The Mans Decree Chapter 2072

What looked to be reels of unbreakable chains instantly snapped and dropped to the floor as Jared tore them as if it was child’s play. The ease with which Jared broke free caused Morgan’s eyes to widen in disbelief. “Mr. Sherman, where’s the Golden Calabash?”

Morgan instantly knew that the situation demanded its use. Without a moment’s delay, Sherman handed it over. Upon taking it in his hands, Morgan injected his aura into the Golden Calabash.

The object emitted a purplish glow before a terrifying aura burst out from within. Sensing its power, Jared furrowed his brows. “A high-grade magical item?”

He immediately activated Golem Body to its highest level as a precaution. As the Power of Dragons swirled around him, a golden dragon took form in the air behind him.

Jared’s transformation elicited a grim expression from Morgan. Since backing down was not an option, he had no choice but to take the risk. He continued to activate the Golden Calabash, enveloping every corner of Crafting Clan with a terrifying aura.

Thereafter, blistering light-similar to fire arrows-began shooting out from the calabash. Every single one of them carried within the power of a Martial Arts Saint. Jared clenched his fists in response, and the swirling dragon let out a fearsome roar..

“Shatter!” Jared fired out a barrage of punches. The energy unleashed would transform into a golden dragon.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Thundering explosions resulted from the clash between the two attacks. The ensuing shockwave caused the building to shake violently, the surrounding buildings to collapse, and the ground to crack open.

Even the mountains from afar experienced landslides with giant boulders tumbling down their sides. Morgan’s face turned pale as he threw out a mouthful of blood. The Golden Calabash subsequently disappeared altogether. Seeing that the battle was over, Jared withdrew the Power of Dragons with a scowl.

“Mr. Yandle… Mr. Yandle…”

Sherman hurried to Morgan’s side to support him. Step by step, Jared approached the two of them. “Hand over the Divine Scroll and you might still get to live.”

Jared’s frosty expression and the murderous look in his eyes caused Sherman to regret working with Skylar. Why did I go against Jared with Skylar? If I had known Jared was this strong, I wouldn’t have agreed to do it regardless of the magical items he promised me.

Unfortunately, it was too late for regrets. On the brink of tears, Sherman explained, “I-| really don’t know where the Divine Scroll is. My father has it.”

Ignoring Sherman’s pleas, Jared lifted him off the ground by grabbing his collar. “I’ll ask you one more time. Where’s the Divine Scroll?” By then, Sherman was already encapsulated by Jared’s murderous aura.

It sent a chill down his spine and made him feel as if he had fallen into a bottomless abyss. Scared senseless by the sensation, he could barely eke out another word.

“It’s true that Mr. Schneider has kept the Divine Scroll. We have no idea where it is. We can’t help you even if you kill us,” Morgan interrupted. Convinced that both of them knew nothing, Jared ordered, “In that case, bring me to him.”

“He’s refining weapons in seclusion. There’s no way to see him until he’s done. You’ll have to wait a few more days. He’ll be out in less than ten,” Morgan explained frantically, worried that Jared would kill Sherman in a fit of rage..

Finally, Jared let out a sigh before throwing Sherman to the ground. “Once he’s out, tell Mr. Schneider that I came by to see him.” With that, Jared grabbed the Golden Calabash from Morgan’s hands and left..

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