The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 33 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 33 (To Confess)

Wei Mingdong had stopped working!

Outside, the cops had actually cuffed him and also taken him to a police wagon, where the legislation was waiting to penalize him.

Yu Lan stalked Chen Yang. Truthfully talking, she had actually been a policeman for so many years. This was the first time she saw a man with a lot guts.

” Policeman, exists anything else?” Chen Yang asked.

” Hello There, Mr. Chen. I’m the head of the Wrongdoer Examination Department, Yu Lan. Could you please come back to the police station with me and also take your statement?” Yu Lan asked.

” I’m sorry, however I still have some matters to attend to. Chen Yang grinned.

Whatever that had actually taken place today made him recognize. He had currently considered it, he would certainly not be going back to Su Family, and also those things of his were not worth much, so he could also not take them.

He was going to acquire a home near the company, run the amusement organization, as well as attempt to transform it into among the best entertainment companies in the nation.

Seeing Chen Yang’s weary expression, Yu Lan did not insist. Rather, she stated, “Okay, we’ll call you back then. I wish Mr. Chen will have time to come over.”

” Thank you, Police Officer Yuh!” Chen Yang grinned and nodded, turned around as well as left.

Three days later, Mansion of Su Family.

Today, Su Miao finally accepted most likely to mess around with the negotiations.

As soon as she showed up, she agreed to allow the Su Family wrap Liu Rui up.

Since this was a large job, Old Madam Su gathered the clan’s elites to talk about exactly how to wrap Liu Rui up.

” Grandmother, I think we can let Liu Rui join a variety show first!” Su Hai believed for some time and also claimed, “I’m a big star now, isn’t that preferred? I can be her first program.”

” Hai is right, we can take the range path.” A Su Household elite concurred.

Su Miao was the only preoccupied one among all individuals that were collected to express their point of views. She actually could not recognize why she was the just one who was approved as a person in this kind of home entertainment. It was unusual that she had never also seen the head of state of Fantasy.

Who sent the Skies City?

She had actually never ever been so chaotic before!

As Well As Chen Yang, he hasn’t seen him for three days. During these three days, he didn’t go house nor did he get any news, it was as if he had vaporized right into thin air.

Her mind was filled with the scene of Chen Yang being a captive for her that day!

Just how is he now?

She shook her head, compeling herself to quit considering him, but it was as if she was had, not able to quit herself from thinking of him.

” Your recommendation is excellent. Why don’t we ask Miao for her opinion?” Old Madam Su took a look at Su Miao, “Miao, what do you assume?”

” Miao?”.

” Ah, Grandmother …” Su Miao broken out of her daze and also realized that everybody was considering her.

” Miao, what’s wrong?” “It resembles he’s absent-minded!” Old Madam Su asked.

” Granny, I’m fine!” Su Miao forced a smile as well as claimed.

At the same time, the Huanyu Team.

Chen Yang was holding the income report from last year’s Huanyu Team.

To his surprise, Huanyu Team just had an internet revenue of one hundred and fifty million in 2015.

To the Huanyu Group, this number was far also unusual.

A company like Dream, one of the leading amusement companies in the nation, with a revenue of one billion a year, was suspicious.

In the past three days, he had extensively checked out the depths of home entertainment as well as had summed up a couple of problems.

The largest issue was that his cousin’s system of monitoring was really unreasonable. The 2nd problem was that the financial management was really loose and also uneven. A normal staff member can invest tens of thousands on three days of travel. It was just unbelievable!

Thus, in these 3 days, he had the ability to rearrange the business like a thunderbolt. He eliminated a few of the business’s rats as well as modified the company’s unreasonable policies, making the company’s system a lot more humanistic.

And then the repayment system is more perfect, preventing the staff to overissue the tickets, eat kickbacks!

At the same time, in an effort to stabilise the public, it was introduced that all continuing to be employees would certainly obtain a 15% pay boost.

With this, not just did Chen Yang develop his authority, he also rewarded the hearts of others.

This boosted the efficiency of the firm’s workers!

After working out the company’s affairs, Chen Yang started to think about how to make use of the business’s sources perfectly to optimize the company’s revenues.

For that reason, he targeted Liu Rui.

Liu Rui pleasant voice, as well as with a puppy love face, as long as the product packaging in place, fire is just a matter of time.

He had actually left the Su Family members, he still had some sensations for Su Miao.

Assuming about their old connection, Chen Yang still handed over the individual who wrapped Liu Rui to Su Miao. Consider it as him doing something for her at the end.

” … …”.

Estate of Su Family.

After every person’s research study, every person agreed that Liu Rui was one of the most suitable person to take part in “I’m a superstar”.

To put it bluntly, this program was just an ability program. It seemed similar to a good vocal singing program.

The backers of this program were also Huanyu Group, which indicated that both the moment and also individuals were below.

In the long run, this strategy showed up in Chen Yang’s hands.

” Hehe …” “That’s a great strategy!” Chen Yang smiled, this Su Household was genuinely careful. Utilizing amusement resources to make profits for himself, absolutely fit the qualities of Su Family members that permits a goose to gather plumes.

Chen Yang didn’t claim anything. Because they have such an excellent network, why not allow their musicians use it? Isn’t that stupid!

” I’m a superstar” had spent a total amount of over a billion yuan right into this program! “When released, it was widely acclaimed as an incredible program.

Normally, even with his eyes shut, an amazing program could be cost a sum. Nonetheless, what Chen Yang wanted to antiphon was that the employment and also monitoring of the home entertainment organization was as well dumb, and he could not even recoup the expense.

That’s why in 2014’s profits was only one hundred as well as fifty million yuan.

In addition, in 2015’s special enroller for this program just offered 300 million, so Chen Yang wanted to promise. With such a popular program not also having a billion sponsors, exactly how could he have the nerve to bid?

Helpless, Chen Yang spread out the information and started a new round of enrollers’ bidding process.

He comprehended that the program’s reputation had currently been established, so he could set the cost.

Ultimately, Mercedes-Benz achieved success in winning the title sponsorship with a sponsorship charge of 1.2 billion yuan.

1.2 billion once again broke the market’s sponsorship document as well as promptly took off throughout China. Prior to “I’m a super star” might even be transmitted in period two, it had already taken off right into conversation. At the same time, the Mercedes-Benz cars and truck likewise ushered in a wave of auto purchases.

Along with the sponsorship of various other advertisers, “I’m a super star” had actually made a total amount of 1.8 billion, once again climaxing of China’s variety show.

After the recruitment mored than, Chen Yang’s heart sank. At this price, the company’s web earnings this year should go to the very least one billion!

Today, Chen Yang constantly felt that it wasn’t so good to ride his little electrical donkey to function. As a CEO, riding an electrical bike to work on a daily basis, wasn’t that just a joke for others?

After car parking the auto, he made a decision to go out as well as purchase a cars and truck at noontime.

Quickly, an entire early morning passed. After work, Chen Yang rode his little electric donkey straight to the 4S store of the Mercedes-Benz. No matter what, he was the special title sponsorship for “I’m a super star”.

Chen Yang invested half a hr riding from Fantasy to Car City!

After parking the automobile, Chen Yang strolled right into the 4S store of the Mercedes-Benz.

Taking a look at the different designs of Mercedes-Benz in the hall, he was troubled. Just what type of design should he acquire?

He looked left and right, however still couldn’t make a decision which one to purchase.

” Oh right, why do not we call someone to ask?” Chen Yang yelled, “Excuse me, can somebody help me present the auto?”.

After finishing his sentence, no one paid any kind of attention to him!

” Excuse me, is there any individual who can assist me present my car? I wish to buy …”.

” What are you talking about below? Can not you see we’re sleeping? “.

Right now, a lady in professional clothes walked up to Chen Yang as well as frowned as she said!

” Lunch?” Chen Yang took a look around and also directed at the customers: “Then why exist people obtaining them when they buy an automobile?”.

The lady considered him impatiently. She was sure that the person before her was a worker who worked in a factory nearby. Making the most of the lunch break, he came to the 4S shop to take photos of the beautiful employees.

” Excuse me, sir, yet it’s our lunch break. And also our cars and trucks are rather expensive, not one of them is less than 3 hundred thousand. Even if you buy it in instalments, the initial settlement and also the purchase tax insurance policy together would certainly set you back more than a hundred thousand bucks. Are you sure you wish to purchase an auto?” The woman proceeded, “Sir, if you do not intend to buy it, then please leave!”.

Was he being chased after out?

Equally as he will talk, a man and also a woman walked in side-by-side.

When he clearly saw who it was, Chen Yang’s expression immediately altered.

Su Miao ?!

Hehe, I didn’t expect that after leaving for just a couple of days, she already had other men by her side!

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