The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 44 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 44 (Truth)

Chen Yang came to the Manor of Su Family.

Rage and also unhappiness showed up on everybody’s faces.

This time, it was as a result of Su Miao’s large mistake that the entertainment business had developed a trust in Su Family. At that time, they would definitely criticize it.

Old Madam Su sat ahead of the table with a solemn expression. The whole hall was silent.

Su Miao was the boss of packaging Liu Rui, so every person was staring at her. This made her very worried and also worried.

This anxiousness and also uneasiness had actually decreased a great deal after Chen Yang had actually arrived. Because, when the people from the Su Family members saw him, they moved their stare from her to Chen Yang.

Everyone subconsciously frowned. What was this garbage doing below? Was there a place for him here?

Right now, Su Hai instantly stood from his seat, pointed at Su Miao and sneered: “Su Miao, it was challenging for our Su Household to cooperate with Huanhuan, but now due to your blunder, the partnership in between our Su Household and also Huanhuan has broken down. Inform me, just how do you think we should repair this?”

Su Miao was at a loss for words. She did not know what to do, so she could only look at Old Madam Su. “Allow’s see just how Grandmother deals with this.”

Before Old Madam Su can say anything, Su Hai sneered as well as stated, “Su Miao, it was certainly your mistake, yet you asked Granny to take care of it. Aren’t you being a little also excessive? With such a big incident, no matter just how much I punish you, it won’t assist. ”

Speaking with that, Su Hai checked out Old Madam Su and said, “Grandma, Su Miao has actually made such a large mistake. It’s no longer ideal for her to deal with this objective, so we’ll simply disregard her. At the same time, in order to avoid the temptation to annoy us, she should not be associated with the company’s affairs. ”

When these words appeared, the remainder of the Su Household all nodded in agreement.

Old Madam Su took a look at Su Miao in frustration and said, “We’ll do as Hai states. Miao, from tomorrow onwards, you do not need to fret about the company anymore.”

Su Miao had already psychologically prepared herself, but when Old Madam Su directly stated it, she was extremely dismayed. She wished to open her mouth to safeguard herself, but discovered that she didn’t know exactly how to do so.

Currently, Chen Yang, who was resting beside Su Miao, stood as well as stated, “I do not agree.”

These words once more created a substantial outcry.

” Chen Yang, stopped talking. Do you deserve to speak below?”

” It’s just Home Son-in-law from my Su Household. What rights do you have to talk?”

” Haha, I truly pass away from giggling! This Chen Yang is quite idiotic. He didn’t even check out his very own identification before talking thoughtlessly.”

The originally very depressed environment promptly became an electrical outlet for release, as if Chen Yang had located a method to appear as well as aired vent all of his anger on him.

He reprimanded and also scolded in all type of means, charging her mercilessly as well as sinisterly, just like just how Chen Yang was an abhorrent sinner.

” Sufficient, silence!” Old Madam Su banged the table in anger. Seeing her angry, everyone shut their mouths, not bold to claim another word.

Old Madam Su checked out Chen Yang with a sullen face, “What did you say? “Do you assume you have the right to talk below?”

” A person’s mouth is just for talking. What’s the use of not speaking long words?” Chen Yang sneered, “I simply believe that you guys are as well childlike. You didn’t even examine the Liu Rui program properly and pressed all the responsibility to my better half. Isn’t it also hasty for you to eliminate her position?”

Old Madam Su did not like Chen Yang to begin with. Now that she was reprehended by him, her face dimmed a lot more. “Are you stating that I mistreated Miao?”

Just as Chen Yang intended to talk, Su Hai leapt out from the side, directed at Chen Yang and also reprimanded, “That the hell are you? When did a waste like you come to be the court of our Su Household at a household meeting? You are so conceited that you also attempt to question your grandma’s decision. ”

Chen Yang sneered, “In old times, the Emperor needed to pay attention to the point of views of the preachers prior to choosing. “What’s even more, I will allow grandmother examine everything before coming to a conclusion. Why did you jump out as well as shout?”

” F * ck!”

Su Hai raged and wanted to attack. However, Chen Yang’s faint smile made him ice up. He bore in mind the last time at Grandma’s birthday banquet, when he stopped working to act hard as well as was not able to regulate himself, he immediately gave up on the idea.

Chen Yang sneered at Su Hai and also said, “Su Miao was mounted. Liu Rui’s earphones all of a sudden could not receive any kind of signal. I believe he has a good concept concerning who is behind this.”

Chen Yang’s meaning was very clear.

Nevertheless, virtually nobody thought him.

Wu Tie was so mad that the blood vessels on his neck bulged. “Why are you taking a look at me like that? You imply I’m behind this, right? “F * ck you, Chen Yang, quit framing good people here.”

Chen Yang grinned faintly, “I really did not state it was you. Why are you so ecstatic?”

” Chen Yang, stopped talking.” Old Madam Su couldn’t stand up to slapping the table. “If you’re talking nonsense once again, leave below.”

In Liu Rui’s situation, she would rather think that there was an issue with Su Miao’s work than that it was all Su Hai’s doing.

She already made it clear when she was commemorating her 70th birthday. If Su Miao were to confess that Chen Yang is her spouse, then she can forget about calling her granny.

Chen Yang’s look at the meeting today made her incredibly discontented. She originally wished to reprimand him, however upon assuming that Liu Rui’s issue had not been dealt with, she really did not say anything.

She never would have thought that this garbage would certainly attempt slam her most cherished grandson before every person in the Su Family. Had not been this slapping her in the face?

Seeing that Old Madam Su was angry, every person from Su Family checked out Chen Yang with schadenfreude. They couldn’t wait for the old lady to tell him to scram.

” Chen Yang, take a seat.” At this time, Su Changhee, that had been silent all this time, spoke up, “Why don’t you have a look at this area and also see if you can speak?”

Su Miao was getting anxious. She pulled on his garments as well as claimed, “Take a seat. Quit speaking.”

Tang Jing, on the other hand, looked at him with a look of disgust yet didn’t state a word.

Chen Yang was indifferent to the group’s reactions.

” Alright, that’s settled after that. Miao will no longer care about the firm’s issues in the future. Old Madam Su said with a dark expression.

” Wait!”.

Just as everybody will leave, the door to the hall was pressed open and also a beautiful figure strolled in.

It became Liu Rui!

The entire hall quieted down as quickly as she showed up.

Their expressions were all a little hideous, it couldn’t be that Liu Rui had come to denounce them?

” Oh, it’s Miss Liu. Old Madam Su was without words for a minute.

Liu Rui was a brand-new artiste in the very first line of home entertainment. She would most definitely have an endless trip to take a trip to the stars in the future. Even Old Madam Su didn’t attempt to be reckless.

Su Miao was extremely astonished. She had not expected Liu Rui to find below personally. For a moment, she felt exceptionally anxious, yet words of apology were still stuck in her throat.

After all, this was her very first program. With such a big problem, he definitely had to take responsibility for it.

Liu Rui smiled and also strolled straight to Old Madam Su without taking a seat.

Chen Yang was watching by the side, how might she dare to sit!

Seeing that Liu Rui did not take a seat as well as instead strolled towards her, Old Madam Su frowned, but then loosened up. “Miss Liu, you came for the program? I am absolutely sorry, this matter is our Su Family’s duty, please do not worry Miss Liu, we will definitely check out the scenario extensively. “Moreover, I have actually just removed Su Miao from my message. I can guarantee that something will never ever occur once again.”.

As quickly as Old Madam Su finished her sentence, Su Miao’s expression dimmed. With this, she was entirely hopeless.

” No, I’ve currently explored this matter.” Liu Rui trembled her head carefully prior to resorting to Su Miao and also grinning, “Miss Su Miao, do not worry. I have actually already explored whatever and this is not your duty.”.

When he stated that, the atmosphere in the hall came to be stressful once more.

What, it had not been Su Miao’s obligation?

Could it be that somebody was really up to something?

Everybody in the Su Family checked out each other, their eyes exposing an appearance of doubt.

” Liu …” “Miss Liu, exactly what is taking place?” Old Madam Su’s expression iced up.

Liu Rui didn’t say anything. Rather, she turned her head to consider the close-by Liu Rui … Su Hai!

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