The Mans Decree Chapter 2075

Jared’s eyes were filled with rage when he saw Josephine. He was clenching his fists and gritting his teeth. While holding Skylar’s head, Jared glared at Malphas. “Let my girlfriend go, or I’ll kill him right now.”

Malphas sneered, “Go on. He’s nothing but a piece of trash. He doesn’t serve Evil Heart Sect any purpose. However, your girlfriend is very important to you.”

Then, a man dressed in a black robe appeared next to Josephine with a whip in his hand and started whipping Josephine. Although Jared couldn’t hear anything, he could clearly see that Josephine was in an immense amount of pain.

Seeing that Josephine was being tortured right in front of his eyes, Jared started trembling, and his heart was bleeding. All of a sudden, Jared’s terrifying murderous intent filled the air and enveloped half of Jadeborough.

Several martial arts families quickly ran out of their houses in fear because none of them had ever felt such an intense wave of murderous intent. At the Department of Justice, Arthur frowned and looked in the direction where the Warriors. Alliance was. “When will Jared ever learn to control his temper? If this goes on, others can easily take advantage of it.”

“Mr. Sanders, if you’re so worried about Jared, why don’t you help him?” Xavier asked in bafflement. Mr. Sanders is always worried about Jared. He’s more than capable of solving Jared’s problems for him. Why doesn’t he just do that?

“I can’t help him for the rest of his life, can I? He needs to solve his problems on his own. After all, it’s his life, and this is his destiny.” Arthur let out a sigh and went back to his room.

At that moment, Jared was staring at Malphas ferociously like a madman. “F*ck you! I swear I’m going to kill all of you,” he declared and dashed toward Malphas.

Boom! Jared thought he had knocked Malphas down, but he ended up running through and breaking an illusion of Malphas’ body into pieces.

“Haha! Listen to me, Jared. If you kill Skylar, your girlfriend will suffer from a worse form of punishment than whipping,” Malphas said icily before the illusion of his body vanished.

Jared saw red immediately, but his hands were tied. Although he was dying to go on a killing spree, he couldn’t do so because he still couldn’t enter the secret realm.

“Jared, you must stay calm. It’s so obvious that the old man was provoking you!” Flaxseed urged when he saw that Jared was on the verge of losing his temper.

“Stay calm, Jared…” Godrick quickly advised as well. Jared gradually calmed himself down, and the fury in his faded away. I still can’t get in… Jared stared at the entrance of the secret realm and sighed. “Let’s head back.”

Jared walked up to Skylar and kicked him fiercely before going back to Deragon Sect. Needless to say, Jared knew how important Skylar was to Evil Heart Sect. If that wasn’t the case, Malphas wouldn’t have appeared and threatened to hurt Josephine.

Although he kept saying how insignificant Skylar was, he was warning me against killing Skylar. Even if Evil Heart Sect didn’t warn me against doing so, I would still let Skylar live. After all, I want him to watch how I take Evil Heart Sect apart. I’ll gradually push Skylar toward having a mental breakdown.

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