The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 16 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 16 (Necklace)

Currently, every one of her self-respect, pride, and also conceit had actually been totally crushed.

Her face was flushed red. She was now stooping in front of the individual she had towered above the most previously.

If she might do it once more, she would certainly not prompt Chen Yang again!

However, there was no medicine for remorse in this world.

” Mm, okay.” Chen Yang grinned as well as claimed, “When you see me in the future, you need to call me that. Do you understand?”

” Ming …” “Understood!” Lee Mi said with her head like she was pounding garlic.

” Also, secure my mouth when you go out. I don’t want Su Miao to recognize my identification.” Chen Yang overlooked at her as well as stated, “Did you keep in mind that?”

” Bear in mind …” “Got it.” Lee Mi raised her head to take a look at Chen Yang and also claimed, “Daddy, don’t fret. I will totally hide this issue in my belly.”

Chen Yang nodded in fulfillment, indicating that they can leave.

After everybody had left the room, Zhao Heeqiu bowed towards Chen Yang with a scandalous expression as well as claimed, “Young Master, it’s all my fault. I was the one who stopped working to technique you and billed into your face …”

” This has nothing to do with you.” Chen Yang swung his hand as well as said.

At this moment, Zhou Ming, Liu Guobahn, Zhang Leeren, and also Shi Lei, who were standing to the side, adhered to Zhao Heeqiu’s example and bowed professionally.

” Eldest Young Master, the remainder people were not even farts at that time.” Zhang Leeren took a step forward as well as claimed, “If it weren’t for you, we would not have achieved what we do today. In order to thank you, we have actually meticulously prepared a present for you. “

As she talked, she obtained a box.

Five years later on, Zhang Leeren had actually gone from a street girl to the chairman of a cosmetics firm.

Now, the cosmetics owned by the charms were very well-known.

Chen Yang still vividly remembered the process of the two of them being familiar with each other.

At that time, she had picked up her wallet as well as waited for him at the exact same place for a whole afternoon simply to locate it.

During that time, Chen Yang likewise had a great deal of cash in his bag. For a little shop aide like her, it was likewise a great deal of money. Nonetheless, not only did she not take it for herself, she even picked up the gold with no hesitation.

Chen Yang might still remember her tottering in the sun.

A kind-hearted individual is worth paying back. In order to advertise this kind of gold choosing spirit, Chen Yang straight created a cheque of 500,000 yuan for her to start a company.

Five years had come on this flash.

Zhang Leeren opened the box. Inside were a couple of rings and two arm bands.

This … This was a top quality blood jade!

Even though Chen Yang had actually read plenty of pieces of jade, he was still a bit shocked at this moment.

Seeing the expression on Chen Yang’s face, Liu Guobahn laughed as well as stated, “We really did not take place the big day. This set of rings and arm bands are the wedding event presents we provided to the oldest young master. One is your own, as well as the other is from the eldest young girlfriend.” This pair of bracelets and also rings were secured from the top rate Blood Jade, I wish Eldest Youthful Master likes them! “

After Liu Guobahn said that, Shi Bouquet got an additional box, advance as well as said, “First Young Master, your birthday remains in 3 days. This is the birthday present we prepared for you.”

Chen Yang opened package as well as located a painting scroll inside.

If the Blood Jade before just shocked Chen Yang a little, this painting amazed him.

This is … Flavor Bohu’s … Springtime Mountain’s companion photo?

Wasn’t this painting in the gallery? Just how could it be here?

” I understand that Eldest Young Master’s preferred calligraphy and also painting is Flavor Bohu. Liu Guobahn looked sincere, and his smile looked especially basic as well as truthful.

Everyone was very acquainted with Flavor Bohu, however had not been the [Spring Mountain’s Companion Layout] a little unusual?

This painting had another name, which was [Spring Tree Autumn Fragrance Representation]

Chen Yang looked at them deeply and stated, “You individuals are actually mindful. I truly like this paint!”

He had recently taken over the amusement and also was so busy that he neglected his birthday celebration.

Coincidentally, Old Madam Su’s birthday celebration came 3 days later on.

No person remembered his birthday celebration, as well as even if they did, they would not take it to heart.

Everybody made use of Old Madam Su’s birthday celebration to curry favor with her. They all hoped that Old Madam Su would certainly be able to provide a few of her family’s lot of money in a century.

After a couple of years, it’s unforeseen that a person would certainly still remember his birthday. This made Chen Yang’s heart very warm.

At the same time, in an exclusive coffee shop in Xichuan City.

Wei Mingdong as well as Su Miao sat dealing with each other.

Few people learnt about his insolvency, and also already, Su Miao didn’t know that Wei Mingdong had actually currently declared bankruptcy.

” Miao, I’ve thought about it.” Wei Mingdong looked lovingly at Su Miao as well as said: “Three days later, grandmother’s birthday, I intend to propose marriage before every person in Su Family members.”

” This … “This is bad …” Su Miao frowned as well as said, “Besides, I’m not separated yet.”

Chen Yang was a bit of a good-for-nothing, yet he had actually taken great treatment of himself over the past two years. Even if she was in a bad mood as well as reprimanded him for no factor, he would not retort in all.

After investing so much time with him, even if it was simply a pet, they still had feelings for every various other.

And, in the last couple of times, it was only Chen Yang who spoke up for him, so regarding stop himself from being buffooned.

And Also, Chen Yang borrowed 8 million, which resolved the business’s dilemma.

Last time at the Imperial Hotel, if Chen Yang had not secured the money she had saved all these years, she would most definitely not be able to elevate her head before the people from Su Family members.

” Miao, you’re just as well kind-hearted. That’s why you’re fretted about a lot.” Wei Mingdong took a look at him with gentle eyes: “Miao, he is simply an item of garbage. He can not offer you the life you want, nor can he aid you share the worry of the firm! You can rest assured, wait till Granny’s birthday celebration, I will certainly prepare a huge gift, I think Grandmother saw me prepare this huge gift, I will certainly like it. During that time, I will ask Grandmother to betroth you to me! “

The regulations of the Su Family were really rigorous. As the boss of the Su Household, Old Madam Su held the highest possible setting.

If she actually suches as Wei Mingdong, then she may truly force him to separation her.

Su Miao didn’t want a divorce, and she had not been a cold-blooded person. Having married for 2 years, just how could she dare say that she really did not have any sensations for him?

” Oh yes, there’s something I want to ask you.” Su Miao suddenly said.

” What is it?”

” That” Blue Life and Death Love “from the Sky City, was it really not from you?” Su Miao asked as she drank her coffee.

” Miao, it’s alright if you don’t mention it. Wei Mingdong stated madly, “The locket that I gave you, even though it was a state-of-the-art replica, it set you back a total of 500 thousand in fabricated products and materials.

Listening to Wei Mingdong’s grievance, Su Miao bit her lips as well as asked, “What I said was right, didn’t you really gift that real one?”


Wei Mingdong was shocked for a moment, after that he focused his sight on Su Miao’s white neck.

He realized that she was using a pendant around her neck. It was the Skies City that he had actually requested a duplicate of. Blue Necklace of Life and Death.

Was she putting on a copy?

Wei Mingdong gaped at it.

No, this isn’t a replica, this … It was absolutely real. Compared to the one Su Miao was putting on now, the one he invested 500 thousand on himself resembled the difference between clouds and mud.

Su Miao had actually always been gorgeous, and now that she put on the Blue Life and Death Love, she was a lot more gorgeous. Checking Out Wei Mingdong, he could not help yet ingest his saliva.

It was truly also stunning!

Su Miao was also strong, this was 20 million United States dollars, it was even more than 100 million Chinese bucks.

Wasn’t she scared of being burglarized while she was still using it?

” Really did not you present this necklace to me?” Su Miao asked once again.

She really couldn’t envision, besides Wei Mingdong, that else would certainly provide her such a precious point.

He recognized that although there were lots of people who sought him, almost all of the men that pursued him were rich second generations. Although they were abundant, it was definitely impossible for them to purchase a necklace with 100 million gold coins.

Although Wei Mingdong didn’t have much capacity, he still had the ability to observe the circumstance.

If he wasn’t incorrect, this pendant was provided to him by another person. She really did not know who sent it.

Haha, there are anomalies every year, and there are a lot more this year.

It was unidentified who the heck was the rich fool. When the items were provided, they would not leave a name behind!

Considering that you won’t stand and admit it, after that let me admit it!

Wei Mingdong was thrilled, he never ever assumed that he would certainly come across such a good scenario.

He scraped his head and also made believe to be embarrassed. “Miao, I won’t conceal it from you any longer. This …” I did provide you this necklace! “

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