The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 34 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 34 (Talent)

The man beside Su Miao used a fit and also watch. His hair was combed meticulously, giving him the look of a successful person.

She was accompanying the man. The smile on her face was really compelled, as well as it was evident that it was not voluntary.

This male was called Shen Hong. Not just did he look rather talented, he was likewise accountable of the area supervisor of the Mercedes-Benz Car Firm, which was in charge of Xichuan City.

Flavor Jing was extremely completely satisfied with him. Not only were they young as well as untalented, they were also well-matched.

Although Su Miao had a vast number of suitors, just Shen Hong satisfied her the most. Consequently, he became the very best prospect for Tang Jing’s son-in-law.

” Manager Shen!”

Currently, the women personnel in front of Chen Yang saw Shen Hong and increased to him with a smile.

Contrasted to her attitude towards Chen Yang, it resembled paradise as well as earth.

Shen Hong grinned as well as nodded, then asked: “Has Huanyu Team’s CEO come?”

The female staff rapidly replied, “Not yet. I’ve been enjoying in the entrance hall during, however I’m not here yet.”

” Yeah, obtain everybody up.” After Shen Hong claimed that, he slanted his head as well as checked out Su Miao: “Allow’s go to the office and wait initially.”

Su Miao responded her head but did not end up. She in fact did not intend to interact with Shen Hong in any way. If he did not state that she understood the Chief Executive Officer of Huanyu Group, she would not have come here.

She bit her lips. Today, she should see who specifically this Chief Executive Officer of Huanyu Team was and also why he just recognized her!

What Su Miao didn’t understand, Shen Hong really did not also understand the Chief Executive Officer of Huanyu Group.

Due to a current partnership between the Mercedes-Benz and also Dream, he funded the program “I’m a Big Star”. The Asia CEO had actually offered him the task of authorizing an agreement with Fantasy, so he would naturally see it when the time came.

The reason that he said that was to show off his status to Su Miao.

Chen Yang looked at Shen Hong, claiming in his heart that the boss of this collaboration was Supervisor Shen.

” Hey, why are you still standing below?” The receptionist saw that Chen Yang was still standing there and also frowned. She stated impatiently: “Really did not I inform you that you can’t afford it, don’t hang around below.”

Shen Hong resembled he was looking at Chen Yang. With all the goods he had on his body, it was evident that he was a bad diaosi with no money.

He yelled at the female: “The Chief Executive Officer of Huanyu Team will certainly be coming to the firm soon. For people like you who aren’t in the right or wrong, you should not let him come in.

” Yes, yes. Supervisor Shen, I will certainly kick him out now.” The female employee nodded repetitively, and then claimed snappily to Chen Yang: “Sir, please leave this area promptly.”

Chen Yang neglected him and looked towards Su Miao.

” Chen Yang?”

Presently, Su Miao also saw Chen Yang. Her fragile body trembled in shock and happiness. Just as she will go over, she kept in mind that Shen Hong was beside her and dropped in her tracks.

Practically talking, she must more than happy that she eliminated this trash. However, every night, when she took a look at the vacant room, her heart would certainly likewise really feel empty.

Chen Yang smiled and glanced at Shen Hong. The definition was evident.

Oh no, he misunderstood!

Su Miao swiftly described, “Chen Yang, do not misconstrued, he was introduced by my mother …”

” Alright, I recognize.” Obviously, Chen Yang recognized it was his inexpensive mother-in-law’s doing again.

She was truly distressed. She had just left for a few days, as well as had not even undergone the procedures for divorce. She was currently nervous to find a brand-new son-in-law for herself.

Shen Hong was shocked. Su Miao was a siren that was high up in the mountains.

Su Miao really did not recognize just how to present them. Nevertheless, they looked like a couple today, and they were on the edge of a divorce. They weren’t couple yet, however they weren’t separated yet.

Chen Yang smiled lightly as well as answered for her, “My name is Chen Yang as well as I’m her spouse. Miao is not a title you can call her. Please act yourself.”

Shen Hong was shocked for a moment before he checked out Chen Yang with a ridiculing look and sneered, “I was wondering who it was, so you are that trash.”

After getting in the Su Family members for two years, she hasn’t also held Miao’s hand. “Miao.”.

Su Miao little bit her lips as well as said, “Shen Hong, don’t state any longer.”.

” Alright, I’ll pay attention to you.” Shen Hong stated to Chen Yang, “You are outrageous, however Miao still intends to be shameless.”.

” Why aren’t you leaving?” A female personnel at the side said in derision.

” When he came just now, did he say what he wanted to do?” Shen Hong asked.

The female worker responded, “He stated he wished to acquire an auto, so he asked me to introduce her to the car.”.

” Haha, acquire an auto?”.

Shen Hong instantly laughed: “The vehicles here are not economical, do you believe you can manage it?”.

Just as he was about to simulated, the door to the hall opened up and a high as well as attractive lady walked into the hall.

Seeing this beauty, a smile appeared on Su Miao’s face.

” Ah, Miao, why are you here too!” The stunning woman was stunned initially, yet after that she promptly walked over and also embraced Su Miao.

This appeal was none besides Su Miao’s buddy, Suen Xue!

” Xiao Xue, why are you here?”.

Suen Xue smiled gladly and also claimed, “My husband’s organization has actually been pretty good lately, so he offered me a new car. I’m below to grab my auto.”.

Suen Xue’s spouse was in the hotel company, so it was an usual thing for him to change Suen Xue’s automobile.

” Ya, why did you bring that piece of garbage with you? Are you bringing him to see the carriage …” Suen Xue, who had eagle eyes, could not assist however ask when she saw Chen Yang. However, when she saw Shen Hong, that was standing close to Su Miao, she quickly thought of something as well as covered her mouth.

” Hi, my name is Shen Hong, I’m the local supervisor of the Mercedes-Benz Xichuan City.” Shen Hong extended his hand as well as claimed to Suen Xue, “Auntie Tang Jing presented me to Miao.”.

Suen Xue promptly comprehended after hearing what he said.

She extended her hand and also drank hands with Shen Hong, claiming in shock, “That’s incredible, coming to be a regional manager at such a young age.”.

Shen Hong appreciated Suen Xue’s compliment.

” Let me tell you, Miao as well as I are very buddies. I’m below to get a brand-new automobile, aren’t you going to give me a discount or something. Maybe if I’m happy, I’ll assist you out …”.

” Haha, I need to get a discount.” Shen Hong smiled and eyed Chen Yang complacently.

Worthless, did you see that!?

Since Su Miao’s mommy and best friend were on his side, what would you make use of to fight with him?

” Thanks!” Suen Xue immediately beamed with pleasure and joked, “Bear in mind to notify me when you make the wedding wine with Miao!”.

Hearing that, Chen Yang’s face darkened.

F * ck, I haven’t also divorced Su Miao yet, as well as you’re stating those type of words in front of her. Isn’t that a bit too much?

Su Miao was also extremely self-conscious. She promptly drew Suen Xue sideways and also reprimanded her, “What nonsense are you discussing? I haven’t even traded words with him yet.”.

Suen Xue assumed Su Miao was shy and said, “Isn’t it simply an issue of time!”.

” Little Snow …” Su Miao stomped her feet in stress and anxiety.

” Alright, I understand you’re thin-skinned, so I will not discuss you.” She looked at Chen Yang with disdain, “Somebody is actually insensitive. Why are you here with Miao when she’s on a date?”.

Chen Yang did not appreciate such people whatsoever.

” You’re wrong. I just came back from a day with Miao and also this youngster remains in the shop. I spoke with the receptionist that he’s right here to buy an auto!”.

” Chen Yang, not bad, I didn’t anticipate you to conserve up so much cash to purchase an auto after staying in the Su Family members for two years. Miao will provide you two hundred every day, as well as at the end of the month, it will be 6 thousand. Suen Xue after that giggled out loud.


When the sales staff in the hall heard this, they could not help yet laugh out loud.

They had ultimately opened their eyes today.

It was one thing to consume soft food, but he actually wanted his partner to pay him 2 hundred and 10 yuan a day. His skin was simply thick to the extreme.

Looking at the laughing crowd, Chen Yang claimed lightly: “That informed you I’m mosting likely to mortgage?”.

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