. Sean got back in the car as well, and he looked at her in the rear-view mirror in disbelief. “Wow, you’re awesome.”

Olivia smiled. “How long has your mother been sick?” “Quite a long time. Her BP is on the higher side, so she’s been having meds to keep it under control, but her condition acted up again, and she’s been in a coma ever since. I’m really panicking here. If I wasn’t at home, god knew what could have happened to her.”

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