The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 26 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 26 (Get out of the Su Family)

Chen Yang’s words stunned everyone!

They checked out Chen Yang with a complex expression.

Su Miao was likewise stunned right away, yet her heart was trembling uncontrollably.

He … He in fact attempted to say such words in front of everybody!

As if she had actually listened to a joke, Old Madam Su could not help yet burst out laughing. If she doesn’t admit it, get out of the Su Family members right currently! ”

As soon as Old Madam Su completed speaking, every person’s gazes gathered on Su Miao.

This was a challenging selection.

On one side was his grandmother, as well as on the other was his anonymous partner.

Which means would she choose?

Simply when everyone was waiting to see the program, Flavor Jing walked over as well as slapped Chen Yang in the face!

This put was as well sudden. Chen Yang was caught unsuspecting and also staggered and his face promptly reddened.

You attempt to seek justice for my daughter!?” Flavor Jing shouted at Chen Yang, “You are simply a pet dog increased by Su Household, what rights do you have to speak? We have actually been married for even more than 2 years and also you have not even held my little girl’s hand.


This good-for-nothing should have been scared to death, without Su Family members, could he still live?

Swiftly, appearance, he would certainly need to kneel down and also say sorry later!

Every person thought that Chen Yang would certainly say sorry, yet this moment, they overlooked.

Chen Yang grinned coldly. His cold look made Flavor Jing’s heart turn cool.

This … This garbage’s stare was so terrifying. It had actually been greater than two years, but it was the first time she saw Chen Yang show such an appearance. She was really a little scared!

” It matters not if you don’t acknowledge me as your son-in-law!” Chen Yang touched his slapped face as well as stated, “Your little girl and I have been wed for 2 years. For the past 2 years, we have actually never ever dared to grumble. Even if we don’t have any kind of qualities, we still have difficulties!”

” No matter if you do not remember my good points!” Chen Yang said loudly, “If you assume that I am the one who made you and Su Miao lose face in front of others, after that I will certainly confess!” After your one slap, we’re also! Weren’t you always shouting at me to go away? “Penalty, as you desire!”

After claiming that, Chen Yang strolled towards the door without recalling.

These words of his caused the whole target market to be shocked.

No one had assumed that a garbage would attempt to say such words.

This was out of every person’s expectations.

Yet prior to Chen Yang reached the door, Su Hai leapt out and also screamed: “You f * cking quit right there! Why didn’t the two of them clear up the expense recently! “If you intend to leave, that’s great, however you have to kneel and leave …”

Prior to he might finish his words, he saw a couple of Golden Bread Cars drop in front of Estate of Su Family’s entry.

Immediately after, greater than twenty durable males got out of the vehicle. Each of them had a baseball bat and steel pipe in their hands.

” Qiang-ge!” Su Hai pressed away the frightening person who sustained him as well as hopped in the direction of the muscle man in the lead.

The strong male nodded, holding an iron rod as thick as a baby’s arm. “That bullied you?”

” It’s that bonehead at the door. Qiang-ge, break his legs!” Su Hai aimed at Chen Yang at the door and also shouted noisally.

Chen Yang turned around as well as grinned.

Suen Qiang !?

The reinforcements Su Hai had located were none besides Suen Qiang, the protection principal of Muse’s Bar, as well as Zhao Heeqiu’s foster child!

F * ck, this Su Hai had such a vast network that even Suen Qiang can invite him.

This Suen Qiang was renowned for being fierce. Chen Yang was going to have misfortune this time around!

” Chen Yang, promptly run!”

Su Miao screamed when she saw that Chen Yang remained in danger.

She had actually never seen Suen Qiang in the past, she had actually heard a lot from her pals.

It was said that Suen Qiang’s online reputation was particularly popular in the Xichuan City’s evening field.

He was famous for being bold and also callous. A lot more notably, the person supporting him was Zhao Heeqiu!

Who was Zhao Heeqiu?

He was the proprietor of one of the most lavish bar in Xichuan City, and was additionally a top-notch big shot!

Su Miao looked at the vicious appearance of Suen Qiang with the iron pole in his hand. If Chen Yang was captured by him, even if she really did not defeat him to death, he would certainly at the very least be half maimed.

He was genuinely conflicted, looking down on Chen Yang at the same time. Nevertheless, when Chen Yang was truly in danger, she couldn’t aid but worry.

” Miao, come back promptly!” Right now, Wei Mingdong pulled Su Miao and stated, “Why do you respect this trash? For a person like him who has an unclean mouth, I should let him have some memory! ”

” However …”

” Alright, pay attention to me. It won’t be excellent if they harm you later!”

” He actually dared to harm my sibling, he’s actually got the intestines of a bear heart leopard!” Suen Qiang said in a low voice.

Su Hai was privately pleased in his heart. He never ever thought that Suen Qiang would certainly offer him a lot face and bring so many individuals to assist him fight!

Suen Qiang was greater than 10 meters away from Chen Yang. Since it was dark and the light was dark, he did not acknowledge Chen Yang.

He held the iron pole and also strongly charged towards Chen Yang!

” Chen Yang, quickly run!” Seeing Suen Qiang rush over, Su Miao’s heart leapt right into her throat. She flung Wei Mingdong’s hand away and intended to rush over, yet was stopped by individuals from Su Household, not enabling her to hurry over.

Su Miao could not assist however shut her eyes. She appeared to have actually seen the scene of Chen Yang depending on a pool of blood!

Never in her wildest dreams did she anticipate that Suen Qiang’s iron rod would stop just twenty centimeters away from Chen Yang’s head.

Chen Yang looked at Suen Qiang with a smile.

Currently, Suen Qiang’s back was covered in anxiety!

Gu dong.

He couldn’t help however ingest a mouthful of saliva. Then, the hand that was holding onto the steel rod, he reduced it as well.

Seeing that Suen Qiang didn’t make a move after a long time, Su Hai became nervous.

” Qiang-ge, you’re the one that bullied me.” Su Hai screamed, “Hurry and defeat him up! Break his legs!”

” Hai, it suffices to educate him a lesson. Don’t eliminate him!” Old Madam Su claimed.

Su Hai sneered in his heart. Today, Chen Yang defeated him up to such a state in front of everyone.

Right now, Suen Qiang turned around and took a look at Su Hai, as well as asked, “The person you intend to defeat, is …” Is that him? ”

” That’s right, Brother Qiang! It’s exactly this idiotic brushstroke!” Su Hai screamed back.

Sweat began dripping down Suen Qiang’s face. F * ck, this pinhead wanted to kill me!

What sort of individual was this male in front of him? He was a person that even his godfather would need to call him young master. Exactly how could a small fry like him pay for to offend him?

” I’ll ask again, are you mosting likely to strike the individual in front of me?”

” That’s him!” Su Hai obtained a little impatient from the inquiry: “Hurry and damage this bonehead’s leg first!”

” I’ll damage your leg initially!” Suen Qiang barked, elevated his iron pole high and charged towards Su Hai.

Su Hai was shocked. What was taking place?

Why did this Suen Qiang have to go against his will?

Seeing Suen Qiang’s vicious face assuming Su Hai would rush over, every person was surprised. Why really did not he hit Chen Yang? Why did he come back and also hit his very own individuals!

Su Hai’s leg was already harmed so he couldn’t walk quickly. Now that he was stunned by the scene in front of him, he really did not have time to react. When he came back to his senses, the iron pole that was as thick as a baby’s arm was currently heading towards him!

” Ah!” My leg!

Su Hai immediately hugged his leg and fell to the ground as he yelled aloud!

Suen Qiang’s hit was really solid, however it was additionally excellent. He would not actually break Ye Zichen’s legs, however it was enough for him to stay in the hospital for 10 days to half a month.

After the battle, Suen Qiang still felt that it wasn’t sufficient, so he ordered Su Hai’s hair and pulled him up from the ground.

” Pah!”.

He put Su Hai’s face like a fan!

This slap nearly used up every one of his toughness. Then, a few of Su Hai’s teeth were broken and also blood flowed out from his mouth!

Su Hai was completely stunned. He cried as well as said, “Bro Qiang, why did you strike me? Should not you hit him?”.

” F * ck you, are you attempting to kill me ?!” Suen Qiang roared at Su Hai!

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