The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 23 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 23 (True)

“Paradises, it’s actually Tang Bohu’s paint!”

” No other way!”

Thanks to the Celebrity Lord’s [Flavor Bohu’s Autumn Fragrance], also individuals who didn’t learn about antique calligraphy as well as paintings would certainly understand just how precious this painting was!

” Go, bring me my analysis glasses.”

After placing on her analysis glasses, Old Madam Su curved down without batting an eyelid, afraid that she might miss something.

This drawing is truly excellent, also Old Madam Su couldn’t birth to touch it.

” This paint is the real bargain!” Old Madam Su was so ecstatic that her hands were shivering.

” Let me see!” Currently, Yu Family’s Patriarch Yu Hongming squeezed in as well as said excitedly, “I really did not expect that I would really have the ability to see Uncle Flavor’s paint right here. Let me establish if it’s actual or phony.”

Keeping that, he started to very carefully take a look at the paint in front of him.

After a moment, Yu Hongming gave a thumbs up as well as praised, “Old Madam Su is so fortunate. This is without a doubt the work of Flavor Bohu.”

Hearing the Yu Household head’s appraisal, Old Madam Su ruptured right into laughter, thrilled.

” I’ve only seen this in Star Lord’s films before, and now I’ve really seen the genuine thing. Just how privileged!”

” That’s right, it’s truly an eye-opener!”

One after another, commends loaded Old Madam Su’s heart with happiness.

Old Madam Su claimed three words of “not negative” before meticulously placing the paint away. She transformed to the Su Family members slave and stated, “Promptly, place away this paint.

” Yes.”.

The servants nodded one after the other, not also bold to breathe. They were afraid that the foul air they breathed would contaminate their faces.

This was Tang Bohu’s genuine work, a valuable prize. If it was broken, he would not have the ability to afford it even if he offered himself.

Su Miao, that stood at the side, looked at Wei Mingdong with a difficult expression. She really felt touched for some reason.

He marketed his business and also mortgaged his project to the financial institution simply to acquire himself a pendant.

After that, on the day of her grandmother’s birthday, she prepared such a terrific quantity of energy. This made her at a loss of what to do.

” Everyone, rapidly check out Chen Yang.” Currently, Su Hai unexpectedly aimed at Chen Yang as well as said, “Look, he’s likewise lugging a box in his hand. He likewise prepared a present for grandma!”.

Haha, this box is currently broken, yet you still have the nerve to take it out?

Could it be scrap?


Every person mocked as well as buffooned him with evil objectives, wishing that Chen Yang would make a fool of himself.

Chen Yang’s expression transformed awful. He did not expect Wei Mingdong to be so insensitive, claiming that Tang Bohu was a phony?

” Chen Yang, why are you standing there motionlessly? Is it since you can not obtain your existing!”.

” That box of your own couldn’t have been grabbed from the trash load, right?”.

” Haha, what do you mean by speaking the reality!”.

” Hahaha …”.

For this group of short-sighted individuals, no matter what present they secured, they would ruthlessly ridicule them. Rather than this, it was much better to not take a look at them.

” Forget it!” Chen Yang swung his hand and also stated.

“Exactly how is this possible!?” Su Hai leapt out and stated: “Today, everybody in Su Family members gave Granny a present, how can you be an exemption? Your better half will be taken away by somebody very soon, you are still Su Family’s son-in-law currently.

” Hahaha!”.

The surrounding individuals started to laugh.

Su Miao’s face was incredibly awful, and she was a little mad. As soon as once more, he became the laughingstock of everyone!

” What are you still standing there for? Take a seat!” Su Miao walked over and also pulled Chen Yang’s arm as she reprimanded him in a low voice.

” Are you deaf? Why do not you rush and toss that damaged box you picked up from the trash lot into the garbage?” Lili screamed angrily at Chen Yang, “You disgraceful thing, leave below!”.

” Oh!”.

Chen Yang replied and also was about to walk out with the box.

At this moment, Su Hai jumped ahead to stop him as well as nabbed package from his hands!

” Why would I throw out the meticulously ready gift? If you intend to throw it away, do it after I have actually completed checking out it!” Su Hai opened package excitedly.

There was actually a paint scroll inside.

Su Hai opened the scroll about. The moment he did so, the whole hall quietened down.

This … This was a map of a century!

A life expectancy map, as the name indicated, was made up of a hundred words.

These durability kind forms, there are seal body, script, italics, Wei tombstone and more.

” Haha, and also here I was wondering what gift it was, it was simply a couple of words of life!”.

” No surprise he didn’t dare to take it out. So it’s truly trash!”.

Su Hai held his stomach as well as laughed until tears appeared of his eyes. He stated to Chen Yang, “Are you out of your mind? You only gave me these couple of words for Granny’s 70th birthday. Who are you trying to simulated?”.

” This isn’t a busted character, this is a map of a century!”.

” Haha, you even have an image of a century of life? That are you trying to trick?” Su Hai wiped away his tears: “Did you think I really did not know anything? The genuine one remains in the gallery, inform me, where did you get it from? Did you create it yourself? “.

” I got it from a buddy!” Chen Yang said lightly.

, however this painting was sent by Zhou Youcai. It’s not good to pass on their intents.

Consequently, Chen Yang asked Zhang Leeren to aid him select a present.

With this demand, Zhang Leeren had actually offered him the map of a hundred years of life!

According to her, it had actually been given to her by a renowned enthusiast in the country.

It was stated that this picture of a hundred years old was given from the Song Dynasty. It did not have a popular seal neither did it have actually any kind of words written on it, its artistic value was not overemphasized at all.

Other than those big enthusiasts, the only others that wanted to see its real form were the galleries.

” You need to count on your buddies for this trash?” Su Hai held back his giggling and also said, “Your close friend is staying at that bridge?”.

” My friends don’t mix in bridges, they do business!”.

” In the business world?” Su Hai lastly couldn’t keep back his laughter: “Then inform me, just how much did you, a good friend in business globe, spend to get this shitty word?”.

” He didn’t invest any type of money, he just treated her to a dish in Sha Area!”.

” What?” Simply Dunsha Region?” Su Hai paused, after that break out laughing once again, “Oh, you are so funny. No matter what, you have to invite him to a dining establishment, in order to trust your friend’s identity as a business person!”.

Hahaha, the whole audience ruptured right into giggling!

Chen Yang was such a clown, he in fact made all the clients present see such a large joke on his seventieth birthday celebration.

Old Madam Su straightened her face, and scolded: “Just how unbecoming, my Su Household has a son-in-law like you, which is truly a tragedy for my Su Family members! Back then, when Miao wed you, I must have attempted to stop her in every means. Somebody, throw that word out! “.

” Yes sir!”.

The servant from Su Family members nodded his head, picked up package, rolled up the map as well as threw it outside the door.

Seeing that the scroll was thrown out, Chen Yang shook his head and also returned to his seat.

Old Madam Su was originally in a good mood, but after Chen Yang made a racket, her good mood was totally ruined.

” Let me state a few words. Thanks all for coming to my birthday celebration feast, I thanks all here. Second of all, there are 2 elites recommending to me on Su Family members today. In my heart, I have already composed my mind that we would certainly go over additionally after the end of the birthday celebration reception. “.

With that, Old Madam Su clapped her hands, “Today, every person is going to spend a lot of money for this old one’s birthday banquet. I can’t be stingy. I have currently prepared great red wine as well as excellent recipes. Please take a seat and also check out the meals that I have meticulously prepared. “.

As soon as he completed speaking, the slaves of the Su Household went into from outside.

” Exquisite Buddha Dive Wall Surface, Australian Lobster, Hong Kong Dual-Headed Bao …”.

One at a time, dishes were offered onto the table. These meals were all famous. Each dish was not low-cost. This table of meals was most likely worth no less than a hundred thousand!

Equally as every person was shocked at the generosity of the Su Family members, a voice came from the door.

” Young miss out on Xu Family members, Xu Xiaorou has come to offer her congratulations!”.

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