The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 40 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 40 (Million)

After Chen Yang and also Xu Xiaorou entered the secret room, under Xu Xiaorou’s directions, Chen Yang placed package and the photo of a century old on the table.

Xu Xiaorou took out her video camera and took a photo while privately applauding herself.

From Chen Yang’s viewpoint, her side account was ideal.

Specifically that elegant number, it made it hard for individuals to avert.

While she was appreciating the picture, Xu Xiaorou finished firing the picture. She grinned and also claimed to Chen Yang, “Alright, I have actually finished shooting. Thanks a lot.”

Chen Yang placed the picture of a century old right into a box and also stated, “What do you indicate, thank me? It’s just a little matter. If Miss Xu intends to see more in the future, call me anytime.”

Hearing Chen Yang say that, Xu Xiaorou could not help yet discharge a wonderful smile. Nevertheless, she was a bit interested and also asked, “Exactly how did you get this box and the 100 Lives Map?”

She had actually wanted to ask this question at Old Madam Su’s birthday celebration banquet, yet hadn’t located the ideal possibility to.

Home Son-in-law, who had a lowly condition in Su Family members, had been doing household chores for 2 years and also had no resource of revenue. He possessed a Hundred Longevity Map as well as a wooden box sculpted by Zhu Qiong himself.

Chen Yang grinned and also claimed, “It was given to me by a buddy.”

Noticing that Chen Yang didn’t want to claim it, Xu Xiaorou didn’t ask too much. As an antique dealer, the first thing he had to learn was to observe the circumstance.

Simply when the environment came to be a bit unpleasant, Yang Jun knocked on the door of the secret space.

Xu Xiaorou stood up as well as a little unlocked. “What is it?”

Yang Jun claimed pleasantly, “Miss, somebody claimed outside that he intends to offer a family heirloom item of ancient jade. I’m a bit unsure, I require your aid …”

Xu Xiaorou was slightly stunned. As an old man in the shop, Yang Jun was an old brand name Evaluator that had infiltrated the shop for decades. Something that even he can not take note of was definitely not a regular thing.

” Mr. Chen, take a break in this secret space, I’ll head out and have a look.” After claiming that, Xu Xiaorou opened the door and went out.

Chen Yang really did not say anything, loaded his stuff as well as followed them out.

When he reached the very first flooring of the Prize Pavilion, he saw a boy using a Tees holding a small box firmly in his hand.

The boy was from Dongyue City, called Fang Zheng Jiang. Since his mommy had cancer cells, he wanted to sell the family members heirloom for cash so he can treat his mommy.

There were a couple of individuals standing beside this young man. Every one of them were the proprietors of the neighboring stores, as well as Yang Jun had actually called them over to give them a good slap.

After Yang Jun explained the circumstance to Xu Xiaorou, he presented, “Boy, this is our shop’s young master, Miss Xu Xiaorou.”

Fang Zheng Jiang nodded, and also claimed anxiously: “I have actually said it before, if the young masters of your shop can not see it right, I can only alter my store.”

As he spoke, he opened up the box in his hand.

Inside was a blood-red jade necklace.

This jade necklace was sculpted in an old fashion, as well as was very rounded. The odd thing was, when placed in a place where the light was solid, there appeared to be blood streaming within the necklace.

” Sss, that’s a Phoenix Az Blood Jade!”

Xu Xiaorou can not aid however open her mouth to speak as she gazed in shock.

The various other antique shop owners were all surprised. They massaged their cheeks as well as maintained gasping.

” It really …” It’s really the Phoenix az Blood Jade! ”

” This is also unexpected!”

” That’s right, it’s as well unforeseen. I believed it was red jade.”

Minority antique store proprietors can not help but begin going over.

Fang Zheng Jiang’s eyes illuminated, he offered Xu Xiaorou a big thumbs up and also claimed: “As expected of the junior family members, you can tell at a look that this is a Phoenix Az Blood Jade. Do you see words carved on it? This is from the 3 Kingdoms period. ”

The Phoenix Metro Blood Jade was in fact a kind of blood jade, yet the blood jade was manufactured as well as a natural expert, so the Phoenix Az Blood Jade was naturally an innate specialist.

Blood jade from the Houtian realm was generally created from blood seeping right into the jade after the death of an old individual. Blood jade from the Houtian realm was generally created from the blood seeping into the jade after the fatality of an old individual.

For That Reason, Phoenix metro Blood Jade created by Innates were exceptionally unusual.

” Like I stated, this piece of jade is most definitely an item of the 3 Kingdoms period.”

” That’s right. Simply consider the patterns carved on this ancient jade. It’s from that age.”

Minority antique store proprietors all responded in agreement with Fang Zheng Jiang’s words.

” How much do you wish to offer this item of jade for?” Xu Xiaorou asked after observing for a while.

Although it was her very first time seeing a true Phoenix az Blood Jade, she had actually additionally seen quite a bit of information regarding the Phoenix az Blood Jade prior to. This piece of ancient jade from Fang Zheng Jiang was practically similar to the Phoenix metro Blood Jade she recognized, so she established that this was the real Phoenix metro Blood Jade.

Simply when Xu Xiaorou made her bid, Chen Yang, who was beside her, secretly shook his head.

Others might not know Phoenix Blood Jade, yet just how could he not know?

In the past, Chen Yang’s grandpa had one, he used to play with it when he was young, so he could tell with a look that the piece of jade in Fang Zheng Jiang’s hands was phony.

Given that unfaithful concerned Xu Family members, this brat was not worried of fatality.

Xu Xiaorou was young and also had no social experience, so it was one point for her to be ripped off. These antique shop owners were all skilled people, yet they still concurred with this child. What a joke.

Chen Yang didn’t open his mouth to disclose anything. He simply viewed quietly from the side.

” I don’t desire excessive, only 3 million!” Fang Zheng Jiang assumed for a moment as well as said.

Xu Xiaorou’s face stayed expressionless, however she was secretly stunned in her heart.

In 2014, the Gadus Auction Residence auctioned a Phoenix metro Blood Jade for two million and also 8 hundred thousand. This piece of jade was also older than that a person, so the cost was 3 million.

It appears like, before this Fang Zheng came, he had actually currently done his finest.

Nonetheless, auctioning was auctioning, trading was trading, and also these were two different things.

” It’s also costly!” Xu Xiaorou smiled and drank her head.

Hearing this, Fang Zheng Jiang became nervous: “How can it be ghosts, this is a prize gave from my forefathers, if my mother really did not obtain cancer, I would not even wish to market it.”

Seeing that he was determined, Xu Xiaorou was reluctant once again.

A few of the antique store owners at the side additionally privately shook their heads. This Xu Family store’s young master was still as well unskilled.

It needed to be known that prizes like the Phoenix metro Blood Jade can just be found by chance as well as not looked for. Cash could be made once it was gone, but excellent jade could never ever be obtained again.

They were likewise in the vintages company, they were mostly making small earnings. They actually could not pay for to start with a million such as this. Or else, they would certainly have currently contested it.

Simply when Xu Xiaorou could not compose her mind, a middle-aged male in a fit and also a pair of gold-rimmed glasses walked in.

Yang Jun quickly increased to welcome him, “Sir, are you here to see the antiques?”

The middle-aged guy grinned and nodded: “My name is Qiu De, I came right here for a company journey and have no pastimes. I just like to collect vintages, as well as I learnt through my friends that Treasure Structure is really popular in the Xichuan City.”

He after that continued, “This moment, I brought sufficient money. I simply do not know if there are any kind of great prizes right here!”

Yang Jun rapidly said, “Then you are the excellent suit. We are the Prize Structure. We don’t have much aside from prizes!”

Qiu De grinned as well as did not say anything, but currently, he instantly saw the Phoenix metro Blood Jade in Fang Zheng Jiang’s hand, his eyes brightened: “This … Isn’t that a blood jade? ”

He strolled closer to have a look, however gasped: “This, this is not normal blood jade, it’s a Phoenix Metro Blood Jade!”

” Brother, you have good eyes, this is the Phoenix Az Blood Jade.” Fang Zheng Jiang offered Qiu De a thumbs up, praising him.

” Hey hey, you better hold on tight. Do not break it for me.”

Qiu De chuckled. “Do not fret, you damaged my compensation.”

After looking at it for a while, he opened his mouth as well as stated, “Young guy, this jade is yours? Just how much are you planning to pay? ”

” Fang Zheng Jiang opened his palm,” 5 million! ”

” Hiss!” This young man is so tough, he in fact supplied five million, this is simply asking for a sky-high rate! ”

The various other antique shop proprietors all drank their heads. If this boy asked, this deal would certainly be blown.

They can not speak. This was a regulation. If they broke this rule, it would be equivalent to smashing their very own rice bowls.

Just when every person believed that the deal was going to decrease, Qiu De put his thigh and also claimed straight, “Alright, five million, I’ll take it!”

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