Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 667

After sending the picture over, Alex gave him at video call. “Where were you guys in this picture?” “Promise Island,” Eugene replied with a smile. “Are you guys spending the new year on the island?” Alex asked. “Yeah. Are you joining us?” Eugene asked in return.

Alex wore a worried expression on his face. “I can’t leave, and I have no reason to travel during the new year. Why did you guys bring. Jean over to the island?”

Eugene glared at him. ‘She’s Olivia’s good friend, not your precious Jean.”  Upon hearing Eugene’s words, Alex realized how he had spoken a little too quickly. “I got it. I know that she’s your Jewel. She’s my Jewel too. How many days will you guys be on the island? I’ll be there by the day after tomorrow.”

“We’ll leave on the day after tomorrow,” Eugene said just to annoy him. “Don’t! It’s rare for you guys to travel there, so you should stay for a few more days. I’ll pay for everyone’s expenses once I get there. How does that sound?”

Eugene pretended to consider his offer. “Fine. We put in a lot of effort to help you get your girlfriend, anyway.” “Yeah. I’ll pick you as my best man when I get married, Alex uttered.

Eugene put on an exasperated look. “Did you say you want me to be your best man? The relationship is still so new-do you think you’re going to get married before me?”

“You never know,” Alex replied with a grin. “I bet you think of Jewel as Jean from the past, huh? Do you think she’s going to go with whatever you say? As a friend, I’d like to remind you that she’s the one who provides you more guidance in life nowadays!” Eugene said.

Whatever he says is spot on, Alex thought. “You’re right. She’s being really cautious toward me now, so I don’t know how to interact with her, Alex uttered. ‘Didn’t you guys contact each other?” Eugene asked.

Alex pouted. “How are we supposed to contact each other? Before we got in touch, she treated me as a bad guy, and she didn’t respond to my texts and calls. Now, even if we’re not friends, at least she replies to my texts,’ he mumbled.

“You sure are easy to please.” Eugene was amused by the other man’s troubles. “This is a step-by-step process. Isn’t that the joy of being in love? When you first met Olivia, did she fall for you immediately? Don’t you recall how she scammed more than a 100 million out of you once? Come on! We can offend each other if that’s what you want to do! Eugene glared at him. “Do you believe that I have the ability to turn you guys into strangers?”

Alex wasn’t afraid of the other man. “You sure are good at exaggerating your words. Jewel has the ability to make her own judgments, so I’m sure she can tell that I’m a good person!” he uttered in a provocative tone.

Eugene gave Alex a sly grin. “I can speed up her process of getting to know you. I can tell her the clubs you usually go to, the women you typically fall for, and how you asked my girlfriend about your sexual problems!”

Before hearing Eugene’s words, Alex had been sitting in a relaxed position. However, hel immediately sat upright after hearing what Eugene said. “F*ck! Do you want me to kill you, Eugene?!”

Eugene put on a smug grin. “I want to hear you say some good stuff about me!” In an instant, Alex put on a toady expression. “Brother! You’re my biological brother!” Eugene stuck his lower lip out. ‘My younger brother isn’t as terrible as you are!”

Alex quickly responded to the other man. “Look, you can’t spill my bowl of food after you’ve finished your own dish, right? We grew up looking at each other’s naked butts-can you really bear to see me starving like that?” Eugene smiled. ‘Would someone like you ever starve to your death? I’d believe it more if your said that you stuffed yourself to death.”

“I might really starve to death. Ever since I met her, I’ve been feeling hungry. Furthermore, I’ve lost all interest in the rest of the women, and I don’t think about doing nasty stuff anymore. I’m truly suspecting if there’s something wrong with me,” Alex replied.

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