Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 655

The one I wanted to introduce to Eugene is Olivia? Are you kidding me? She can’t be impersonating Skye just because she treated Old Master Nolan, right? She came out from the crowd in frustration but remained calm, although her voice was filled with provocation. “And we should believe you’re Skye Bailey because you say you are?”

Olivia looked in the direction of the voice and saw Nicole. Nicole might be smiling warmly, but it was a forced smile. “I’ve always been Skye.” Olivia smiled. “I just seldom use that name.” Nicole still had her smile. “Why didn’t you accept Eugene’s request when he was looking for you, then?”

“Fate, I guess. Olivia finally broke into a smile. “I didn’t see his request.” Sean said smugly, “Olivia only came because we’re on the same set. She doesn’t accept every request, you know. That would exhaust her.”

Nicole covered her mouth and giggled. “You’re funny, Sean. Skye charges at least ten million. every time he treats a patient. Not everyone can hire him. Only rich guys like you can, and not every family is rich. Not all rich families have sick people either. You’re making it sound like she’s doing charity here, but she’s not.”

Olivia frowned. The woman might be saying everything with a smile and making it sound like a joke, but it didn’t sit right with Olivia. She would rather face Aleena since Aleena was straightforward at the very least. She’s saying that I’m charging insane fees, isn’t she?

To that, Olivia grinned. “And that’s why you only know Skye, but not me. Some people are stubborn. They don’t care about skills; they care about their reputation. Whether I’m Skye or Olivia depends on what they want to see. It’s not a matter of charity or not; it’s a matter of conscience. Some people can only rest easy after they pay a price. I can’t do charity just like that either. It’s fine if someone understands you, but those who don’t might think I have an ulterior motive for doing it for free.”

Nicole had nothing to say to that, and Sean felt embarrassed as well. He was reminded of that time when Olivia offered to treat his stomach ache back when they were on set, but he refused. In the end, he spent ten million and offered to drive her all the way to his place. It’s not that she doesn’t want to be kind. She tried, but people thought she was a liar. “Olivia’s right. It’s hard doing charity nowadays.”

Nicole smiled. “So, you’re saying you charge an insane amount of consultation fee so that your patients can rest easy, right? It’s also to solidify your name as Skye Bailey, but from what I know, you didn’t tell anyone you’re Skye when you were treating Old Master Nolan, so why did you charge fifty million then?”

Olivia blinked at her before she twinkled. “I treated Eugene’s grandfather, and that’s how much Eugene was willing to pay. It’s a two-way street. Fifty-million aside, now he’s already my boyfriend. Why do you keep attacking me, Miss West?”

It was then everyone realized that Nicole had been attacking Olivia, and they all looked at Nicole. An awkward Nicole then explained, “I wasn’t attacking you. I was just confirming how much you’re going to charge. I was helping Sean out.”

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