The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 1 (Read online free)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 1 (Poor Acid Waste)

“Chen Yang, put our foot cleaning water.”

There were two females remaining on the couch. They had actually just finished soaking their feet. She was slackly raiding the sofa, looking incredibly captivating and charming.

These 2 ladies were Chen Yang’s better half and also her best friend.

Hearing his wife’s words, Chen Yang bent over and poured out both containers of water. He didn’t dare to grumble at all. That told him to be Residence Son-in-law, who had no condition?

Having been married for 2 years, he had no condition in any way in the family.

His partner as well as mother-in-law often cursed him for a small matter. If he dared to retort, they would certainly be gone after away from the house.

In this family, Chen Yang’s standing was even less than a dog.

After marrying Su Miao for two years, he hadn’t also touched her hand! Chen Yang can just sleep on the flooring every night because Su Miao not only despised him, however also turned nose up at him from the bottom of her heart. She really felt that he had not been like a male!

It was Chen Yang’s everyday work to clean the house as well as wash the garments. Not only that, yet he needed to prepare 3 meals a day on time.

A few days back, when he was cooking, he had actually accidentally included a bit a lot more salt as well as was reprimanded by his wife for half an hour.

One evening, Chen Yang coughed in the middle of the night and woke Su Miao up.

Su Miao promptly kicked him to the ground as well as told him to get out of the room.

That day was their very first wedding anniversary. There was no candlelit dinner, no inflammation! That kick also caused Chen Yang’s heart to turn chilly.

It had actually been two years, a whole two years. Chen Yang was already made use of to this type of life.

Who informed him to become an extra son-in-law?

One of the most excruciating thing was that after greater than two years of being with each other, he actually failed to like Su Miao. Despite The Fact That Su Miao had actually never ever looked at him directly, she had always called him a trash!

” Is this the Stockholm syndrome?” Chen Yang laughed at himself.

As the primary clan in Jiangnan, the eldest young master of the Chen Clan had really fallen to the factor that he needed to wiggle his tail at a woman. It was absolutely a fantastic paradox.

Two years back, Chen Yang spent 2 million to get 15% of Jiangnan Energy Group.

Back then, the hundreds of individuals in Chen Family were all condemning Chen Yang. Some stated that he had spent as well as shed cash in the family, and that he spent 20 million simply to compose a phony account.

Others stated that he nurtured bad objectives and had purposely embezzled the family’s funds in order to load his private pockets.

With the family members’s arrangement, he removed Chen Yang from the family. Not just that, also his moms and dads were eliminated from the household as well as their lineage was gotten rid of!

In these two years, Chen Yang had experienced the cold of human nature. In the past, every one of his buddies had actually attempted to distance themselves from him.

After being tossed out of the household, Chen Yang, who didn’t have a cent on him, could just select to be Home Son-in-law in order to make it through!

Also his wife, Su Miao, did not know concerning this.

” Miao, your spouse is really loyal!” Lee Mi stated.

Su Miao sneered, “So what if you are obedient? Look at his needy appearance, you can tell he’s a nation bumpkin. Tomorrow is the yearly meeting of the Su Household, I do not also have the face to bring him there. “

Lee Mi glanced at Chen Yang. He was simply as inadequate as Su Miao had claimed.

Lee Mi did not know how to react. She laughed and also changed the subject, “Miao, let’s not talk about him considering that our household is so ugly. I listened to that something appears to be wrong with your business lately? “

Su Miao responded. “In the past two months, we’ve purchased 2 restaurants and also lost a few million.” Now the business has a problem with its funds as well as needs 8 million. If we don’t locate any investors within a week, we will have to offer the remainder of the properties under the firm’s name. “

Lee Mi looked worriedly at Su Miao. “8 million is not a tiny amount of money. Who would use that much money to support you?”

Su Miao did not reply, however rather blazed at Chen Yang who was eavesdropping on the side: “Chen Yang, that let you eavesdrop below? Go out as well as clean my clothes. “

” And also my gown. Lee Mi stated.

After Chen Yang listened to the order, he put the clothes into the washing equipment.

When he thought about his senior high school get-together tomorrow, he also washed his very own clothing.

Equally as he put his clothing into the roller, his cell phone called.

When he opened it, it was a text.

138 × × 8888, ending with 9 8.

Isn’t this the Chen family’s number?

Chen Yang checked out the message and also was shocked.

” Youthful Master, please aid Chen Family members. The financing for the Chen Household has been severed, I need your support! “

Isn’t it a joke that you found me here after the chain broke?

Two years back, the family kicked their family out. Now that I have nothing, I can run a rat with nothing in my pocket. What’s using searching for me?

Chen Yang frowned and also his phone sounded again. This moment, it wasn’t just a text, it was a call.

Chen Yang grabbed the phone.

Before he can state anything, the maid’s urgent voice came through the phone, “Oldest young master, I ask of you, please aid the household. 2 years earlier, you bought a shares of Jiangnan Energy, yet it has raised by several folds up.” If you don’t assist the family, the family will go bankrupt! “

” Divine shit, what did you state?”

Chen Yang almost tossed his phone out. He hung up and searched through the storage room for a very long time. Lastly, he found a black bank card in a corner.

This card had actually been abandoned in the utility room by him considering that he joined Tang Family members, and also it had actually currently been 2 years since then.

This card was issued when he was still a young master in Chen Family. This was a sign of condition, each card had a 24-hour special customer service. He promptly obtained his cell phone and called the fabricated solution!

” Hey There, Mr. Chen. A wonderful female voice came over the phone.

” Hurry, assist me check my equilibrium.”

” Certain, please wait a moment.” The personal assistant stated gradually.

It was just a few secs before the voice seemed once again, “Mr. Chen, the balance in your card is big, it has surpassed the limit of what I can access. Please bring your ID card to the VIP home window of the financial institution to ask.”

Before the various other party ended up speaking, Chen Yang hung up the phone!

Presently, his head was humming, as well as his heart was battering as if it was mosting likely to jump out of his upper body in the next moment.

The number was too large, it exceeded the gain access to rights !? Hahaha, two years, 2 whole years! Two years back, he was gotten rid of from his household due to the fact that of this investment.

” Miao, consider Chen Yang. He’s contacting us to examine his own equilibrium!” Lee Mi could not keep back her giggling as she stated this.

Su Miao shook her head as well as smiled, “I gave him 200 yuan a day for his pocket money. In the past two years, he has likewise conserved up a great deal of money.”

” Miao, just treat it as increasing a pet dog.” As soon as Lee Mi completed speaking, both ladies took a look at each other as well as started chuckling.

Chen Yang ran over excitedly and looked at his partner: “The 8 million that the firm quickly requires, how about, I help you think about a way?”

She looked at Chen Yang as well as said, “Chen Yang, do you know how much 8 million is? Miao will provide you 200 yuan every day.

” Is that so?” Chen Yang stated with a foolish smile, “After that remember what you said!”

At this minute, Su Miao lastly could not hold it in any longer. It was one point to be typically poor, however currently he was bragging in front of his finest buddy. “Rush up and also clean up the bed in the room.

Chen Yang recognized him, reversed, as well as left.

That night, Chen Yang was so fired up that he didn’t sleep at all that evening. The abrupt great information resembled a dream.

No, he needed to make a trip to the bank tomorrow to check the equilibrium!

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