Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 659

No. To be precise, it was aimed at Olivia. He didn’t think about it, nor did he look at who splashed the wine, and he reflexively held Olivia in his embrace. Just like that, the wine that was meant for Olivia drenched his suit and head. Some even flowed down his neck.

“Eugene!” Olivia looked at him, shocked, and she tugged on his suit. “Take that off. Your shirt. should still be dry.” Eugene did what she said, but he never took his eyes off the woman who splashed the wine at Olivia. North quickly trotted over to Olivia and held her hand. “Are you alright, Mommy?”

Olivia patted his head. “I’m fine.” The air fell into an eerie silence, and the guests’ jaws dropped. They were waiting for the impending storm to come. Just a moment ago, they said nobody would try to go against Olivia, but now, Penny not only did that, but she also did it in front of Eugene. That was a death wish. Eugene asked coldly, “What do you want?”

“Why? You’re ditching your family for her? My mother’s your stepmom, so I can understand if you don’t care, but what about Dad? You sent him to the detention center too! Are you even human?” Penny roared angrily.

A storm was brewing in Eugene’s eyes. “Your parents tried to kill me. I sent them into the slammer. If you have any problem with that, you come to me, not her. If you do anything to her, I will destroy you.”

Penny laughed mirthlessly. “If it weren’t for her scandals, you wouldn’t have done that to Mom! It’s all her fault!” She tried to grab Olivia. “Your come here, you troublemaker! You did this, so don’t hide behind him! Come out now!”

Olivia’s face fell, and she didn’t move. Eugene held Penny’s wrist, and he growled, “Do you have a death wish?” Penny tried to pull her hand back. “She tried to ruin our family. Would you have done that to Dad and Mom if she hadn’t shown up?”

Eugene gave her a cruel look. ‘I would. I would have done the same thing to Lara sooner or later. You had better not walk her path, or I will do the same thing to you.”

She couldn’t believe he would be this cruel, and she teared up. “You want to get rid of me as well? Just because of a woman like her?” Eugene answered, “They’re my wife and children. Of course I will do it for them.”

Penny pointed at Olivia furiously. “It’s all your fault, Olivia! Just you wait! I won’t let you off the hook!” Eugene got even angrier, and it felt like at hurricane would soon hit them. He said coldly, “You don’t get it, do you?” He waved his hand and threw her out.

Penny staggered backward and plopped down to the ground, then she looked at Eugene in disbelief. He was her brother. Even though he was just her half-brother, he could tell right from wrong. He didn’t like her mother, but he treated her well. She knew her mother was a mistress who forced Eugene’s mother to leave the household without a cent on her. Because of that, she treated him like her own brother to make up for her mother’s sin. But now he pushed me out because of Olivia? She couldn’t accept it.

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