Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 656

Olivia smiled. “You’re asking so many questions just because you want to help?” Nicole shut up for a moment, then she said, “Of course. I’ll help when Sean needs it.”

Olivia answered, “Don’t worry. Sean can still afford fifty million, and I already have a boyfriend, so I won’t take him away from you. Calm down. She looked at the crowd in the room. ‘I thought I was here to treat a patient. At least let me see her.” Sean shot a glare at Nicole, and he agreed, “Yeah, everyone. Please leave. Don’t get in Dr. Maxwell’s way.”

They were interested in Olivia’s treatment, but since Sean was looking upset, they left the room. Peace and quiet fell upon them, and the air felt a lot better.

Sean said, “Don’t mind her, Olivia. She’s not usually like this. Maybe she’s the kind of stubborn person you talked about.” Olivia answered vaguely, “It’s fine.” Stubborn? She only did that because she doesn’t like me, and it’s probably because of Eugene.

She went over to the patient and did a simple checkup, then she took a look at the CT scan report. After that, she brought her black bag out and whipped out the cloth bag containing her needles. Sean looked at her nervously. “Can you heal her, Olivia?”

Olivia answered without even looking up, “It’s alright. She’ll be fine.” She took her needles out and poked them on various acupoints. She didn’t look away, treating her patient seriously.

Sean believed that she was Skye at this point, or else she wouldn’t look so experienced and elegant while she treated her patient. Half an hour later, Olivia finally stopped, but her face was drenched with sweat.

“Take a break, Olivia.” Sean handed her a paper towel. She took it and wiped the sweat off her face, then she looked at the patient. “How do you feel, madam?”

Sean looked at the woman on the bed, surprised. His mother, who had been in a coma, was starting to open her eyes and looking. around her. “Mom, you’re awake!” He knelt beside the bed, looking surprised. ‘You scared me, Mom! How do you feel?’

Sapphire answered, “I’m dizzy.” Olivia said, “It’s normal. That’s caused by being. in a coma for too long. You just have to eat something and move around.”

Sean looked at her gratefully. “You’re really great, Olivia. The doctors said she’s going to die, but you saved her! You are a genius doctor.”

Olivia smiled. “That’s an exaggeration.” She took a pencil and paper out to write a prescription, then she handed it to Sean. “Buy the herbs listed on this prescription and brew it yourself. It’ll help her liver and BP. Make sure she takes it every day for one week. Then stop for two days. Her BP will improve after some time. Have two meals a day, and make sure it’s not spicy or cold.”

Sean took it from her. “Of course. Thank you, Olivia.” Olivia smiled. “I’ll be leaving now if there’s nothing else.” She packed up and saddled her bag, then she was going to leave.

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