The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 20 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 20 (Negotiations)

Then, Tang Jing grabbed her phone.

” Alright, I was questioning why you would reject Granny. So it was all due to this item of trash!” Flavor Jing was so angry that her upper body heaved up and down. She aimed at Su Miao as well as said, “You really listen to a pointless individual’s words. Do you truly want to be an useless pair? I’ll leave it at that for today. After Grandmother’s birthday celebration, you can most likely to the Civil Affairs Bureau and obtain a divorce. ”

” Mama, Chen Yang thought that Grandma would certainly call me, and …”

Currently, Tang Jing was fuming, and what she said could be heard, “Do not discuss that trash any longer, I feel ashamed just by hearing his name! It’s fine if he doesn’t have any type of cash, yet he’s still not obtaining any progression. Now, I’m simply a chuckling supply in front of my friends, everyone understands that my family has an useless son-in-law! ”

It was initially a pleased reunion dinner, however after eating it, it ended up sadly!

In the mid-day of the very same day, Old Madam Su sent out Su Ming, who had actually regained his Su Family members, to captivate the negotiations.

Su Ming was additionally a core disciple of the Su Household, and also his standing was only second to Su Hai.

Everybody had placed their hopes on him. In the end, prior to he can also enter the business, he was tossed out of the door by the guard.

At this moment, Old Madam Su totally worried. The handsome young men from Su Family members were being blown up out one after another, and also she had no choice yet to identify the truth of the scenario.

Could it be that the Huanyu Group only identifies Su Miao?

Old Madam Su rested on the chair with her eyes shut, her hands constantly massaging her woozy head.

” Granny, grand son has another way!” At this time, Su Hai stood as well as claimed.

” Oh? “What method is this? Hurry up as well as claim it.” Old Madam Su opened her eyes and looked at Su Hai.

” Grandmother, in my opinion, the CEO of Huanyu Team is a perverted individual. If he wasn’t in love with Su Miao’s charm, why would certainly he sign the contract with her?” Su Hai stated: “She is not the only one that has beautiful pearls in our Su Family. Sis Su Yu is likewise extremely beautiful, so why do not we allowed her try it?”

After Su Hai claimed this, everybody unexpectedly understood.

That’s right, the CEO of Huanyu Group should have fancied Su Miao’s appeal, which was why he signed the contract with her.

Since she, Su Miao, was unwilling to discuss it, wouldn’t it be great if they altered individuals?

According to standing, Su Miao still required to call her older sister.

Moreover, Su Yu’s elegance was publicly recognized by the Su Family members, and was in no way inferior to Su Miao’s.

Su Hai’s recommendation was authorized by everybody. Old Madam Su swung her hand and also claimed, “Tomorrow, allow Su Yu have a try at having a good time!”

The following morning, Su Yu pertained to the Huanyu Group alone.

This female was of the highest rank in regards to both appearances as well as condition. It would certainly not be wrong to state that she was of the highest rank on the planet.

She was using a miniskirt, her lengthy legs were covered in black silk, and also she was putting on a set of red Gauguin shoes. They were exceptionally attractive.

The Huanyu Group entrance was already bordered by a great deal of lackeys. When they saw Su Yu, they assumed that she was an artist who had actually simply entered a new market as well as started to bid ferociously towards her.

Also the security guards thought that she was an artist from the firm as well as did not risk to quit her.

‘s workplace. Simply as she was regarding to knock on the door, the office door was pressed open from the within.

Mi Xue and Su Yu checked out each other. She closed the door without batting an eyelid as well as asked, “May I ask who you are?”

” Hey there, I’m Su Household’s Su …”

Prior To Su Yu can finish her sentence, Mi Xue’s expression transformed, “Rush and also leave, in addition to Su Miao’s Su Household, no one else is of any use!”

Su Yu was disturbed that she was kicked out of the firm without even entering the Chief Executive Officer’s workplace.

She was the well-known charm in the Xichuan City. Typically, she wouldn’t be held up as a gift, but today, she had actually been given a closed-door dish here. This made her feel very beat.

Su Yu returned in low spirits, and Old Madam Su became angry once again.

What must he do!

” … …”

The second day, Manor of Su Family Members!

Today was Old Madam Su’s seventieth birthday, as well as the estate was enhanced with lights as well as decors. The location was bustling with noise and also exhilaration.

All the members of Su Family members dropped what they were doing and rushed over to congratulate Old Madam Su on her birthday celebration.

As the controller of the family members, Old Madam Su’s seventieth birthday naturally needed to welcome lots of people!

Su Family members was just a third-rate family members, during this birthday celebration banquet, numerous well-known individuals from Xichuan City were invited to go to.

At this time, Su Family’s chateau was currently full of deluxe autos.

Su Miao and Flavor Jing were impatiently standing in front of a Mercedes-Benz.

Not long after, Chen Yang gradually drove over on his new Emma electrical vehicle.

Ye Zichen parked the cars and truck progressively, locked the door, as well as ran over swiftly.

” Sorry, there’s a little bit of a traffic en route.” Chen Yang stated, short of breath.

The traffic in Xichuan City was actually heavy. He obtained Mi Xue to drive him, and they ended up embeded the city for nearly an hour. Seeing that the birthday celebration feast will start, he had no choice however to get his little electric donkey from the trunk.

Although the Su Family members was only a third-rate family members clan, to be able to be called one’s household, it was still a popular family members. There was actually somebody riding an electric bike over to celebrate their birthday celebration. When lots of people saw this, they couldn’t assist however burst out laughing.

” I know this person, it was Su Family’s Home Son-in-law!”

” Yes, that’s him, Su Miao’s partner!”

” Ai, this child is lucky sufficient to be able to obtain married to a siren like Su Miao, I’m so jealous of him!”

” What’s there to be jealous about? You do not recognize that this kid has been wed to Su Miao for more than two years as well as hasn’t even touched her hands. It’s claimed that he’s been sleeping on the floor for the past two years!”

” What? No way! This brother is as well patient!” Is there glitch with your body? ”

A couple of Yu Family juniors stood at the side, talking about in low voices.

Su Household and Yu Family members had an excellent relationship, and also were additionally the relatives of Su Family members. Several Of Su Family members’s more youthful generation had actually married before, and also others had actually wed into it.

It can be stated that the Yu Family was extremely educated concerning Su Family, and there were essentially no keys behind it.

Their voices were soft, Su Miao could still hear them plainly. She could not assist however to state to Chen Yang, “It’s all your mistake.

” Oh, I’ll simply keep away from it following time.” Chen Yang claimed indifferently.

Looking at Chen Yang’s sloppy way, Flavor Jing ended up being extremely upset.

On such a crucial day, he was still putting on a body filled with street vendors. Could it be that he didn’t have any kind of embarassment in all?

Su Miao, on the other hand, was utilized to Chen Yang’s expression. She really did not state much, but advance as well as asked softly, “Have you prepared the gift I asked you to get ready for granny?”

” I’m ready.” Chen Yang grinned as well as secured a wood box. This wood box looked older and also even the paint on its surface had actually been peeled.

Su Miao looked at Chen Yang in disbelief. Today was Granny’s 70th birthday!

” This is not scrap!” Chen Yang glanced at Su Miao and also said.

” If this isn’t garbage, then what is? Do you think we’re blind?” Tang Jing could not hold it in any longer, she aimed at Chen Yang’s nose as well as will curse him.

Currently, the host’s voice came out from the rental property: “Please enter the stage and also provide your birthday to Old Madam Su!”

Hearing this, Flavor Jing also gave up on the suggestion of cursing any longer. Instead, she stared at Chen Yang and also drew Su Miao’s hand right into the chateau.

Inside the Manor of Su Household, there was a significant crowd, with many individuals relaxing, and all of the guests had currently taken their seats.

Old Madam Su was dressed in a very cheery fashion as she beinged in the hall with a vast smile on her face.

” Star Cloud Group’s Director Li is here to use his congratulations!” The host was holding a microphone in his hand as well as vocal singing a congratulatory present.

Right after, a middle-aged male in his forties walked over. It was without a doubt the old chief of the Nebula Sect, Li Tianxing. Old Madam Su had revealed him compassion, so he valued her substantially.

He took the large box from the assistant as well as opened it, congratulating her, “Haha, Tianxing congratulates Su Household Grandmother, Blessed as the East Sea, Longevity: Nanshan!”

” Wow, what an attractive flower holder!”

” What type of vase? This is an enameled porcelain flower holder. This is an antique concentrating on the Qing Dynasty. It’s an uncommon vintage.”

Those who were well-informed would certainly have the ability to translucent this porcelain bottle at a look. The price of this tinted porcelain most likely wasn’t less than a million!

It was a birthday present worth a million yuan. Old Madam Su’s face was beautiful.

Old Madam Su couldn’t also close her mouth from chuckling. “Supervisor Li is truly considerate.

Who really did not understand that Old Madam Su’s preferred point was antiques? The ancient enamel and also colored porcelain that Li Tianxing had provided her, she really liked it too much.

Maybe it was because Li Tianxing’s gift was as well state-of-the-art, however the present later on looked very plain, not in the least able to arouse the interest of the crowd.

It was just when Su Hai appeared that everyone present got a little bit extra energy and also stared at him with burning eyes.

As Old Madam Su’s the majority of precious grand son, what type of gift would certainly he provide to her?

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