The Mans Decree Chapter 2082

Jared immediately figured out that the Soul Summoning Bells attacked via the spiritual sense and could control people’s souls. Nevertheless, Jared had a powerful spiritual sense, and he even knew calming incantation.

Regardless of how mighty the spiritual sense magical item was, it would not be able to control Jared. “Jared, you brought this upon yourself.”

Right as those words came out of Pascal’s mouth, the bells in his hand shook. Soon, the soundwaves of the three sleigh bells’ chimes, mixed with the power of spiritual sense, rushed toward Jared and Flaxseed.

Flaxseed found his mind blurring as he listened. to the sound. He tried to use his spiritual sense to block it out, but alas, his efforts were for naught. Soon, Flaxseed’s eyes lost their light, and his mind was filled with nothing but the chimes.

When Jared realized Flaxseed was no match for the Soul Summoning Bells’ attacks, he began moving his lips and chanting the calming incantation. All of a sudden, a flash of golden light flickered. in Flaxseed’s mind, and the veil of confusion cleared from his mind.

In fact, he became even soberer than before. Pascal was unaware of the changes. He was still channeling his martial energy as he shook the Soul Summoning Bells in his hands.

When Flaxseed glanced at Jared, he realized Jared was opening and closing his lips, a clear indicator that he was chanting an incantation to counter the Soul Summoning Bells’ attacks.

A thought flashed past Flaxseed’s mind, and he fished out a sleigh bell out of nowhere. However, his was much bigger, and it looked old with the rust covering it.

Ring! Flaxseed shook his sleigh bell as vigorously as he could, and a series of ear-piercing sounds reverberated in the area.

Upon seeing Flaxseed’s bell, Pascal inhaled sharply and stiffened. It seemed that the Soul Summoning Bells had no effect on Jared and Flaxseed, and that made Pascal grimace.

Jared burst out laughing when he saw the giant bell in Flaxseed’s hand. “Mr. Flaxseed, when did you get your hands on a rusty thing like that?” “This is my old travel companion. It’s been with me when I wandered Jadeborough for years. I never thought I’d be able to use it today.”

Flaxseed grinned before shaking the bell again. When the jarring sound echoed again, Sherman hastily covered his ears. Simultaneously, Pascal held his breath and fecused on countering the spiritual sense attack.

Yet, after a while, they still did not sense any spiritual sense attacks from that sound. Noticing that Jared and Flaxseed still seemed fine, Sherman asked, “Dad, what’s going on? Why aren’t your Soul Summoning Bells working?”

Pascal was dumbfounded, too. He had no idea what was going on. “Why… Why aren’t you getting attacked?” Pascal asked.

Right as Jared was about to answer him, Flaxseed cut him off, “My giant bell over here is the predecessor of those Soul Summoning Bells of yours. There’s no way your Soul Summoning Bells are going to work in the face of its predecessor. In fact, why don’t you get your little bells to greet my huge bell over here? It’s only polite to do so, no?”

Flaxseed’s words infuriated Pascal. He evidently knew that Flaxseed was merely spewing nonsense. “Bullshit! Your darn bell is obviously just a normal bell. It can’t attack, so quit talking rubbish!” Sherman snapped at Flaxseed. “Who said our bell can’t attack?” Jared sneered before turning to Flaxseed. “Mr. Flaxseed, shake it and enlighten them.”

Flaxseed instantly understood what Jared was trying to do, and he began shaking the bell. Golden light flickered in Jared’s mind along with the jingle, and his powerful spiritual sense surged toward Sherman and Pascal. Instantaneously, Sherman’s and Pascal’s heads ached as though countless ants were gnawing on their brains.

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