Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 657

Sean stopped her. “A minute, Olivia. I’ll pay you.” He was going to write a check. Olivia said, “It’s fine. I wasn’t going to charge you. We’re on the same set, and it was my fault your stomach acted up that time. Well, I didn’t do it, but it had something to do with me, so take this as compensation.”

Shocked, Sean quickly said, “That’s not right. You had nothing to do with it. Summer was the one who did it, and I wanted to have the boba tea. You came all the way to help me, and I can’t let you do it for free.”

Olivia said, “It’s nothing, really. I didn’t do much work here.” “You might think so, but you’ve saved my mother’s life. I can give you all the money I have, let alone ten million. Please, do take it.” Olivia sighed. “Fine. Donate it to Summer City’s orphanage.” Sean was surprised. “Donate it to the orphanage?”

“Yes. They need the money more than I do.” Sean smiled. He finally understood her kindness. So what if I give her ten million? She didn’t even take a cent. In fact, she’s spreading kindness in her own way.

“Alright then.” They came out of the bedroom, and Sean told the servants, “My mother has woken up. Make something for her to eat.” Olivia said, ‘And make it light.”

The servants obliged. The guests in the living room quickly came over. ‘How’s your mother doing, Sean?” Sean smiled, looking proud. “She’s awake. Olivia saved her.”

Everyone was shocked, and they went to the bedroom. Olivia frowned, and she said, “Best you go in small groups. The patient’s room must be well ventilated. Crowds won’t help in her recovery.”

Some of them stopped after hearing that, but most squeezed into the bedroom, as if they wanted to witness a miracle. Sapphire was dying a moment ago, but now she was sitting on her bed and telling them to take a seat. They couldn’t believe it, but it did happen.

Olivia took her bag from Sean. “Give it to me. You stay here and take care of your mother. I can get a ride home.” Sean said, “Oh no, I have to make sure you get home safely. Besides, my relatives are here. I can send you home first.”

Olivia didn’t refuse further, and they left. together. While they were talking, Nicole shrewdly noticed that the bracelet Olivia was wearing. was the same one Penny said. Mr. Nolan actually gave her that. She looked at Olivia with envy. Why does she get all the good things in the world? Eugene’s her boyfriend, she’s the genius doctor, and even Sean likes her now.

She gets all the attention without effort, and Eugene protects her at all costs. Why? Can’t anybody take her down? Wait, Penny! Yeah! I forgot about Penny! If she finds out that Eugene sent her mother to jail because of Olivia, she’d kill her. An evil smile curled her lips.

Eugene had a busy day. He took Brian and invited Nigel and the others out for a meal as thanks, then he went to the police station and handled Lara’s case.

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