The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 27 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 27 (Kindness of Skin and Flesh)

“Qiang-ge, why is that!?” Su Hai hugged his leg with one hand and also covered his puffy cheek with the various other. He wanted to weep yet had no splits.

Nobody attempted to quit them.

Seeing her own grandson battered like this, Old Madam Su’s heart ached, as well as she right away called out to the various other youths of Su Family.

These couple of youngsters bravely walked over to Suen Qiang while shivering in anxiety. Relying upon their numbers, they summoned their nerve as well as screamed, “Quick … Stop! ”

” F * ck your mom, you still dare to call people!” Suen Qiang was getting angry, he increased the iron rod high up as well as said viciously, “Anybody who risks to obstruct me today, I will damage his hand. If you block me once more, I will break his other hand!”

The minute he said that, every person present was surprised. The concern in the direction of Suen Qiang boosted a little bit more in their hearts.

” You guys come below as well as call me. I’ll take obligation if anything takes place!” After Suen Qiang said this, the lackeys behind him hurried up as well as started to punch as well as kick Su Hai.

Everyone was scared by Suen Qiang, so no person rushed over.

Old Madam Su was so upset that her hands were trembling. She swept her gaze across the adherents of Su Family members, none of them daring to elevate their heads to consider her.

” You bastards, are you just going to view your brethren obtain battered?”

” Grandma, it’s not that we’re not going, yet you likewise heard what Suen Qiang stated recently. If we increase to stop him, we’ll break Hai’s hands as well as feet.” It’s far better to have your hands as well as feet removed than to have your flesh and blood hurt. ”

Currently, it was unidentified who among the group had actually said this sentence and also got the authorization of everyone.

” That’s right, Granny. Hai had a strong body since he was young. He’ll exist as soon as he grinds his teeth!”

” Granny, save me!” Su Hai screamed.

” Oh my Hai, my inadequate grand son.” Listening to Su Hai’s cry for assistance, Old Madam Su ended up being extremely nervous. However, she did not risk to rise. She hesitated that if she angered Suen Qiang, his hands as well as feet would be broken.

Suen Qiang stalked Su Hai, curved down somewhat and flattered, “Youthful Master Chen, are you pleased with me doing this?”


Were their eyes playing tricks on them? Suen Qiang was actually respectful to Chen Yang!

This kind of flattery resembled a canine seeing its owner.

This … How was this feasible? When did this trash ended up being so qualified!

Su Miao was also shocked. From her preliminary fear to her current shock, it had actually just taken her a couple of mins. The difference was also large.

She considered Chen Yang with a complicated expression. Presently, the individual in front of her came to be unfamiliar.

This … Is he still that trash I understand?

Seeing Chen Yang continue to be silent, Suen Qiang was extremely worried. He rapidly clarified, “Young Master Chen, do not be angry. I really don’t know that it is. It’s all your fault. If you do not intend to air vent, I’ll take him away …”

” Alright, alright.” Chen Yang swung his hand impatiently. He was already in a bad mood, now, after being disturbed by Suen Qiang, his state of mind came to be also worse.

He did not want to stay in this place for also a second longer, so he transformed around and also.

It’s over, it’s actually over this time!

It feels like Young Master Chen was actually upset this time around.

It was all Su Hai’s fault. If it wasn’t for him, he would not have come below.

Thinking of every one of this, Suen Qiang’s heart surged with hostility: “Defend me, defeated him hard, beat him to fatality!”

The team of lackeys were currently tired, however when they heard their boss’s angry voice, they recognized that he was truly upset. With this, they made use of all of their strength as well as beat Su Hai to the point where he was sobbing.

” Qiang-ge, why did you strike me?” Su Hai really felt mistreated. He really did not annoy you, so why did you defeated him up?

Suen Qiang screamed. He strolled to Su Hai, that was curled up on the ground with a puffy pig head, as well as offered him one more heavy kick.

” Who is it? Isn’t he our Su Family’s Home Son-in-law?” Su Hai gripped his tummy. He felt as if he will toss out the sour water in his tummy.

” Home Son-in-law?” Suen Qiang kicked again. “Do you know who Youthful Master Chen is?”

” What kind of condition does a trash like him have?”

Everyone was filled with questions!

Suen Qiang sneered. Equally as he intended to disclose Chen Yang’s real identity, he kept in mind that his godfather told him that Chen Yang had currently left the Chen Household.

He was not certain concerning Chen Yang’s current identification.

Suen Qiang spat and claimed, “Anyhow, you have actually currently remembered this to laozi. In the future, if you dare to even touch Young Master Chen’s brow, I will certainly kill you!”

” Let’s go!”

Suen Qiang swung his hand, led the group of individuals and also pranced out of the Su Household.

” Hai, are you alright?”

After Suen Qiang and the rest left, every person collected around to look at Su Hai’s injuries.

At this moment, Su Hai’s face was puffy like a pig’s head.

Today, Old Madam Su’s banquet was spoiled halfway through. She had received so many gifts, so it wasn’t a loss. However, it was a little bit embarrassing.

” Alright, quickly call the physician over. Inspect Hai’s injuries!” Old Madam Su instructed the servants.

The two slaves assisted Su Hai up. Old Madam Su said to the crowd, “Everyone, thank you for the ridicule today. It’s far better if you rapidly take your seats and continue the feast.”

Currently, the estate’s door all of a sudden opened and also an extensive Rolls Royce drove in. Behind the Rolls Royce were four Bentley automobiles.

After that, he heard the host yell: “The one in charge of the restaurant, Zhou Ming, is right here to praise you!”

Immediately after, the passenger door of the extended Rolls-Royce opened, and also a middle-aged male in Flavor match with a brush in his hand walked out.

He or she was none aside from Zhou Ming!

” Old Madam Su, you have such an excellent track record. Also the boss of the dining establishment, Director Zhou, has been invited!”

” That’s right, I never believed that Su Family members would in fact have an individual relationship with Supervisor Zhou, I really didn’t anticipate that!”

The visitors were whispering per various other. This was a popular Zhou, among the leading masters of Xichuan City.

He, that was worth billions, had actually never become aware of him attending any person’s birthday banquet. Yet today, he showed up on Old Madam Su’s birthday party. This was also impossible.

” Director Zhou, why have you come!”

Old Madam Su was additionally stunned. What was taking place? She really did not invite him!

Of course, it had not been that she really did not desire to invite him, but that she didn’t have the qualifications to invite him. She didn’t expect him to find uninvited!

” Old Madam Su, may I ask if Young Master Chen is here?” Zhou Ming walked over, complied with by a dozen muscular guys in suits.

” Young Master Chen?” Old Madam Su drank her head as well as asked the others, “I’ve never become aware of he or she before. Do you recognize him?”

The Su Family members devotees were all at a loss. Young Master Chen, this time around, none of the guests welcomed had the last name Chen!

The just one with the last name Chen was Chen Yang. Nonetheless, how could this piece of trash be the Youthful Master Chen that Zhou Ming had mentioned previously on? It definitely had not been him.

” Excuse me, is Young Master Chen below?” Seeing that no person replied, Zhou Ming asked again.

Everybody shook their heads.


Zhou Ming was likewise at a loss.

Wait, I have actually already sent people to explore, the young master goes to Su Family!

Today was the birthday of the oldest young master, so he had pertained to provide his present.

Checking out the Su Household, it was without a doubt someone’s birthday celebration.

Zhou Ming shook his head. He obtained the box and also claimed: “Because Youthful Master Chen is not here, then I’ll be leaving first. This is my birthday present for Youthful Master Chen. Remember to give it to him when he returns!”

After saying that, Zhou Ming left with a group of people.

Everybody present was stunned, they just came and also left. Old Madam Su stood and said, “Director Zhou, please wait. I do not recognize who Young Master Chen is, yet you came all the method right here to give us a congratulatory present, so you should stay for a dish.”

“Thanks, Old Madam Su, for your kind purposes. I still have some issues to address, so allow’s keep this meal up until next time.” Zhou You Ming left without even looking back, leaving everybody considering each other in discouragement.

As quickly as Zhou Ming had actually left, everyone had bordered him.

The skin of an individual’s Darkness Tree was as well popular in the Xichuan City today. Every person wished to see what type of present he would offer.

Although Old Madam Su was puzzled, she still revealed a smile on her face.

She waved to the slave, suggesting that she should open the box.

The moment package was opened, every person present held their breath. The whole field was silent!

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