The Mans Decree Chapter 2107

Jared then grabbed a handful of grass and sniffed at them. Heartbreak Grass. As the refreshing scent filled his nose, the information on the grass that he was sniffing appeared in his mind..

Jared glanced at the Heartbreak Grass in his hand before throwing it as far away as possible. Who would’ve thought such harmless-looking grass would turn out to be poisonous? I can’t imagine what would happen if someone were to eat them!

With an excited look on his face, Jared began checking out the plants in the secret realm. Sure enough, information on the plant would pop up in his head whenever he touched them.

“Whoa! This is amazing! I bet this has something to do with Wordless Tome!” Jared mumbled to himself as he used his spiritual sense to look at Wordless Tome inside his mind once again.

This time, he was able to open Wordless Tome with ease, and the information on all the plants he had seen was recorded on it. “Aha! I knew it!” Jared exclaimed excitedly as he pulled out lots of items from his Storage Ring.

All he had to do was infuse some spiritual energy into the items he touched, and the information on the said items would show up inside his head. “Wordless Tome is an encyclopedia! With this, there’s nothing I won’t know about!”

Jared’s face was getting a little red from excitement. He then turned toward Josephine and the others as a thought formed inside his head.

If Wordless Tome is able to identify any object / come into contact with, then I wonder if it can do the same with people. With that in mind, Jared ran up to Josephine and hugged her tightly in his arms, much to her surprise.

After all, Jared had never initiated hugs like this before, especially in front of other people. “What are you doing, Jared?” Josephine shouted with her face all red.

She tried to push Jared off, but he clung to her tightly and refused to let go. Renee flashed him a smile and asked, “Hey, Jared! What are you trying to do to Josephine in front of me and Melanie, huh?”

Melanie had a conflicted feeling in her heart when she turned around and saw what was going on. Jared then infused some spiritual energy into Josephine’s body, but no information about her popped up inside his head. Huh? Could it be that we know each other far too well?

Jared frowned at the thought of that. Thinking that it didn’t work because he already knew about Josephine’s past, Jared let go of her and shifted his gaze toward Melanie instead.

Yeah, I definitely don’t know much about Melanie! Jared then lunged at Melanie and hugged her tightly. Melanie burned bright red instantly and shouted, “W-What are you doing, Jared?”

Josephine and Renee were both shocked and confused by his actions. Jared tried infusing some spiritual energy into Melanie’s body as well, but no information appeared inside his head. Huh… Could it be that it doesn’t work on people?

With a disappointed frown on his face, Jared let go of Melanie and walked away. “What has gotten into him, Josephine? Has he lost his mind or something?” Renee asked softly.

“I don’t know!” Josephine was just as confused as she was. The three of them glanced at Jared and saw him leaning against a tree while staring blankly at the sky.

None of them dared disturb him, though. They just sat there and watched him in silence. After what seemed like forever, Jared’s eyes lit up all of a sudden.

The next thing they knew, his body was exuding a terrifying aura that spread throughout the surrounding area. Josephine and the others were all frightened when they felt Jared’s aura. The three of them kept their gaze fixated on Jared, who seemed to be unleashing his full power.

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