The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 39 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 39 (Photography)


The group ruptured right into an outcry.

This … What the hell was going on? Why did she disclose this brat’s actual face without thanking him and also slapping him in the face? Everybody’s eyes revealed a hint of uncertainty. They simply couldn’t comprehend what was taking place.

The secretary, that was standing next to Su Hai, was additionally stunned. She promptly held Su Hai’s arm as well as asked, “President Su, are you alright?”.

Then, she blazed at Lee Mi. “Exactly how can you defeat me up?”.

” So what if you struck him?” Lee Mi glared at Su Hai and also said with a chilly tone, “I’m defeating a person like you who can talk crazy words!”.

Lee Mi was not a person that was easy to talk with. Currently, she had actually restored her usual savagery. With just a few words, she had actually surprised both of them.

Individuals from Zhou were dumbstruck.

” This appeal has such an aggressive character.”.

” With a single glance, you can inform that it’s Lil Chili Pepper.”.

” What bit chili?! This is the Devil Pepper!”.

Listening to the murmurs of the group, Lee Mi secretly glanced at Chen Yang’s reaction from the edge of her eyes.

Lee Mi right away let go of Chen Yang’s hand when she saw the smile of encouragement on the edge of his mouth.

” What the hell are you? Exactly how attempt you speak ill of Youthful Master Chen? Why don’t you take a piss and also try your finest?”.

Youthful Master Chen?

Hearing the method Lee Mi addressed Chen Yang, Su Hai was stunned. What the hell was going on?

Seeing that Su Hai was scolded to the point he really did not risk to make a noise, Lee Mi’s temper ultimately went away. She turned around as well as smiled sweetly at Chen Yang, “Youthful Master Chen, I really did not do anything incorrect, best?”.

” Okay, you did well.” Chen Yang commended with a smile.

Lee Mi was very happy to obtain Chen Yang’s praise. She bowed in the direction of Chen Yang as well as claimed, “Young Master Chen, thank you for sending me below. How around I leave initially?”.

” Mm, allow’s go.” Chen Yang responded and said.

Lee Mi rapidly responded. After bidding process goodbye to Chen Yang, she reversed as well as strolled down the street under the puzzled stare of the group.

Once the charm left, there was absolutely nothing left to see through. The surrounding people all distributed.

Right now, Su Hai came back to his senses. He touched his swollen cheek, and his eyes looked like they were about to spit fire. He looked at Chen Yang and also said increasingly, “Great young boy Chen Yang, so you weren’t by the abundant woman’s side. You were raising a girlfriend outside!”.

” Tell me rapidly, what the hell is going on with this car? Did Su Miao benefit from her setting to misuse the business’s public funds?”.

Listening to Su Hai’s words, Chen Yang could not help however burst out laughing. After this person’s brain had actually gotten to a certain degree, there was no expect him.

He really did not see Li Shizhen covering him in the Compendium of Materia Medica. Those who are brainless have no medication to treat them!

” You don’t have to stress over where I get this vehicle from. It has nothing to do with your Su Family anyway.” After saying that, he saw the road before him was clear. Chen Yang stepped on the gas pedal and also left in a carefree way.

” Pah pah!” Su Hai took a deep breath and shouted in the direction of the instructions where Chen Yang left, “Chen Yang, I’m not done with you!”.

Huanyu Team, the Chief Executive Officer’s office!

After Chen Yang went back to the company, he sent a message to Su Miao, informing her that the company had issues to attend to and would not go back tonight.

Su Miao really did not ask any type of further as well as just responded, “Understood.”.

After sending the message, Chen Yang called Mi Xue in and also asked her regarding it. After recognizing that there were regardless of for him to care for the time being, Chen Yang went to rest in the toilet.

When he awakened, he saw the wooden box on the night table.

He smacked his head as well as remembered that this was the birthday celebration existing Zhao Heeqiu had actually specially come to provide him two days earlier.

He took the wood box as well as opened it. The moment he opened package, a faint fragrance wafted out from it.

This … Inside package was a black tablet.

F * ck, is Zhao Heeqiu giving me this example?

What’s making use of this tablet?

It could not be a pill to improve the happiness between couple, right?

He had some doubts, so he called Zhao Heeqiu.

” Young Master Chen.” After Zhao Heeqiu grabbed the phone, he pleasantly said, “May I ask what you need?”.

” No, I just intend to ask, what’s the function of the pill you offered me for your birthday celebration?”.

” Hehe, Young Master Chen, this is an excellent item.” Zhao Heeqiu laughed, “I got this from a master. It is claimed that not just can it enhance one’s body, it can also expand one’s life-span …”.

” Alright, I recognize.” Chen Yang scrubed his holy places and also stated, “You go ahead.”.

After hanging up, Chen Yang stared at the pill and also thought twice.

Should he eat by himself or otherwise?

Hearing what Zhao Heeqiu claimed, this pill seems pretty fantastic.

He would not harm himself.

Thinking of that, Chen Yang directly took the pill as well as ingested it.

Not long after he swallowed the pill, Chen Yang regretted his decision.

It was because he felt that his reduced abdominal area appeared to be ablaze. This ball of fire came to be a growing number of vigorous, progressively expanding from his reduced abdominal areas as well as progressively spreading to his arm or legs and also bones.

At the same time, a burning discomfort spread throughout his body.

Chen Yang couldn’t aid but roll on the ground. His vision went dark and also he passed out.

When he got here from the flooring, he located that his clothing were saturated, and that the burning pain in his body was gone.

F * ck, Zhao Heeqiu need to have been deceived by someone. The response of this medicine was so significant, it was undoubtedly phony. He could as well be lucky that he really did not have any problems.

Just as he was beginning to be glad, his phone sounded.

Chen Yang took a look at his phone and saw that it was an unknown number. He frowned and pressed the response switch.

” Hey there, is this Chen Yang?”.

A soft and gentle women voice came over the phone. The voice was extremely pleasurable to the ears, giving off a revitalizing sensation.

Why did this voice noise so familiar?

Chen Yang couldn’t keep in mind where he had actually heard this voice, so he asked, “Excuse me, are you …”.

” I’m sorry, I failed to remember to state, I’m Xu Xiaorou.”.

Xu Xiaorou?

In Chen Yang’s mind, an appeal as gentle as jade surfaced.

” Is there something you need from me?” Chen Yang asked.

” Mm …” Yes … There really is something.” On the phone, Xu Xiaorou said rather embarrassedly, “2 days back, on the 70th birthday celebration of Su Family Granny, you gave me a wood box, as well as also the Tune Dynasty’s Hundred Longevity Map? I have an arrogant request, may I ask you to let me … Shall I take a few pictures? “.

Chen Yang was surprised. He thought it was some kind of demand, after that smiled as well as said: “That day, individuals from Su Household tossed them away like trash. Why would Miss Xu be intrigued in these two things?”.

” That’s due to the fact that they do not recognize what’s good for them.” Xu Xiaorou said softly, “That box was personally carved by the Ming Emperor Zhu Yudao. That paint was given from the Track Dynasty and was incredibly precious.”.

Chen Yang responded and asked, “After that exactly how do you want to take photos?”.

Xu Xiaorou was extremely delighted. She had believed that Chen Yang would decline. The box as well as map of a hundred years old were extremely priceless.

Xu Xiaorou believed for a moment and said, “How about this? If it’s convenient for you, pertained to the Prize Pavilion on the West Wind Roadway. This antique shop is possessed by my household. There is a room for taking pictures of vintages.”.

Twenty minutes later on, Chen Yang got to the Treasure Structure with his things.

When he got in the Prize Pavilion, he saw Xu Xiaorou already standing there, waiting for him.

Today, she was wearing a simple gown. Her hair was consolidated a hairpin, making her appearance really beautiful.

” Chen Yang, you came!”.

The minute Chen Yang walked in, Xu Xiaorou approached him with a smile.

When she saw the box in Chen Yang’s hand, her eyes sparkled with exhilaration.

The boss of Prize Structure next to Xu Xiaorou, Yang Jun, was a lot more surprised.

Was this still the sensible and scheduled girl he knew? Why is he so fired up after seeing this brat?

He looked Chen Yang backwards and forwards and located that he was covered in stalls. Had not been by doing this too inadequate?

” Supervisor Yang, let me present you. This is Chen Yang, Mr. Chen from Su Household. We need to talk about something within. Care for the shop, if there’s anything, just call me.”.

After saying that, he drew Chen Yang and strolled towards the secret room.

F * ck, the young miss in fact took the campaign to draw his hand in. This … This was as well astounding.

Yang Jun’s face was filled with awe, and afterwards, he whispered: “Miss simply claimed that he is Su Household’s Chen Yang … What, he’s the son-in-law of the Su Household? “.

Yang Jun’s expression went from shock to shock to complication. He could not understand what the Girl needed to claim to such a person!

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