Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 658

But it was nearing the new year, so the case would have to wait. The Roberts had hired lawyers to help Lara, but it was only a difference of how long she would be imprisoned. There was no escape because of the sheer amount of evidence. Besides, Eugene’s legal team was powerful as well.

As Anna was involved in the case, she only stayed at home for one day after Eugene released her, then she was summoned to the police station the very next day. Henry was fine. with that. As long as she was alive, that was alright.

But he couldn’t accept what she did to herself. He couldn’t understand why she would do that just to get back at Olivia. Why does she hate her so much? She even ruined her own face. He didn’t feel reluctant when the police took her away. I spoiled her too much. Maybe jail time isn’t a bad thing for her. Olivia went to the set during her free time and finished her scenes.

It was nearing the new year, and even though it wasn’t as merry as the earlier years, the decorations were still up, and the air was filled with the scent of festivity. Nolan Group’s year- end festival was delayed because of Eugene’s sickness, but the gifts were still generous. There were cash prizes, cars, and even houses.

Eugene, Olivia, and North appeared at six all dressed up, and everyone looked at the happy family with slight envy in their eyes. Those who didn’t know who Olivia was now realized that she wasn’t to be trifled with, for Eugene was her boyfriend now.

The banquet started at seven, and the opening dance was led by Eugene and Olivia. She was in a red dress that night, and Eugene realized that she loved red clothes, especially when it came to happy occasions. Red was hard to handle, but she looked beautiful in that color. She was elegant and drew a lot of attention.

Most of Eugene’s suits were dark in color, but he picked one with red sleeve buttons and paired it with a dark red necktie to match her dress. They were a perfect match..

As the gentle music started to play, a beam of yellow light shone upon them. A loving smile was curling Eugene’s lips, and all he saw was the woman before him. Olivia’s gaze was gentle, and she looked blissful.

They danced to the tune of the song and moved across the dance floor elegantly. When the song finally came to an end, the guests gave. them a thunderous applause.

Eugene held her face and closed in slowly. When he touched her, the air seemed to turn solid, and Olivia’s heart started to thump. They had kissed many times, but doing it in public made her stiffen up nervously. She couldn’t do anything but let him kiss her. It was then she felt that she was covered in honey. It felt sweet, and also peaceful.

The crowd applauded again, but all they could see was each other. Just when they were immersed in their happiness, a woman suddenly went up to them with a glass of wine in hand. Eugene noticed her heavy footsteps, and he turned around by reflex, but before he could see who it was, a big glass of red wine was splashed their way.

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