The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 3 (Read online free)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 3 (Defamation)

“Hello there, this is Chen Yang.” If you want me to aid the family members, that’s fine, however you have to meet 2 more conditions for me. “

” Initially, give me one of the” Skies City “pendants of the French jeweler Allen. Secondly, under our household, exists someone called Wei Mudong? I want to see him declare bankruptcy. “

With that said, Chen Yang hung up, not caring if the various other party heard it clearly or otherwise.

At this moment, his phone vibrated. He obtained a message from Su Miao: “Chen Yang, tonight’s Su Family members Assembly will be held by a brand-new set of garments. Don’t make me shed my head.”

” … …”

It was the meeting place for all the rich and also effective people in the Xichuan City. Individuals that lived here were either rich or honorable, as well as even if you had money, you could not also have the ability to purchase a rental property here.

As well as this was the place where the Patriarch and also Chen Yang met.

Chen Yang honestly lied on the reclining chair, Chen Household Patriarch Chen Tianzong rested throughout him, and this person was Chen Yang’s second uncle.

Taking A Look At Chen Yang’s unrestrained mindset, Chen Tianzong grinned, “Yang, I haven’t seen you for two years, you haven’t changed at all.”

” Second Uncle, reduced the crap. Chen Yang said as he chose up the teapot and also drank a mouthful of tea.

” Concerning this …” As the Patriarch of Chen Family Members, Chen Tianzong had never ever seen anything previously in this globe. Now, he had become a little bit restrained, as well as it seemed that the Patriarch couldn’t obtain sufficient face to come and ask him, a junior.

” About five billion less …”

F * ck, 50 billion?!

” That what …” Second Uncle, my wife is prompting me to go house to eat supper. Chen Yang stood from the reclining chair and also walked away.

” Yang.” Chen Tianzong ended up being nervous and hurriedly stood in front of Chen Yang and also claimed, “The family is in danger now. Without this cash, the efforts of thousands of generations of the family will be destroyed! Additionally, I will agree to both of your problems. Wei Mingdong will certainly have absolutely nothing left tonight, and also the “Skies City” will certainly be in your hands in a while. “

” Second Uncle, it’s not that I do not wish to aid you, however where did I obtain so much cash?” Chen Yang shrugged and also claimed helplessly.

Chen Tianzong was relocated. “Don’t look at the face of a monk, the blood moving in your body is always from Chen Family members.”

Chen Yang’s face was initially complete of smiles, but when he said these words, the smile on his face progressively disappeared: “Second Uncle, two years ago I purchased a shares in Jiangnan Power. My relative stated I laundered cash and also transferred the family members residential or commercial property.

” All these years, how much cash have I gained for our family members? As the Patriarch of Chen Family Members, do you not have any factors in your heart? And also the 2 million that I purchased from the Jiang-Nan energy team is something that I conserved up gradually by relying on my very own initiatives.

” In these two years, I joined Su Family and also lived to the point where I couldn’t also be contrasted to a pet dog. Have my member of the family ever before involve see me?”

” If not for the reality that the family funds chain was broken, you all would certainly have most likely forgotten the existence of a person like me!” Chen Yang clinched his fists firmly as the blood vessels on the back of his hands bulged. It was evident that he was attempting his finest to restrain himself.

” Yang, this is our mistake. I ask forgiveness in behalf of the household … Right now, our clan is in a vital scenario. We really need that money. “

Seeing that Chen Yang was still unmoved, Chen Tianlong strolled ahead and got hold of Chen Yang’s arm, and also stated word by word: “Yang, as long as you agree to help the household with this crisis, I can decide to let you become the CEO of Huanyu Team company. Tomorrow, you can go and also occupy your placement in Huanyu Group, and at that time, a person will certainly involve pick you up.”

Huanyu Group, was the Chen household’s most possible amusement company, as well as belonged to the category of 100% control of Chen Family members.

The business currently has a couple of prominent A-list celebrities, numerous B-list celebs, along with appealing young celebrities such as Xiaosheng as well as Vegetation.

Up previously, the Huanyu Team had always been taken care of by his cousin Chen Quan.

2nd Uncle really offered the company to him, which showed what sort of dilemma Chen Household he was in now.

” Alright after that, I’ll do as you say.” Chen Yang believed for a moment as well as responded.

5 billion Huanyu Team was not a great deal. The clan leader was about to decrease his head to the ground and provide him this face. After all, he was his second uncle.

With that, Chen Yang turned around and also.

Tonight was the yearly session of the Su Household, but prior to the annual session of the Su Household, there was one more really concern, which was the event of fellow trainees.

The event will start. He couldn’t be late.

Those good brothers in senior high school, after not being in contact with her for many years, she still missed them a little.

The whole class would be there for this get-together. It was stated that even the gorgeous type instructor would certainly exist, so he couldn’t be late.

At the same time, at Prometheus.

Su Miao, who had actually just finished holding the investors’ meeting, left of her office as well as saw a couple of female employee speaking and chuckling with each other on their cellular phone.

She frowned. How could she not operate in her very own placement when she was on duty?

Su Miao walked over and also located them gathered with each other, looking at their mobile phone. A video clip was playing on their phones. Who else could it be aside from Chen Yang?

” Feel confident, I will certainly avenge you!”

In the video, Chen Yang very carefully aided the electric auto up with a face full of indignation.

” Where did this weirdo come from? I’m passing away from laughter!”

” This weirdo you’re speaking about is our President Su’s partner.”

” What?” The garbage that was elevated by Head of state Su? I assumed it was just a rumor, however I really did not anticipate it to be true. “

The few women created a circle as they considered the video clip on the phone and mocked.

Currently, a lady took down the phone in her hand and said inexplicably, “You men do not recognize what I saw when I was available in today.”

” What did you see? “Rush and also tell us.” The women took a look at her curiously.

” This is what took place …” The woman stood up as well as began to tell the whole story without end. When she stated Chen Yang was going to get “Sky City” for Su Miao, the other women all began to laugh.

” Haha, with his inadequate look, he still bought” Skies City “. This is absolutely the funniest joke I have actually heard this year.”

” That’s right. A garbage that relies on his spouse intends to get a buck” Skies City? It can not be that you’ve shed your mind! “

While they were slandering him, among the ladies turned around to grab her bag as well as saw Su Miao behind her.

The girl’s mind went out of control. The other women really felt something was wrong and turned around, however their faces instantly transformed.

” Su …” President Su, I … “We …”.

A few of them stammered, unable to utter a word. One of the women was a lot more shy than the other. When she saw Su Miao’s upset expression, rips immediately welled up in her eyes.

” You … Return to function.” Keeping that, Su Miao turned as well as left.

When they went back to the office, Su Miao could not help however clinch her teeth as her eyes reddened. She felt that she had actually shed all her face! As the chairman of the business, her credibility had currently infected the business, so just how could she still have the stature to handle the business in the future? For a moment, her mind was in a mess.

At the same time, Chen Yang returned home in a happy mood. Nonetheless, equally as he knocked on the door, he saw his mother-in-law, Tang Jing, sitting on the couch with her legs went across as well as staring at him coldly. “You came back in the nick of time. Come by, I have something to inform you.”.

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