The Mans Decree Chapter 2101

“I don’t care who Jared is. Since that fellow dares to ruin Crafting Clan, there’s no way I will sit by and do nothing. By the looks of the two of you, I bet you’ve lost all your internal energy. Stay here and get some rest first!”

With that, Yosef waved his palm, and a statue in the main hall glowed faintly. Then, waves of energy visible to the human eye entered Pascal and Sherman’s bodies endlessly. The two felt their bodies extremely relaxed, and their power returned to its peak in a flash.

“Yosef, what’s this?” Pascal asked in bewilderment. “This is faith energy in the purest form. Those worshippers you all saw traveled miles and went through all kinds of hardships to come here. Only with such faith can the purest form of faith energy be produced! It’s a hundred times more powerful than the resource you use. With my faith energy, I can easily create a twenty-odd-year-old Martial Arts Saint!” Yosef said smugly.

Pascal and Sherman were beyond astounded when they heard those words. “So, Yosef, what cultivation level are you at now?” Pascal questioned.

“Top Level Martial Arts Saint… Well, it won’t take too long, though. After I absorb this faith energy, I’ll probably be able to break through Martial Arts Saint level… So what if Jared is a member of a reclusive family? When I break through the Martial Arts Saint level, there’ll be nothing he can do.”

Even though Yosef’s tone was flat, it could not entirely conceal the excitement and disdain he had deep in his heart. “B-Break… through Martial Arts Saint? Then won’t you become Martial Arts God? A Martial Arts God is no different from a divine being. You will be known for centuries…” Sherman looked at Yosef in disbelief.

“Haha! Martial Arts God is nothing. People like me, who have nothing against the world and are wholeheartedly dedicated to doing cultivation, are all striving to become immortals.” Yosef chortled.

As much as he said so, he was still thrilled after hearing Sherman’s words. “Yosef, with you around, I’m sure we’ll be able to seek revenge…” Pascal’s face was plastered with excitement as he spoke. “Don’t worry… Hahaha!”

Yosef’s laughter reverberated through the entire Kusch Monastery. Meanwhile, Jared, along with Josephine and the others, finally found the spot where the flickering red dot was after tracing the route according to the map in Wordless Tome.

They were led to a waterfall. The point where the red dot was flickering was right behind the waterfall. “Could it be that the exit is right behind this waterfall?” Renee lifted her head and stared at the towering waterfall before them.

“Perhaps it’s not an exit but something else?” Josephine suggested. “What can it be if it isn’t an exit?” Renee was puzzled. “What if it’s a treasure?” Josephine chuckled.

“Treasure?” Renee widened her eyes in astonishment. But before long, she shook her head and continued, “How is it possible that there’s treasure here? As you said, this is the secret realm of Evil Heart Sect. They must’ve already conducted a thorough check. There’s no way they didn’t notice it if there’s a treasure here!” “We’ll find out after I go and check it out. You guys stay here and wait…”

Finishing his words, Jared leaped into the air and passed through that waterfall. On the cliff behind that waterfall, there was an enormous cave entrance. It was, unfortunately, blocked by the waterfall and thus not visible from the outside. With Wordless Tome in his grip, Jared slowly walked toward the cave entrance.

As he moved closer to the cave, he spotted two words engraved at the top of the entrance- Boundless Cave. Near the cave entrance, there were evident excavation marks, as well as signs of human activities.

This is enough to prove that someone lived here before. And someone must’ve stayed in this secret realm! But why is it so lifeless now? There’s not even a soul around. Could it be that Evil Heart Sect killed everyone here after conquering this secret realm?

As Jared continued moving deeper into the cave, the interior became increasingly dark. He could only hold his hands out, and as he did so, a ball of pale blue-colored spiritual fire was ignited, illuminating the whole cave.

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