The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 38 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 38 (Face-smacking)

Ever since she found out Chen Yang’s true identity at Muse Bar, she seldom pertained to find Su Miao for anxiety of running into him.

Yesterday, she chatted with Su Miao on WeChat and learnt that Chen Yang had not been residence for the past couple of days, so she risked to have fun with her.

” Yes, I returned today.” Su Miao said softly.

Lee Mi was about to claim, if he came back, why didn’t you inform me ahead of time so I would not come?

However at this moment, Chen Yang had currently walked down the stairways. Equally as her words were about to reach her mouth, she ingested them back down.

She reduced her head, not bold to meet Chen Yang’s look.

He thought it was Lee Mi.

Taking A Look At Lee Mi, who was so frightened that she really did not risk to increase her head, Chen Yang revealed a trace of a mysterious smile on his face.

” Why are you standing there and laughing? Why aren’t you pouring tea yet?” Flavor Jing barked at Chen Yang.

Chen Yang stood there, not moving as he considered Lee Mi with a smile.

” No …” “No need, I’m not thirsty, I’m not thirsty in any way.” Lee Mi shook her head like a rattle drum: “Auntie, do not trouble Chen Yang …”

Keeping that, she thoroughly took a look at Chen Yang to see if he was angry.

How could she have the intestines to ask Chen Yang to put water. This was the young master of Chen Family, and also the scene of him stooping on the floor as well as calling for his papa at Muse’s bar was still brilliant in her mind.

Su Miao frowned. Lee Mi was truly uncommon today. She asked, “Mi, what’s wrong with you today?”

Lee Mi promptly shook her head as well as claimed, “No …” “It’s nothing, I simply haven’t had an excellent rest in the past 2 days.”

Tang Jing stared at Lee Mi as she ultimately saw a trace of anomaly.

What sort of situation was this? Why did it seem like Lee Mi hesitated of this garbage? That shouldn’t be the case!

” Oh right, I keep in mind that Lee Mi is a germaphobe.” Tang Jing believed to herself, “He must have assumed Chen Yang was a slob. He was dirty, so he really did not desire him to pour tea.”

Tang Jing thought that she had discovered the domino effect, but Lee Mi felt as if she was sitting on pins as well as needles.

The darkness in her heart was also heavy for Chen Yang. After sitting for a while, Lee Mi could no more rest still. She stood and said to Su Miao, “Miao, I unexpectedly bear in mind that I still have something to deal with, so I will not chat with you any longer.”

” He just came as well as he wants to leave.” Su Miao stood up. “Your car didn’t quit at the door. Exactly how did you obtain below?”

” My cars and truck was lent to my cousin. I just captured a taxi.” Lee Mi took her bag and also claimed, “I’ll call Di to take a taxi back.”

” Hai, what’s the factor of spending that cash?” Flavor Jing directed at Chen Yang and said, “Inform him to send you back.”

” What?!”.

Asking Chen Yang to give it to him?

Lee Mi’s heart shivered. She right away trembled her head as well as claimed, “No requirement, no need. I will not trouble Chen Yang.”.

I’ll simply take a taxi. “.

” Oh, Mi, given that this good-for-nothing has nothing to do in the house, why are you being courteous to Auntie when I ask him to send you off?” Stating that, Flavor Jing blazed at Chen Yang.

Lee Mi’s scalp went numb when she heard Tang Jing call Chen Yang a piece of garbage.

Could it be that they still did not know Chen Yang’s true identity?

Just when Lee Mi was guessing, Chen Yang walked over as well as claimed, “Let’s go.”.

Considering That Chen Yang had already talked, exactly how could Lee Mi risk to reject? She might just follow behind him.

A few minutes later on, when Chen Yang was driving out of the suburb, Lee Mi stated, “Ma …” Eldest Youthful Master, please send me right here, I will certainly take a taxi back myself! “.

” What did you call me?” Chen Yang turned his head as well as considered her with a smile: “Did you neglect what you stated prior to?”.

Lee Mi’s heart avoided a beat.

What had actually occurred at Muse’s that night, she would always remember.

She bit her lip, decreased her head, and screamed, “Father …”.

” That’s right, don’t let me remind you once again.” Chen Yang giggled: “Well, given that you’re currently out, I might also send you off. “Where are you going?”.

” Thank you …” Young Master … “Father …” Lee Mi rapidly transformed her words, “I …” I got to the pedestrian street. “.

” Alright, fasten your seat belt!” As he talked, he dashed out.

Not long after, they came to the street with one of the most dynamic Xichuan City.

It fit to drive this imported Mercedes-Benz S Class auto. One might tell that it was expensive. Plus, he just brought this new cars and truck over and also really did not have the moment to use it. Outsiders might conveniently see the lovely Lee Mi on the guest seat.

A lovely woman with a great smelling carriage would usually attract passersby to transform their heads. The man wished that the one driving the car was them, while the female desired that the one being in the front seat was them. She was extremely jealous.

” Yo, isn’t he our garbage, House Son-in-law as well as Chen Yang?”.

Just as Chen Yang steadied the car, a weird voice sounded from the side.

Chen Yang looked towards the direction of the voice and his expression instantly turned unsightly.

Su Hai!

Why do I need to be so foolish?

Chen Yang saw the professional wear elegance behind him. He saw her pleasantly standing next to Su Hai with a few shopping bags in her hand.

F * ck, this ought to be this kid’s assistant. Instead of working hrs, he brought his assistant bent on go shopping. What a popinjay.

Chen Yang sneered. He neglected him and will leave.

Nonetheless, there were a lot of passersby to leave in a short amount of time.

Seeing Chen Yang disregard him, Su Hai sneered and claimed, “It’s only been a few days and you’re already in a Mercedes. Wow, it’s an imported Mercedes and also there’s a wonderful beauty sitting in the front guest seat. You sure are something.

Lee Mi’s face made Su Hai’s eyes brighten. He put his hand on the vehicle driver’s window and smiled. “This elegance is so pretty. What’s her name?”.

Lee Mi was Su Miao’s ideal buddy, she had never ever seen Su Hai, so the 2 of them recognized each other.

She didn’t recognize Su Hai and really did not understand the connection in between Chen Yang and also the man in front of her. For that reason, she didn’t risk to speak thoughtlessly, so she might only act not to hear him.

” What’s his name? What does it matter if I give it to you?” Chen Yang sneered.

After being reprehended by Chen Yang in front of an appeal, Liu Connection’s face instantaneously darkened. He aimed at Chen Yang’s nose and cursed: “Chen Yang, you’re simply House Son-in-law from my Su Family members, what are you making believe to be? What’s so great concerning an imported Mercedes? I believe this cars and truck is not your own, yet this beauty’s. “.

He recognized Chen Yang also well. Exactly how could a trash that rely upon his spouse drive an imported Mercedes-Benz? Obviously, this auto definitely belonged to the beauty sitting in the pole position.

When it comes to why he was driving, well, the connection was clear.

Seeing that Chen Yang did not state anything, he thought he had actually struck the nail on the head. Su Hai ridiculed: “Chen Yang, you have actually really expanded up.

Right now, the onlookers quit to see the commotion. Upon listening to Su Hai’s words, the surrounding individuals took off with rage. One at a time, they started to point at Chen Yang.

” This kid is undoubtedly not a good person. I really did not anticipate that he would be identified by a colleague while carrying his partner and also flanking a rich lady!”.

” Yeah, this youngster seems to be House Son-in-law. He’s actually something!”.

At this minute, a fat auntie close to them said, “I have experience with this issue. My family likewise hired Residence Son-in-law, but he was subjugated by me to the factor where he would certainly not dare to head west if I informed him to go eastern.”.

” Inform me, just how did you tame it!”.

The fat auntie dampened her throat, directed at Chen Yang and claimed, “A man who consumes soft food like him need to hang up as well as beat him up, after that utilize salt to rub it on him. He will not dare to do that once more.”.

When every person heard her words, they immediately trapped a breath of chilly air …

F * ck, this fat auntie actually considered him as a negative example as well as began showing him on the spot.

This made Chen Yang a little mad.

Each time this Su Hai saw him, he would certainly either mock him or simulated him. In the long run, he came to be more and more insane, and also it had actually already intensified to a personal attack. He was comprising the fact.

Surrounded by so many people, Lee Mi, that beinged in the initial traveler seat, was also furious.

Having actually grown up such as this, it was still the very first time that she had been openly rumored.

Even if she was seeking a guy, she would not seek Chen Yang …

Su Hai saw the crowd’s anger and also will add fuel to the fire when Lee Mi pressed open the auto door and stepped out.

In an immediate, the gazes of everyone in the environments descended onto her.

What was she attempting to do?

This was something that everybody wanted to ask.

Under the watchful eyes of the group, Lee Mi walked towards Su Hai step by step.

” Beauty, do you know real face of this brat? “Hehe, did you come below specifically to thank me …”.

Before Su Hai might finish his words, he slapped him hard on the face.

‘! ‘A crisp noise was listened to.

Su Hai covered his face as well as considered Lee Mi in disbelief: “You …” Why did you hit me? “.

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