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The Supreme Son in law Chapter 36 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 36 (Blacklist)

Specifically the women worker that kicked Chen Yang out recently. Her face teemed with mistakes, as she thought she listened to wrong. She asked: “Manager Shen, I really did not hear wrong, did you? You claimed you want to invite that male back?”

” Shut up, what do you suggest by consuming soft food?” Shen Hong blazed at her and scolded, “If they don’t return, then do not work for them.”

Guo Yingying felt hurt in her heart, she was simply a guy who had just returned from a soft meal. It was fine if he didn’t come back, however what did this relate to her task?

When she saw Shen Hong gritting his teeth, she did not attempt to say as well much as well as promptly adhered to the others out.

A couple of minutes later, Guo Yingying located Chen Yang at a snack bar not far from the FOUR shop of the Mercedes-Benz.

She was overjoyed as well as rapidly strolled in front of Chen Yang as well as claimed: “Sir, please come back to the shop with me. Manager Shen has actually welcomed you!”

Chen Yang consumed a piece of odiferous tofu at a leisurely rate. The scent practically made Guo Yingying barf. She truly couldn’t understand what Manager Shen was doing or why he needed to bring this inadequate person back.

” What? Weren’t you the one who chased me out? Since you want to invite me back, do you assume I’m easy to talk with? ”

Hearing Chen Yang’s words, Guo Yingying felt exceptionally wronged. If it wasn’t to maintain her task, she wouldn’t have actually come even if she was defeated to fatality.

” Sir, it was my fault before. My attitude was bad, please forgive me. If you don’t come back with me, I won’t have the ability to keep my work. ”

” Is it any one of my business if you can not maintain your work?” Chen Yang checked out her and claimed.

Guo Yingying attacked her lips, a layer of haze covering her eyes. She lowered her head, “Sir, I’m begging you. It was my fault before. As long as you come back with me, I’ll allow you penalize me.”

Chen Yang actually couldn’t see a female crying. He sighed: “Ai, forget it, let’s go.”

After returning to the 4S store of the Mercedes-Benz, Guo Yingying invited Chen Yang to her workplace.

” Mr. Chen!”

The minute he took a seat, Shen Hong came over with a smile.

” He or she turns the tables faster than he turns the web pages of a book. Those that don’t understand him would believe that he’s altering his mind. He’s actually seasoned it today.” Chen Yang remained on the sofa and also stated gently, “If you have anything to state, just state it. I’m extremely hectic, I do not have much time to chat with you.”

Exactly How could Shen Hong not hear the mockery in his words? He subdued his anger and also asked very carefully, “Mr. Chen, are you right here to talk about something?”

Chen Yang didn’t claim anything. He simply unzipped his knapsack, got a file from inside and threw it on the tea table.

Shen Hong selected it up and took a look at it with concern. He can feel fear on his temple, he rapidly stood and also bowed to Chen Yang pleasantly, “President Chen, I was wrong. I looked down on individuals with my canine eyes, please forgive me …”

Chen Yang disturbed him and also said, “Prior to I left, I told you not to regret it. What did you claim?

Shen Hong squeezed out a smile that was uglier than weeping: “President Chen, I should have to pass away, it’s all because of my short-sighted eyes. Please forgive me this time if you don’t remember this lowly individual.”

” Haha …” Chen Yang grinned as well as trembled his head. He connected his hand to get the agreement on the tea table and placed it into his backpack.

Shen Hong raged when he saw Chen Yang tidy up the contract. This was the pace of breaking off the contract. If the basic manager of a major district learnt about this, he would have skinned Chen Yang alive.

No, I can’t allow him go!

Shen Hong clenched his teeth and his knees went soft. He stooped down before Chen Yang and yelled, “Papa!”.

Presently, whatever self-respect or face he had left behind was failed to remember. He only hoped that Chen Yang can forgive himself.

Nevertheless, this was a title sponsorship firm which the Mercedes-Benz Company had actually spent 1.2 billion to get. If the negotiations collapsed, the business would definitely hold him accountable. During that time, he would possibly remain in alarming straits.

” Head of state Chen, are you satisfied?” Shen Hong stooped on the ground and also revealed a lovely smile.

” That’s right. As a male, you have to maintain your word.” Chen Yang responded in complete satisfaction.

At the same time, as Suen Xueti drove back to her new vehicle, she discovered that her bag was still in the Mercedes shop.

Thus, she went back to the store to obtain her bag. After she obtained her bag, she believed that she left in way too much of a rush, so she really did not also leave Shen Hong’s call information.

She excitedly mosted likely to Shen Hong for his get in touch with information. Prior to she even got in the office, she saw the scene inside via the home window.

Suen Xue’s brain shut down at that moment.

Had he been visualizing?

Isn’t that Chen Yang, who rested on the sofa inside?

Why was Manager Shen stooping on the ground?

And … She seemed to have listened to Shen Hong call Chen Yang a moment ago … “Dad, did she listen to wrongly?”.

Her hand awaited the air, as well as she didn’t know if she should knock.

Simply as Suen Xue was feeling conflicted, Shen Hong noticed her. “President Chen, please wait for a minute.

” Wait.” Chen Yang quit Shen Hong and also glanced at him: “I’m a bit subtle, so I don’t like lots of people understanding my identification. When she asks later on, you should understand what to state, right?”.

” Don’t stress, I will never expose your true identification.”.

Considering That Shen Hong had the ability to end up being the Regional Supervisor of Xichuan City, he was no fool.

Outside, Shen Hong went back to his common placement as a manager. He looked at Suen Xue in confusion: “Didn’t you already return? Why are you …”.

She stopped for a moment, aimed at Chen Yang in the office, and also asked, “What’s going on? Why is he …

” Oh, this …” Shen Hong’s mind raced, competed he as well as thought swiftly a way to method with this. “Just now, he firmly insisted that his cash had dropped under the workplace sofa.

” Oh, I see.” Suen Xue was instantly informed. She said disdainfully, “Just how much cash can someone like him highlight with him? I assume he came back intentionally to blackmail us.” I’m informing you, you can simply call the authorities for a scoundrel like that. “.

As she said that, Suen Xue secured her mobile phone from her bag as well as was about to call the police.

Shen Hong instantly quit him, “No need, no demand. The police will certainly affect the business excessive. There are still numerous consumers watching the cars and trucks outside. If it was the police, the clients would certainly assume we had done something.”.

” Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t think of that.” Suen Xue asked forgiveness hurriedly. She was also nervous and also did not anticipate the authorities report to influence the shop’s organization.

” Don’t fret, you’re simply being kind.” Shen Hong secretly sweated for her. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Huanyu Group, and as Su Miao’s finest friend, it was one thing for you to not know his real identity, but to speak in such a sarcastic fashion, you must have offended someone to fatality.

Suen Xue smiled as she took out her cell phone. If Su Miao has any advancements in the future, I’ll allow you understand anytime.”.

Hearing her words, Shen Hong’s back was covered in fear. Even if he had ten times the digestive tracts, he would not dare to target Su Miao anymore. Nevertheless, this was the other half of the president of home entertainment.

He had currently composed his mind to steer clear of from Suen Xueyuan in the future. This lady was also stupid. That recognized if she would certainly link him one day.

A forced smile showed up on his face as he stated, “I’m sorry, yet I’m in a rush to leave today. I left my phone at home. Following time, I’ll include much more next time.”.

Suen Xue grinned in embarrassment. She truly assumed that he had actually left his phone at home. Remember to add me as a pal when you get back.”.

” Yes, yes.”.

After Suen Xue left, Shen Hong sneered and also threw the note with the WeChat number created on it right into the wastebasket.

She would never have assumed that Shen Hong would certainly have quietly blacklisted her!

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