The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 21 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 21 (The Flesh of the Heart)

Every person understood that Su Hai was Old Madam Su’s heart’s flesh and blood, and he was likewise the one who felt one of the most pain.

Su Hai had spread out the information early and also wished to offer a large present to Old Madam Su. This made every person anticipate it.

With a box in his hand, Su Hai walked to the center of the hall and also acquiesced Old Madam Su. “Grandma, Hai wishes you a life much longer than the paradises as well as a life much deeper than the seas!”

It was just a typical congratulatory message, nothing new.

Old Madam Su’s No. 2 High Institution was much more pleasing to the ears than anything else. They chuckled till the wrinkles on their faces kicked back.

” Wow, quickly take a look at package in Su Hai’s hand. Is it a jade box?”

” It actually is a jade box.” Everyone was impressed.

The jade box in Su Hai’s hand had not been large. It was sparkling white throughout. One could tell that it was made from top-quality white jade.

This was as well extravagant. Even package was made from jade rock. Exactly how pricey would certainly the important things inside be ?!

Every person present began to speculate as to what sort of gift was inside package.

Checking out the reaction of the group, Su Hai was really pleased. He desired this sort of result.

He broke his fingers and also stated, “Shut off the lights!”

As soon as his voice fell, the originally vibrantly lit hall instantly turned pitch black. Everyone in the hall began to stir.

Relax, everybody. Next is the minute to witness a miracle!

After claiming that, he opened up the jade box. A beam flashed from the box, brightening the whole area.

” Paradises, this … This box in fact consists of Evening Pearls! ”

” Just how much does it set you back to purchase such a large Luminous Pearl?”

” At least two million!?”.

Old Madam Su’s mood was very carefree. Such a big luminous pearl, was something that was rarely seen even in the whole Xichuan City.

Su Hai was truly mindful. If this Luminescent Pearl was positioned in the old times, it would certainly be a valuable prize.

What everyone enjoyed to see was the program of filial holiness, Su Hai’s gift, which won the applause of everyone.

” Pu ci!”.

At this moment, Chen Yang could not aid however laugh aloud. This giggling was incredibly noticeable in the midst of applause. Every person adhered to the giggling and looked towards Chen Yang.

” Chen Yang, what are you laughing about?” At this time, Su Hai jumped up from the side, aimed at Chen Yang’s nose and stated.

” I’m sorry, I could not aid it.” Chen Yang attempted his best not to laugh aloud, but the following minute, he break out laughing: “Sorry …” “It’s truly because that Luminescent Pearl of your own is too fake …”.

Chen Yang, that matured in Chen Household since he was young, had actually seen all sort of antique prizes.

Inside the genealogical hall of the Chen Household was a fist-sized Evening Pearl.

The Chen Family members invested three million to buy that Evening Pearl. Even though it wasn’t costly, it was something that he had to spend a lot of initiative to buy.

The radiance sent out by the all-natural Evening Pearl was extremely gentle. It was unlike this Evening Pearl, where it was so intense and dazzling!

If you looked very carefully, you can see that the Evening Pearl was stippled and also impure, and there were likewise some evident granules inside.

If he hadn’t seen incorrectly, it must be solidified chemical adhesive!

” Bullshit!” Su Hai proclaimed loud, capillaries bulging on his neck.

He worried. The factor he prepared the Night Pearl as a present was due to the fact that he believed that no one would be able to acknowledge it. Nevertheless, the Luminous Pearl was a rare product, as well as also for ordinary people, it was extremely tough to find into contact with.

Now, Chen Yang was able to acknowledge him at a glimpse. How could he not be anxious?

” Chen Yang, stop bullshitting.” Unconsciously, Su Miao had walked up to his side and also lightly pulled on his sleeve.

He couldn’t speak carelessly. If he stated glitch on such a satisfied day, not just would Su Hai not let him off, also Old Madam Su would certainly not be happy about it. When that took place, it would certainly be hard to end the circumstance.

” Let me tell you, I spent a lot of money to acquire this. You’re just Home Son-in-law, I will not criticize you if you don’t see it. It’s Granny’s birthday celebration today, so I can’t be bothered to appreciate it.” Su Hai sneered and stated, “If you claim that this is a phony Luminescent Pearl, after that I want to see what type of present you’re mosting likely to give to Granny!”.

He did this to draw away everybody’s interest, however he really currently saw the broken box in Chen Yang’s hand.

Also package was broken, what excellent things could it possibly have? It was more than likely that he had actually discovered some damaged products on that particular street stall!

Chen Yang didn’t state anything, he was simply privately keeping back his laughter.

Flavor Jing was so angry that she felt her head spinning. Today was Old Gran’s 70th birthday!

She couldn’t hold it in anymore, she walked over, pointed at Chen Yang’s nose and also vowed: “If you laugh once again, then go out!”.

Seeing his mother-in-law upset, Chen Yang did not laugh anymore. After all, it was bad to be scolded on a day of fantastic happiness.

Seeing that Chen Yang had not been smiling, Su Hai covertly really felt that it was a pity. What an excellent opportunity, if Chen Yang was making a ruckus, then he can take advantage of this opportunity to get him to scram.

Time passed quickly and in the blink of an eye, half an hour had passed.

Practically everyone had actually offered their presents. Although the adhering to presents weren’t that valuable, it had not been something that a normal individual can pay for. Not a solitary one of them was less than two hundred thousand yuan in value.

Along with Li Tianxing’s enameled porcelain as well as Su Hai’s “Night Pearls”, Su Yu’s jade bracelets were also extremely captivating.

Old Madam Su had a pair of stunning bracelets on her hands. The old lady couldn’t bear to allow go of them. She said on the spot that she wouldn’t have the ability to take them off ever before once again.

Su Yu couldn’t contain her joy. Even as her granddaughter, she was still pleased with her gift because she liked her grandma a lot.

Old Madam Su pulled Su Yu’s hand and also claimed to the group, “Yu’er is the oldest granddaughter of our Su Family. She is additionally the oldest and most practical in our Su Family.

” Grandma …” Su Yu’s face transformed completely red.

Seeing Su Yu’s unmatched appearance, many of the guests existing couldn’t help however swallow their saliva. Had not been by doing this also stunning!?

There was no doubt that as the grand granddaughter of Su Family, Su Yu’s number and also figure were definitely on the level of a goddess.

At this moment, Su Yu rested beside Chen Yang.

For an ordinary banquet, it was impossible for Su Yu to rest at the exact same table as Chen Yang.

Thanks to this birthday banquet, the seating arrangement this moment was based upon the family history, which was exactly how the scene of Su Yu remaining on the left side and also Su Miao remaining on the ideal side happened.

To be honest, being stuck in between both sirens really felt respectable.

Considering the bracelet on Old Madam Su’s hand, he nodded to himself. “This bracelet is tolerable. It’s actually made of glass.”.

Although the product was not pure, it was still a good material.

Chen Yang’s voice had not been loud, Su Yu still heard it.

Huh, how did Home Son-in-law, that just recognized exactly how to consume, understand that the arm band was made of glass? This made Su Yu interested.

Generally, she and also Chen Yang belonged to two different worlds.

He had remained in Su Family for more than 2 years, however she had never ever stated a solitary word to him.

There were thousands of people present, however nobody can tell what the arm bands were made of. Surprised by his words, she could not aid yet ask, “Exactly how did you understand they were made from glass?”.

” Oh, this piece of jade is a little bit fortified, so you can tell at a glance.” Chen Yang stated truthfully.

” So it’s like that.” Su Yu nodded.

” En!” Chen Yang asked, “Just how much did you spend on this arm band?”.

” Seven hundred thousand!” Su Yu replied.

Chen Yang trembled his head and also said, “It’s expensive. This arm band is worth at most four hundred thousand yuan!”.

” No way, I bought this from my friend. She said that she didn’t make a single cent from this bracelet!” Su Yu considered Chen Yang, intending to obtain an answer from him!

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