Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 654

Olivia nodded. ‘What’s her age?” “Fifty-six this year.” “Her highest BP?” “One hundred and eighty to two hundred most. of the time. It’s scary. She’s taking meds, but it’s not helping a lot.”

Olivia nodded. “That’s third degree hypertension. At this rate, she’ll suffer from cerebral hemorrhage and stroke. If her BP is higher than two hundred for prolonged periods, it’ll put undue stress on her heart, swell her heart muscles, and her heart might fail.” Sean nodded, feeling impressed. “That’s what the doctor said. Can you heal her, Olivia?”

Olivia said, “I’ll have to check on her.” “Alright.” He looked at her in the rear-view mirror, and he felt guilty for some reason. When she offered to help back then, he actually refused her. Who knew she would be Skye? Skye seldom treats anyone, and his fee is at least ten million. Even the Will-o-Wisp Headquarters can’t guarantee she’d take the request. It’s all pure luck. Never thought she’d help me out. “Olivia, did you only accept it because I posted the request?”

Olivia sighed. “Duh. I don’t have time for any requests now.” Sean laughed silently. Knew it. “Don’t mind them. Those who know you don’t need any explanation. I heard Summer got sued by Nolan Group, and some trolls got sued as well.”

Olivia sneered. “As they should. Everyone should be responsible for their actions. Hurting someone comes with a price.”

Sean answered, “Yes. I’ve always believed in that creed as well. I think most of the posts came from Summer. For example, the one where they said you refused to help me. It’s obvious they’re trying to make us into enemies. I swear that wasn’t me.”

Olivia said, “I know. I saw your statement.” Sean felt a bit at ease, and he stole a glance at her. ‘Olivia, a-are you really Eugene’s girlfriend?” Olivia nodded. “Yes.”

Sean smiled, and for some reason, he said, “You guys are a great match.”

Olivia smiled. “Thank you.” They chatted along the way and arrived at Sean’s house a moment later. Olivia was surprised that the whole yard was filled with cars. There’s a lot of people here. Sean led her into the house, explaining. “My relatives came to see my mother, since she’s sick.” He then took her into the great hall.

Just like what Olivia had guessed, it was packed. Everyone was squeezing into the patient’s room, as if they couldn’t show their concern if they weren’t around.

They looked at the door when it swung open, and Olivia’s appearance surprised them. Sean introduced, “This is Olivia, and she’s also Skye Bailey.” Everyone gasped in shock. “Olivia is Skye? Are you kidding me?”

“She doesn’t look like a genius doctor. All genius doctors must be skilled. I’ve never seen one this young. Are you sure she can do it?” “I heard she treated Old Master Nolan before. Is she an imposter?”

Nicole was standing behind the crowd, and she gnashed her teeth. Impossible. Olivia is Skye Bailey?

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