The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 10 (Read online free)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 10 (Sky City)

“Alright, you can call me daddy currently. I’ll be waiting on you to call me.” Chen Yang scratched his ears and also stated.

No, he could not allow his guard down.

“Chen Yang, Miao only offered you 2 hundred yuan per day for living costs. I do not believe your cash is coming from the appropriate place. “

Su Miao had her questions, and now that her friend had actually discussed it, she felt much more uneasy. She went up and also grabbed Chen Yang’s arm, pulling him to the bedroom on the 2nd flooring.

Closing the door, Su Miao asked in a low voice, “Chen Yang, inform me the fact, where did this money come from?”

” Also you don’t think me?” Chen Yang sighed and also said slowly, “I obtained this money from a good friend, don’t fret about it.”

He had actually currently taken out the cash, however she had not been pleased regarding it. Rather, she suspected that his cash came from a negative place.

He originally intended to inform Su Miao that he was currently Huanyu Group’s CEO, now, he didn’t want to tell her. At least, he wouldn’t expose his identity for the time being. If she recognized that he was the president of a joke, would certainly she think that he had some hidden agenda towards her? This kind of uncertainty was not what he wished to see.

” Pal? Your buddy is so abundant?” Su Miao panicked. “You have actually been wed for two years, as well as you’re not permitted to leave until you’re out of doors. Where did you get your close friends from?”

” Haha …” Chen Yang grinned badly. His name was eliminated from the listing of names in the family. After he ended up being Residence Son-in-law, all of his friends went away.

To hit someone in the face but not in the face, to curse or to reveal someone’s defects.

As the pride of a male was pushed to the ground once again, Chen Yang said in frustration, “I borrowed this cash from a previous senior high school schoolmate. He’s abundant currently and also knows I need cash so he provided it to me.”

Keeping that, he turned as well as left the area. Just as he took a couple of steps, he heard Su Miao claim, “I will not make points difficult for you. I’ll pay you back as soon as possible.”

When Chen Yang came into the living room, Lee Mi had actually currently disappeared.

” Your good luck is truly poor.

After a few days of fermentation, the information of Huanyu Group exchange had actually spread out throughout the whole Xichuan City.

Instantly, an endless stream of advertising and marketing business involved seek teamwork, nearly damaging the door of the entertainment company.

But strangely, with so many individuals, no firm had ever before had the ability to accept Fantasy.

The even more he rejected, the a lot more the proprietors of these companies intended to deal with the disillusionment. If his very own company could take the lead, after that his very own firm can remove.

Those who pertained to negotiate cooperation were all premium Xichuan City households, with the worst being the shoddy families that were rated at the top.

What he did not anticipate was that Su Family members, a presence at the end of the third-rate family members, would actually intend to cooperate with him. He was genuinely overestimating himself.

Prior to, the issue of Su Family members sending Su Hai to their front door, obtaining tossed out with a present, had long come to be the laughingstock of the whole Xichuan City.

They still had actually not provided up. Now they sent a weak woman like Su Miao to their doorstep to seek for teamwork, could it be that all of the men from Su Household had died? This triggered them to feel unlimited ridicule for his Su Family.

Just as everyone was waiting to see Su Miao make a joke out of herself, a shocking item of news expanded from the hallucinations.

Huanyu Group in fact accepted accept Su Family.

When the information appeared, the whole Xichuan City was stirred.

Was the Chief Executive Officer of Huanyu Team having an issue with his mind? He in fact coordinated with a third-rate family clan.

She sat in the reception room and also did not also sit down to warm her butt. The assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of Huanyu Team informed her that the company had accepted cooperate with Su Family members and that she might come and authorize the agreement tomorrow.

She had not even seen the Chief Executive Officer of Huanyu Team. This newly selected CEO was as well willful, she could not identify what he was thinking in all.

The following day, Xichuan City, Empire Hotel.

This was the only six star hotel in Xichuan City, with a per head usage of greater than 1500!

Old Madam Su was in an excellent state of mind today, so she reserved the whole hotel to celebrate Su Miao’s success. Not just that, Su Family members had actually additionally invited several consumers that were dealing with the business. The purpose was to allow them know that Su Household and Fantasy had gotten to a contract on participation.

This additionally told them from the side that they needed to hug Su Family’s upper leg since Su Family was about to take off soon.

Su Miao was the only celebrity at today’s celebration. She sat at the initial table beside Old Madam Su.

As her hubby, Chen Yang normally had to follow by her side.

Nonetheless, just as he took a seat, an upset voice seemed from behind him.

” Do you not recognize the regulations? Is this a seat that you can rest on? Hurry and pave the way to CEO Xu! “

That else could it be yet Su Hai?

Flavor Jing, with her sharp eyes, promptly saw the female next to Su Hai. She right away stood and stated to Chen Yang: “Hurry and stand up to offer the seat to the young miss out on of Xu Household.”

This young as well as lovely lady was called Xu Xiaorou, the apple of the eye of Xichuan City of the old households with Xichuan City. This attended directly welcomed by Old Madam Su.

Xu Family members was just one of the top three second-class family members. It was stated that all the vintages that Xu Family gathered could open a museum. This sort of individual was not somebody that Tang Jing can upset.

Xu Xiaorou originally did not wish to come, yet after Old Madam Su’s duplicated thoughtful invitations, she had actually come here.

As an ancient family members, Xu Family not only studies the antiques as well as treasures in the country, yet also the masterpieces in foreign nations. With her sharp eyes, Xu Xiaorou observed Su Miao.

Because she saw the pendant on Su Miao’s neck. Wasn’t that the “Sky City”?

As a collector, Xu Xiaorou’s favorite collection was the pendant.

She truly didn’t have any “Sky City”. It had not been because she could not manage it, but due to the fact that there were 18 types of “Sky City” that could just be purchased with cash. Without a strong partnership, it was impossible to acquire this money chain.

” Why aren’t you surrendering your seat? Are you deaf? Really did not you see Boss Xu come?” Noticing that Chen Yang was stagnating in any way, Su Hai shouted noisally in anger.

Chen Yang sat upright with his legs went across, eating on a melon seed and also continuing to be indifferent.

Tang Jing was both angry and afraid, could she even pay for to annoy the thousand gold of the Xu Family members? She stood, aimed at Chen Yang’s nose and also cursed, “Rush as well as finish, provide a seat to Miss Xu?”

Although Chen Yang had actually obtained 8 million to address the trouble of his daughter’s company, in Tang Jing’s heart, he was still a garbage that count on ladies to raise his household.

He was lucky to meet a rich as well as silly pupil who was eager to provide him cash.

” Chen Yang …” “It’s much better if you pave the way …” Presently, Su Miao turned around as well as spoke in a low voice.

” Alright.”.

Chen Yang grinned. He could overlook the words of others, but he couldn’t not listen to the words of his better half.

He stood up, strolled to a nearby table and took a seat.

Seeing Chen Yang get up, Su Hai promptly brought up the stool and tried to please him, “Employer Xu, please take a seat. The person just now was our Su Family’s Residence Son-in-law, he is a trash that counts on females to raise.

” Yes.”.

Xu Xiaorou nodded, yet her look never left Su Miao’s neck.

” Is this heaven color Life and Death Love from the” Skies City “?”.

As she sat closer to him, Xu Xiaorou recognized that the locket was truly gorgeous. No woman can withstand its attraction.

” Su …” Miss Su, may I ask, where did you buy this necklace? “.

Su Miao smiled. Certainly, an elegance like Xu Xiaorou was unable to withstand the Sky City. Checking out her envious eyes, she was really pleased.

” A pal gave it to me.” Su Miao said softly.

Xu Xiaorou was shed in idea for a moment. This good friend of hers was so generous, just how come she didn’t have such a pal?

She really loved that pendant and also could not help but say, “Then can I trouble your pal to buy one for me? “Do not worry, I will not allow your friend endure a loss. If he can assist, I agree to offer him antiques as well as treasures at the exact same rate as me as a benefit for his hard work.”.

Xu Xiaorou’s voice wasn’t loud, however the people at the close-by tables all evaluated.

This was an auction of 2 million “Sky City”, giving away an antique with the exact same cost. This huge miss Xu Household, was such a charitable individual.

To be able to see through the whole of a panther with just expertise, the Xu Family members appeared to be even richer than what was spread out outside.

” Excellent woman, what are you awaiting? Hurry up as well as call that good friend of yours.” Tang Jing started to stress. This was most definitely the best possibility to come to be pals with the terrific miss out on of Xu Family members. If they missed this possibility, they wouldn’t have the ability to get this shop.

Su Miao bit her lips, apparently waiting. At last, under Tang Jing’s advising, she obtained her phone as well as called Wei Mingdong’s number.

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