The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 2 (Read online free)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 2 (Crash)

That night, Chen Yang tossed and turned until it was dawn before he lastly managed to drop off to sleep.

Not long after he went to sleep, he heard his mother-in-law’s voice.

” Chen Yang, rush as well as send out Jingyao to function.”

Chen Yang was resting peacefully. He believed he was dreaming, so he turned over and continued resting.

Then, the door opened as well as Flavor Jing strolled in, kicking him impatiently.

” Are you deaf? Really did not you hear what I simply claimed?” Tang Jing said condescendingly as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Despite The Fact That Tang Jing remained in her forties, she was properly maintained. She appeared like she was in her thirties, and her entire body was loaded with the appeal of a mature woman.

Chen Yang felt pain on his back as well as rose from the flooring in a daze. He was numbed when he saw his mother-in-law checking out him in displeasure.

Did the sunlight rise from the west today? He had been married for more than two years and also he had actually never ever been in the very same framework as Su Miao before. He just asked her to send him to function today due to the fact that she felt that he had lost face?

Currently, Su Miao, that was wearing a company clothes, walked over as well as said anxiously, “Are you deaf? I asked you to send me to work, are you resistant?”

When Chen Yang heard this, his head seemed like it was being hit by garlic as he promptly replied, “I want, I agree!”

Su Miao has been fuming over the financial investment concern just recently, as her poor investments have actually caused a lack of funds and also the collapse of the firm.

As the chairman of the business, she had to be present at today’s emergency shareholders’ conference.

But when she awakened in the early morning, she remembered that Lee Mi had actually driven her automobile away.

Chen Yang had to give it to him as a last option.

Chen Yang altered his clothing and rode his electric bike to take Su Miao to the company.

” … …”

” Drive much faster. If you’re late today, leave my residence.” Su Miao could not assist but state as she looked at the cars and trucks passing her one by one.

Just as she completed speaking, she felt lightweight as well as fell in reverse!

The car’s speed instantly enhanced by greater than two times. Momentarily of panic, Su Miao unconsciously hugged Chen Yang’s midsection.

Chen Yang’s body shivered. They had been wed for greater than two years, this was the very first time the two of them came into call so thoroughly, right? The advancement from absolutely nothing to something made Chen Yang’s heart rise, as if he was on stimulants.

Soon, they reached the firm’s entryway.

Su Miao checked out the time and heaved a sigh of relief.

Just as he was about to get out of the car and also go to the firm, a BMW X5 quit beside the little electric donkey. A guy in a fit and a leather coat got out of the automobile.

Wei Mingdong tidied up his suit, walked up to Su Miao, directed at Chen Yang as well as claimed, “Miao, who is this male?”

Su Miao got off the donkey and whispered, “It’s Chen Yang.”

” Oh, so he’s that pointless hubby of yours.” Wei Mingdong eyed Chen Yang in contempt. That wedding event two years back had actually alarmed the whole Xichuan City, and also there was no person that really did not understand that the priceless treasure of the Su Family had been married to a piece of trash.

He took off his match as well as handed it to Su Miao. “Miao, you should have been freezing along the road. Put it on rapidly, I acquired you a present.”

Claiming that, Wei Mingdong opened the trunk and also took out an extremely fragile box.

Inside the box was a gorgeous sapphire locket. It was best for Su Miao’s pure white neck.

Although Su Family had never involved in the jewelry sector, love for elegance was a lady’s all-natural impulse. If she was not mistaken, this necklace ought to be a “Skies City” series created by the well-known French jewellery developer Ellen.

This collection generated a total of 18 pendants. It could be stated that no woman would be able to reject this sort of present, as well as this locket had not been something that could be offered even if she had cash.

The pendant in Wei Mingdong’s box, although extremely similar in protection, if you looked carefully you would notice that the sapphire was not very pure in shade as well as its surface area was not that smooth. It appeared like a phony.

” Miao, I recognize you have actually constantly liked this chain of settlements. It’s all my fault that you could not locate the genuine one.” Wei Mingdong handed the locket over and also claimed, “Although this pendant isn’t actual, I spent 200 thousand to find renowned masters in China to copy it. “Wear it first. Offer me half a month, I will certainly be able to buy the actual thing.”

Su Miao took the locket as well as claimed any which way: “Not able to acquire it. Don’t waste your time, this locket is currently extremely quite. “

” Haha …” Wei Mingdong ingested his saliva. 2 million bucks is equivalent to more than 100 million Chinese dollars. His whole net worth was just 2 million. Even if he sold himself, he wouldn’t have the ability to afford it.

Simply return it to him. If you like it, your spouse will certainly acquire it for you. “

Chen Yang took the pendant from Su Miao’s hand as well as tossed it on the ground. After he completed this collection of jobs, he drew Su Miao’s hand and also walked in the direction of the company.

” Chen Yang, what are you doing!” Su Miao claimed in a low voice.

This was the company’s entrance, and also she was the business’s chairman. How could she be riled up?

She wanted to withdraw her hand, yet Chen Yang clenched his securely.

Wei Mingdong stressed. F * ck, I invested 200 thousand on this locket that was tailor-made by a master.

” Really did not you hear me when I informed you to quit?” Wei Mingdong walked over madly while pointing at Chen Yang’s nose as well as claimed, “If this necklace breaks, you won’t have the ability to pay even if you offer it.”

” One, Su Miao is my spouse, please steer clear of from her.”

” Two …” Chen Yang tossed Wei Mingdong’s clothing on the ground with 2 fingers: “My wife is cold, she can use my garments.”

” Third, what does my better half like, ought to be sent out by me. Tonight, I will certainly offer my wife the actual “Sky City” “.

Simply riding a little electric automobile, exactly how risk you act pretentious in front of me ?!” Wei Mingdong was really angry. As the successor to the Wei household, no one had actually ever before attempted to speak to him like that.

What made him also angrier was that Chen Yang dragged Su Miao into the firm as well as completely neglected him prior to he could finish his words.

” Damn, this piece of trash!” Wei Mingdong was extremely mad as well as directly kicked over the electrical auto.

Wei Miao Company, chairman’s office.

Su Miao remained on the one in charge’ chair and looked coldly at Chen Yang. She pursed her lips, so upset that she couldn’t claim anything.

Wei Mingdong was in the building products company, as well as behind him was the Xi Chuan Chen Family!

Her company quickly needed an investment of 8 million, as well as she still desired Wei Mingdong to be the investor.

This time around, what Chen Yang did today has to have outraged Wei Mingdong.

It reminded her of a saying: There is more than enough to attain.

He shouldn’t have let him send him to the company.

The even more she considered it, the angrier Su Miao obtained. She glared at Chen Yang as well as said coldly, “What are you still doing below, scram!”

” Ok.” Chen Yang answered with grievance, then reversed and also walked out of the office.

Seeing him so subservient, Su Miao was so mad that she wanted to attack him a couple of times.

In the past 2 years, her friends all married one after another. Their other halves were either dragons among phoenixes az or the elites of their sector. Also the most awful could achieve economic flexibility, unlike hubbies who still needed spouses to increase them.

The grievances in Su Miao’s heart rose out like a dam that ruptured. Tonight was the yearly celebration of Su Family, and also back then, individuals of her household would most definitely mock her as long as possible.

” F * ck, who shattered my electrical vehicle?!” Downstairs, Chen Yang screamed loudly.

This little electric donkey had actually been following him for more than 2 years. Each day, it would certainly ride on its back to acquire food and also not allow it off for a day.

F * ck, it must be that idiot Wei Mingdong.

Just as Chen Yang was gritting his teeth, a couple of females in specialist apparel and high heels walked over.

They were all workers of Su Miao’s business. At this moment, they were standing not also away and also directing at Chen Yang.

” Look, isn’t this Head of state Su’s hubby?”

” That’s right, it’s him. I went to participate on Head of state Su’s wedding.”

” It can not be, Head of state Su’s hubby is riding an electrical bike? Had not been by doing this too worn-out! That’s just humiliating Head of state Su. “

The women couldn’t aid chuckling aloud.

Chen Yang didn’t also notice them. He sighed and also aided the little electrical donkey, that was covered in injuries, up: “Don’t fret, I will absolutely repay for this. Simply you wait …”

Stating that, Chen Yang got his phone and also called his family’s number.

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