The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 14 (Read online free)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 14 (Monarch Cards)

“Zi …” Purple Gold Queen Card? ”

” What sort of card is this? Why have I never came across it before!” Everyone from the Su Household were puzzled.

Nevertheless, once Xu Xiaorou said that, every person turned their interest back to the charge card in the waiter’s hands.

This bank card was large as well as purple in color. The gold cloud bordering the card was made from golden threads. The whole card was constructed from purple gold. On the back of the charge card, two words were written: Chen Yang.

It actually is a purple gold Emperor Card!

If Su Hai needed more than 10 million gold coins as down payment, after that the highest grade purple gold King Card would certainly need greater than 2 billion gold coins as deposit.

The distinction in between Su Hai as well as Chen Yang went to the very least 100 thousand guys.

This purple gold Queen Card, even Zhou Ming did not have the certifications to manage it, so the entire Xichuan City would not even be enough.

Su Miao and Tang Jing were also stunned by Xu Xiaorou’s words. They looked blankly at the bank card without stating anything.

” Tsk, that knows if it’s real or phony, perhaps this card is phony!” In the crowd, a person instantly claimed this.

A single sentence opened every person’s conversation.

” Right, he is just a poor loser, exactly how could he have a purple gold Majesty Card?!”.

” That’s right, this card has to be fake. He deliberately found a fake witness to make it.”.

” Yes, that’s it.”.

Just like that, the group began to tear away at each other, restoring the ‘fact’.

Su Hai tried his ideal to ridicule, “There are two points in this globe that can not be hidden. One is coughing and also the various other is poverty.

Chen Yang really did not take his words to heart whatsoever. He smiled and also didn’t say anything.

Presently, Su Miao walked over from the side. She saw the waitress’s back, she got hold of Chen Yang’s arm and said anxiously, “Quick, go obtain the bank card back. It’s no embarassment if you offer him a fake charge card.”.

” Bring it back? Why did you bring it back !?” Chen Yang grinned and also stated, “What if it actually came out?”.

As soon as his voice fell, the group burst into laughter again.

” Hahaha, this is so amusing!”.

” Aiyo, hurry up and aid me. My stomach is currently harming from giggling.”.

” Get a phony bank card for a person to swipe. How could they swipe it out?”.

” Do not laugh, what if it truly appeared …”.

” … …”.

After working out the accounts, individuals from Su Family members left one after another. When Zhou Ming as well as the others had almost left, he silently drew Chen Yang up and also into the carriage.

” Eldest Young Master, it’s been ten years …” “You have actually matured …” Zhou Ming was so thrilled that he went to a loss for words. As he drove, he spoke to Chen Yang.

” You … Excellent, I didn’t misjudge the individual.” Chen Yang claimed gently.

” This is all your gift. Without the financial support you think you have, you would not be as renowned as you are today.” Hearing Chen Yang’s appreciation, Zhou Ming was as happy as a kid.

” However, where are you bringing me to?”.

” Stand by. You’ll know in a while …” Zhou Ming was so thrilled that his hands were shivering.

” Mysterious …” Chen Yang attached his seat belt and sputtered softly.

” Ai ai, don’t be so perturbed. Drive correctly …” “Look out for automobiles ahead …”.

As they sped up along, the auto stopped in front of Muse’s Bar, a nightground with the highest degree of Xichuan City.

Come right here and play. If you don’t kick the bucket, you will not also attempt to enter bench.

After they got out of the car, the bar was filled with high-end autos as well as cars. These people were all below to unwind or seek target.

” Why are you right here?” Chen Yang frowned. He really didn’t like this type of place where fish and dragons were mixed with each other.

” There are individuals you recognize right here.” Zhou Ming smiled and also stated, “Zhao Heeqiu, do you still bear in mind? He’s the owner of Muse’s Bar. “.

Zhao Heeqiu?

Chen Yang assumed for some time as well as remembered this person.

A few years ago, when he was still the young master of Chen Family members, he had actually entered into contact with this man. Because of his stunning reputation, Chen Yang really felt that this individual was a good person to develop, so he advertised him to be a supervisor.

After studying with Chen Yang for two years, he surrendered and went out to start a company.

” Eldest Youthful Master, please enter first as well as wait on me in the Supreme Mentor’s room.” “Zhao Heeqiu and also I have prepared a surprise for you. You will most definitely like this surprise.”.

Without waiting for Chen Yang to speak, Zhou Ming turned around and left.

” This Zhou Ming …” Chen Yang shook his head and strolled right into the bar.

Muse’s Bar was without a doubt among the best bars on the planet. Also the hostesses at the entryway were carefully selected beauties.

Chen Yang remained in an excellent mood as well as strolled in with a smile.

Bench was already loaded with individuals, and it was dynamic with sound and also enjoyment. Men and women were persuading around unrestrainedly among the deafening music, overruning with power.

Damn, why do I feel out of place? Could it be that I can’t stay up to date with the moments? Chen Yang thought for a while and also chose to discover the Supreme Area.

Equally as he was seeking a space, an acquainted voice seemed from behind him, “Yo, isn’t this Chen Yang? You really dare to bring Miao to a bar to have fun? “.

Chen Yang followed the voice as well as looked over.

What he saw was a high lady putting on limited black leather pants supporting him.

The lighting in the bar was a little bit dim. When he got closer to Chen Yang, he understood that the lady was Lee Mi.

” That do I think she is? Isn’t she the daughter I just satisfied two days earlier?” Chen Yang claimed with a smile, “Why aren’t you calling me daddy?”.

Lee Mi’s face right away darkened. For the sake of authorizing the agreement, she had actually particularly welcomed a huge consumer to the bar to drink.

She never would certainly have believed that she would run into Chen Yang at a bar.

” Do you think that I’ll call Miao now?”.

” You can call her. I did my work well as well as really did not do anything to allow her down. Why should I hesitate?” Chen Yang grinned and didn’t care about her risk in all.

” You …” Lee Mi was momentarily muddle-headed for words. Seeing that she could not threaten Chen Yang, she mocked, “Muse Bar is also an inadequate area for you? Aren’t you worried that you will not be able to foot the bill?

” Do you care if I have cash or not?” Chen Yang winked at her, “I just wish to know when you’re going to call me daddy!”.

At this time, a strong man showed up out of no place as well as strolled up to Lee Mi. “Miss Li, do you require me to instruct him just how to perform himself?”.

Lee Mi smiled and also claimed, “Chen Yang, do you know who this tough male next to me is? “He’s the head of the safety team at Muse’s Bar. I’ll allow you go if you apologize to him, what do you believe?”.

The leader of the safety and security team was called Suen Qiang and also was Lee Mi’s large customer.

In other words, he was called the Safety and security Captain. In other words, he was simply a viewer.

Suen Qiang was tall, had a fierce-looking face, and also seemed incredibly relentless. He was rather well-known in the Xichuan City’s night scene.

There were all kind of people on the evening scene. None might hold the scene in their hearts, it truly wasn’t excellent.

” Child, didn’t you hear what Miss Li stated? Hurry up and also ask forgiveness!” Suen Qiang’s eyes revealed a hint of anger as he said with an unfriendly tone.

Say sorry?

Chen Yang smiled and trembled his head. He really did not respond to and also asked, “Excuse me, where is the Zhi Zun space?”.

” Oh, keep strolling. When you get to completion, you’ll see it!” Suen Qiang was stunned and answered unconsciously.

” Thanks.” Chen Yang responded and headed right to the Supreme Space.

At this time, Suen Qiang likewise came back to his detects and also shouted, “Brat, quit right there!”.

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