The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 4 (Read online free)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 4 (Goddess)

Having actually remained in the Su Family for 2 years, Chen Yang had lengthy experienced the impressiveness of a mother-in-law. He was exceptionally terrified of his mother-in-law.

” Chen Yang, go pack your stuff. Tomorrow, most likely to the Civil Matters Bureau and also obtain the separation certificate from Miao, then move out of Su Family members.” Flavor Jing claimed in a powerful tone.

” Mom …”

” I’m not your mom, so don’t call me mommy!” Flavor Jing reprimanded.

” Ah …” “Auntie.” Chen Yang took a deep breath, decreased his head and claimed, “I really like Su Miao, and we’ve been married for two years …”

” Pa!”.

Flavor Jing patted on the tea table and also stood up, her expression extremely unpleasant. “We have actually been married for 2 years, yet you have actually already consumed and also used my family’s food, not contributing a solitary bit to our household. What makes you like my child when she’s so great? What can you offer her? “.

In the face of Tang Jing’s barrage of ornate concerns, Chen Yang wanted to protect himself, yet Flavor Jing didn’t offer him a chance to talk. “I’ve tolerated you for 2 years, as a man, other than food preparation as well as doing family duties, what else do you know? As long as Miao is with him, he will quickly use 10 million as his engagement gift.”.

Ten million, a lot?

Wei Mingdong was simply a vendor under the Chen Family. If his mom wasn’t a participant of the Chen Family branch, exactly how could he be a distributor of materials for the Chen Household?

Furthermore, his uncle, who was also the Chen Household Patriarch, had currently promised him that Wei Mingdong would certainly declare bankruptcy tonight. Back then, he would not even have the ability to obtain two a century.

” Auntie, I can get a separation, however Su Miao needs to inform me directly, or else I won’t leave.” Keeping that, Chen Yang turned around and left.

This was the initial time Chen Yang disobeyed her. Flavor Jing was surprised. When she restored her detects, Chen Yang was currently far away.

Checking out the setting sunlight, Su Miao heaved a long sigh of relief. She had currently locked herself in her office for the whole day.

Chen Yang’s video clip had already spread throughout the business. Some people also submitted it onto the shaker, making him the target of every person’s mockery. Also himself was linked.

Rubbing her holy places, she slowly went out of the office.

At this moment, a waitress came by with a box and also stated, “President Su, right here’s your express shipment.”.

An observant colleague exclaimed, “Wow, such a high-end box, it can’t be made out of crystal? This is as well exaggerated. “.

” Damn, then what kind of present does this box consist of that deserves this box?”.

” This is my very first time seeing a messenger box made of crystal.”.

” I truly wish to see what’s within.”.

” That’s. Head of state Su, open it as well as take a look.” The business’s chick pleaded.

Although Su Miao normally worked very hard, she was really pleasing after work. She didn’t put on any kind of airs, so the workers of the firm all had a good partnership with her.

Looking at the curious eyes, Su Miao was puzzled. That sent this messenger? She hadn’t acquired anything recently.

Ultimately, she was beat by many pairs of pleading eyes.

She assumed for a moment prior to gradually opening the box.

The moment package was opened, every person’s eyes expanded.

Inside package was a necklace decorated with a sky blue treasure. The pure shade sufficed to bring in a person’s focus.

Under the lights of the firm, it was amazing.

Every person was surprised. These women employees considered each other, not able to say a word. The environment suddenly became silent, however the next minute, it was totally blown up once again because of a solitary sentence.

” This … This seems to be the “Sky City”! “.

” My God, are you talking about the” Skies City “pendant created by the French jewel master Allen?”.

” There are a total amount of 18 designs because series, as well as I remember that this year, the Gardner Auction Home auctioned them off for a sky-high cost of 2 million United States bucks!”.

” So beautiful. If anyone might provide me such a pendant, I would certainly be willing to be her fan for my entire life …” Head of state Su, you have to be happy now! “.

In the middle of the stunned and also envious voices, Su Miao could not state a word.

The “Sky City” locket was Grandmaster Allen’s work of art of securing the hill. This necklace collection was her favored, so with just a look, she had the ability to establish that this locket was most definitely genuine!

This … This present was way also valuable.

Su Miao’s heart, which had actually been silent for a long period of time, started to tremble. This was also surreal.

Mo. Could it be that Wei Mingdong obtained all of his riches to purchase him a locket?

Su Miao had a myriad of feelings. It would be a lie to state that she wasn’t relocated.

If he wore this pendant to the Clan Assembly tonight, he would absolutely be the center of attention.

Currently, in the Xichuan City’s Sea Paradise Reception, KTV.

This was one of the most renowned KTV in the Xichuan City, as well as individuals who came here to enjoy were either abundant or honorable. The entrance was loaded with lavish autos, which ordinary people might not pay for.

This was the place of the get-together.

Chen Yang, riding his brand-new donkey, got to the feast not long after. He parked his cars and truck at the door and also secured it. It would be bad if somebody swiped it.

He had actually wished to get a vehicle, but time was going out, as well as in order to be in a hurry, he had actually bought an Ema electric automobile.

Equally as the auto was locked in location, he heard the sharp noise of a horn, piercing his tympanums.

” The one in front, rush and also get out of here. What sort of area does an electric automobile occupy?”.

The owner of the Porsche stuck his head out of the home window and also vowed.

Chen Yang elevated his head and also was stunned. That guy was also stunned!

” Wang Hai!” Chen Yang ran over. The person in the cars and truck was Chen Yang’s high school classmate, Wang Hai.

” Squad leader?” Wang Hai got out of the automobile with a wallet in his hand. His hair was brushed as well as glossy. He glanced at Chen Yang as well as sneered, “Chen Yang, just how did you end up similar to this?”.

Chen Yang touched his nose. He felt really unpleasant. Equally as he will speak, Wang Hai reversed and also strode into the KTV.

Was he being towered above? Chen Yang smiled awkwardly as well as followed him in.

Right now, almost all of the pupils that need to have come had shown up. Both of them went into the space one after the other. The minute the door opened, every person in the room looked over.

” Aiyo, isn’t this Wang Hai? You’re getting an increasing number of good-looking. A successful individual is without a doubt different.”.

Wang Hai’s arrival made the environment dynamic. Everybody gave up their seats and also toasted. Wang Hai promptly came to be the focal point. That would have assumed that the trainee that had the most awful cause his course was doing so well now?

The suit he was using was plainly a renowned brand name, and also in his hand was the secrets to the Porsche. If he had not been an effective person, then what was he?

On the other hand, Chen Yang, the previous course display, was covered in products and had the crucial to Emma’s electric car in his hand. If it had not been for his handsome face, everyone would certainly have believed that some distribution child had incorrectly gotten in the store.

So suppose he was handsome? With his worn-out appearance, nobody wanted to trouble with him.

It was a little bit uncomfortable, Chen Yang Si really did not care concerning it at all. His look swept across the crowd, and also finally stopped on a bachelor.

Her name was Liu Rui. It had actually been so many years since they last satisfied, now she had actually lost all her immaturity and become much more intelligent as well as attractive.

Liu Rui was Chen Yang’s renowned siren. She put on a white dress as well as rested upright on the couch. She chatted with the lady beside her as well as couldn’t assist laughing aloud when she listened to that they were having a good time. Those two dimples made her appearance extremely wonderful.

Wang Hai noticed Liu Rui as soon as he can be found in. He didn’t bother to focus on the others as he transferred to Liu Rui’s side and also asked, “Liu Rui, I haven’t seen you in a few years. You’re obtaining prettier. What are you hectic with nowadays?”.

Prior To Liu Rui might say anything, one of the ladies sitting beside her hurried to claim, “You do not understand just how effective we are right now. If we wish to see her in the future, we can only do it on TELEVISION.”.

” What do you mean?” Wang Hai was stunned as well as didn’t comprehend.

” We, Liu Rui, have been chosen by Celebrity Candidate. It won’t be long before Rui comes to be an artiste under the monitoring of the Fantasy Faction.”.

” Hua!”.

It resembled a rock that caused a thousand ripples. Everybody in the hall was in an uproar as they all cast their gazes towards Liu Rui.

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