The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 29 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 29 (Shut up)

At Wei Mingdong’s home.

Flavor Jing had already awakened.

She checked out Wei Mingdong in despair. Never ever in her wildest dreams did she envision that the excellent son-in-law that she had actually decided on would certainly do such a thing.

Presently, both her and also Su Miao’s hands and feet were tightly bound, making it impossible for her to also battle.

” Somebody come swiftly, assistance!” Flavor Jing shouted.

” Shh!” Wei Mingdong placed his mouth to the side and also made a motion of silence. He smiled evilly as well as stated, “Stop screaming, even if you shout your head off, no one will hear you. Our doors and windows are soundproofed.”

She clenched her jade-like hands snugly as well as claimed, “Wei Mingdong, promptly allow us go. You still have a great future ahead of you.

” Stop talking!” Wei Mingdong walked over, got Tang Jing’s hair and also barked: “Ruining your own future? Let me tell you, your daddy’s future is over! I have actually crept around the marketplace for lots of years and lastly procured a good result, but I never ever thought that Chen Household would kick me away easily, and also destroy ten years of my effort! ”

” You … What did you state? You were kicked out of the palace by Chen Family?” Su Miao claimed: “Really did not you sell the firm to acquire me the Skies City?”

” Hahaha, what a joke!”

Wei Mingdong held his belly and giggled: “You’re so ignorant, only you can believe this kind of rubbish! I just have 20 million in overall, why would I purchase a pendant that’s worth greater than 100 million? Aren’t you being as well whimsical? ”

” Really did not you claim that the task of using Chen Household as well as your own …”

” Haha, that’s a lie.” Wei Mingdong said: “That’s a lending contract, but it’s a finance from me 2 years back. Is the job agreement for Chen Household, however it’s a withdrawal contract for Chen Family and also me.

Wei Mingdong sneered, “You are undoubtedly very gorgeous and also attractive, but you don’t require to assume so very of on your own! “The amusing thing is, you do not also know who offered it to you. I bet you should be a lot of wild men outside, I really did not expect you to be such a trashy person, to believe I treated you like a siren in vain.

” You … You’re talking nonsense! ”

Su Miao was so mad that her eyes turned red. If she had not been tied up, she would certainly have stood up and also put Wei Mingdong twice!

Wei Mingdong smiled, secured a cigarette, lit it up and also took a deep breath, “It’s useless to claim anything currently. Don’t stress, I will take great treatment of you 2.”

” Wei Mingdong, why did you do such a thing?” Flavor Jing never expected Wei Mingdong to be similar to this.

” Why do you believe?” Wei Mingdong retorted, and after that murmured to himself: “I have nothing left to lose now, my Chen Family has actually kicked me out, the task has actually also finished, I f * cking wished to ask why! Claim, why do you believe the Chen Family would do this to me? ”

Without waiting for them to talk, Wei Mingdong continued: “I’ll go ask Chen Family. Chen Family told me, it was because I offended someone that they kicked me out. What’s also much more absurd is that even now, I still don’t understand that I have prompted!

With that, Wei Mingdong reversed as well as considered Su Miao. With green eyes, he stated, “Su Miao, I’ve liked you for numerous years. Today, I can finally obtain what I want!”

Su Miao shook her head with all her may. Tang Jing was begging beside her, however Wei Mingdong wouldn’t pay attention to her at all.

Just as both will lose all hope, a collection of rushed knocks sounded out.

Wei Mingdong was shocked. When he returned to his detects, he glared at Tang Jing and Su Miao: “You two, if you dare to make any kind of noise, I’ll kill you!”

After intimidating the two of them, he moved to the door as well as asked, “That is it?”

” Hello There, Shunfeng Express, the candle light you purchased is here.” A voice came from outside the door.

” Hu!”.

Wei Mingdong heaved a sigh of relief. It became a carrier. He had certainly acquired some candle lights online. He had actually prepared to welcome Su Miao to his house for a candlelit dinner after Old Madam Su had accepted the marriage.

But now, there was no demand!

” Before your area.” Wei Mingdong claimed.

” I’m sorry, sir. We need your trademark to supply our products to our consumers.”.

” F * ck, so wordy!” Wei Mingdong cursed.

Currently, Tang Jing anxiously looked at Su Miao as well as whispered, “Quick …” “Quickly consider a method!”.

Su Miao understood what her mother meant. If she really did not think of a method to conserve Wei Mingdong, they would be in trouble when he returned.

The effects of the knockout medication were extremely solid. Although it had actually been a long period of time, his body was still weak.

She invested a great deal of initiative to obtain her cellular phone from her pocket as well as intended to call Chen Yang.

When Flavor Jing saw that she sent a text message to Chen Yang, her eyes reddened. She didn’t dare to speak loudly, however lowered her voice as well as scolded in a reduced voice, “Call the cops!

Just after that did Su Miao call the police!

After the call linked, Su Miao didn’t attempt to claim anything. She touched nine times into the phone display, 3 brief, three lengthy and three short, representing the global emergency call for help S0S. She after that hung up the phone.

She didn’t risk to delay too long. If Wei Mingdong learnt about it, then the effects would certainly be unthinkable.

She believed that throughout her call for help just now, the officers of Xichuan City would most definitely find that she required help!

After Wei Mingdong signed, he put the candle light on the table and also lit it.

Checking out the incomparably lovely mother and daughter flower, he was no longer able to control the wish in his heart …

At the same time, the Chateau of Su Family and birthday celebration reception was still in progress.

The host at the door sang: “Appeal Empire’s Manager, Zhang Leeren has actually come to use her congratulations!”.

Yet one more big shot, and also this set was actually a well-known charm with profound strength, Zhang Leeren!

This moment, the entire villa was in an outcry!

Zhou Ming as well as Liu Guobahn were well-known, they were not as renowned as Zhang Leeren!

The current Appeal Group could be stated to be in the prime of its life. Not only were they getting quite possibly in your home, they also had a little track record abroad.

Once the current capacity series was launched, it immediately spread out throughout the nation. One piece was difficult to find!

Old Madam Su really recognized Principal Zhang! This network of people was too large. Every person took a look at the beautiful figure standing at the entryway in shock.

Zhang Leeren used light make-up, an easy and also sophisticated qipao, and also high-heeled shoes. Behind her were five or six muscle men. They walked over detailed with their butts twisted.


This CEO of the Elegance Team was too attractive! Her aura was too solid!

Her beautiful face and slender number drew in the attention of all the men present.

” Excuse me, is Young Master Chen right here?”.

Zhang Leeren quit strolling and the robust guy behind her put the present on the ground.

The wedding event present was off-color, but it was likewise really exciting!

This was in fact a Pi Xiu constructed from pure gold!

My god, I need a couple of huge men to lug it.

Everyone present was already numb to it. First, Zhou Ming’s Luminous Pearl, after that Liu Guobahn’s top vacation home worth ten million, after that the pure gold Golden Pi Xiu.

Who the hell is this Young Master Chen? He actually made numerous big shots rush to provide him presents!

Old Madam Su was likewise flattered. The elegance in front of her was Zhang Leeren!

There was no woman that really did not like beauty. Upon seeing her, all the ladies existing promptly surrounded her.

” Director Zhang, I would like to ask, do you have a collection of skill and also searches in your business? Can you give me one?”.

” Director Zhang, I agree to pay dual the cost!”.

” I want to use three times …”.

The underground market for Heaven’s Understanding cosmetics had currently sold for five times the rate. With three times the cost, they would have the ability to make twice the cost if they mosted likely to the black market.

Zhang Leeren had not been in the mood to respect this. She looked around but really did not see Chen Yang. She felt a bit let down.

Nevertheless, she had spoken with Zhou Ming and the others that Chen Yang was in Su Family, so she thought that the First Youthful Master had an excellent partnership with Chen Household.

After believing for a moment, Zhang Leeren claimed, “Okay, you are all Young Master Chen’s close friends, and that is Zhang Leeren’s buddies. After thinking for a moment, Zhang Leeren claimed,” Okay, you are all Young Master Chen’s close friends, and that is, you are Zhang Leeren’s good friends.

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