The Mans Decree Chapter 2070

“Today, I’ll show you how powerful my Inferno Devil’s Form is… Explode!” In that instant, the fire around him concentrated together, molding itself into a fireball that was shot in Jared’s direction.

Nonetheless, Jared’s hands remained behind. his back, while his eyes maintained at nonchalant look. “It’s futile. Whatever the constitution of your body, it’s useless before me.”

The moment he finished, Jared’s body emitted a golden hue as golden scales clad his body piece by piece. With Golem Body activated, a golden dragon emerged behind him and circled the air in a loop.

Just before the fireball hit him, Jared. intercepted it with his bare hands. The martial energy within it quickly engulfed Jared, while the fire it carried burned on like a raging. inferno. “Hmph, I’m going to incinerate you in a sea of flames.”

The smug Skylar let out a snort. Despite being engulfed in flames, Jared didn’t struggle and remained as he was. He simply smirked at the fireball in his hand. “Since this belongs to you, I’ll just return it.”

With that, Jared hurled the fireball forward, causing it to fly toward Skylar with overwhelming power.

Boom! The fireball struck its target accurately. Skylar spewed a mouthful of blood as he staggered backward uncontrollably. In that instant, he felt as if his body had shattered into pieces. His entire chest was covered with blood.

Although the fire on Jared’s body had died off, it left an even greater shine on Jared’s armor. He looked as if he was the god of war himself who had descended to Earth in his golden armor.

When Skylar saw the condition his body was in, he lost the will to fight. It was now evident to him that he was no match for Jared. “Did you plan to defeat me just by relying on a spirit of black magic?”

Jared approached Skylar step by step, sending a chill down the latter’s spine. Skylar got up in an attempt to flee, but Jared smashed him to the ground with his fist, rendering the latter incapable of even standing.

With his aura dissipating rapidly, Skylar could feel his entire body breaking apart. It was then that a black mist floated out of his body and flew away as fast as it could.

“How dare you try and escape?” Jared scoffed as he recognized the spirit in Skylar’s body. Opening his mouth and taking a deep breath, Jared created a powerful vortex that sucked the black mist into his mouth.

Skylar’s eyes were filled with horror as he looked on. Jared’s strength had reached a level that exceeded even his wildest imagination. “Now die…”

Staring at the grievously injured Skylar, Jared didn’t feel any pity as he raised his leg to finish. his enemy. Skylar’s head would be crushed the moment he stomped his foot down.

“Jared, wait!” Flaxseed called out suddenly. Jolted by the voice, Jared retracted his leg and turned toward Flaxseed. “What’s wrong, Mr. Flaxseed?”

Upon hurrying to Jared’s side, Flaxseed whispered something into his ear. Jared nodded as he replied, “In that case, keep an eye on Skylar while I take care of the rest.”

With that, Jared turned to look at Sherman, whose legs began to shake in fear. “Where’s the Divine Scroll?” Jared demanded. “M-My father kept it. I have no idea where it is!” the trembling Sherman replied. “You don’t? In that case, take me to your father.”

Jared wasn’t going to leave until he had the Divine Scroll in his hands. “We can’t interrupt him. He’s working in seclusion, so- Before he could finish, Sherman was sent crashing to the ground by Jared’s slap.

The scene caused many members of Crafting Clan to gather with magical items in their hands. At the sign of his subordinates, Sherman barked, “Stop him!”

All of them charged at Jared at Sherman’s cue.

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