The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 45 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 45 (Jealous)

Su Hai’s body shook and his expression came to be flustered.

When Liu Rui had claimed that she had explored completely previously, he had actually really hoped that there was a sliver of hope in his heart. Nevertheless, when she fired him a look, his heart sank to the bottom.

” The 3 of you, can be found in also.” Liu Rui changed her look far from Su Hai as well as yelled in the direction of the door.

Soon after, 3 employees in charge of Liu Rui’s earphones strolled in with their heads lowered.

When Su Hai saw the three of them clearly, his mind went empty and he was completely shocked.

” You three, speak.” Liu Rui stated.

After Liu Rui stated this, the individual standing in the middle of the three elevated his head. After checking out, he aimed at Su Hai and stated, “Mr. Su Hai purchased us to do this.”

” That’s right, he gave us three bucks to deal with Miss Liu Rui’s earphones and informed us that there would be other benefits hereafter.”

” That’s right, that’s right. That’s him!”

The various other 2 mentioned.


Was it actually Su Hai’s doing?

Hearing words of these 3, everybody in Su Household were surprised. They never ever believed that the reality of this issue would resemble this, this … This was as well difficult to accept.

” Dammit …” Su Hai intended to curse, but ingested his words back down. The person before him was a performer that was recognized for his home entertainment skills. He was not a person he could pay for to annoy.

Su Hai did not attempt to get upset at Liu Rui. Could it be that he did not risk to obtain angry at the three of them? He glared at the 3 of them menacingly, and the danger in his voice was noticeable to anyone that heard him.

She still did not think that Su Hai would certainly do such a thing that would certainly harm the rate of interests of the Su Family. She stated with a serious expression: “This is not a joke, the three of you far better not incorrectly frame a good person. You should understand that slander can be prosecuted.”

On one side was Su Hai’s hazard, and also on the other was Old Madam Su’s fascism. The three staff members considered each other and bitterly grinned. This money was really hot. If they recognized earlier, they wouldn’t have coveted this small amount of money.

He took the cash, yet he still attracted attention as well as directed at Su Hai, this have to have annoyed him to death.

It wouldn’t be simple for him to get along with the 3 of them in the future.

Contrasted to Liu Guobahn, Su Hai couldn’t even be thought about as a more youthful sibling. Angering Su Hai would certainly be hard, but angering Liu Guobahn meant that there was no chance out.

Among them gritted his teeth as well as stated, “I have the evidence.”

” We have one also!” The various other 2 likewise spoke up.

” Mr. Su Hai’s transfer records are all on our phones.”

As they spoke, the three of them opened up the transfer records. For a moment, the evidence was undeniable. The stone hammer might no more be made use of.

Old Madam Su’s face rotated in between eco-friendly and white. She was so mad that her head was rotating. She aimed at Su Hai with her shivering finger and stated, “Hai …” You … Why are you doing this? ”

Su Hai opened his mouth, however located that he was not able to claim anything.

He fell to the ground like a deflated balloon.

Currently, Su Miao, who was standing sideways, lastly heaved a sigh of relief. The truth of this issue had ultimately been examined completely.

Old Madam Su looked at Su Hai with a pained expression, unable to claim a word. She reduced her anger and also claimed to Liu Rui, “Miss Liu, this old woman really did not technique you well.

No matter exactly how Su Hai made a mistake, he was still his most beloved grandson. Liu Rui was just an outsider to him, so she still wanted to advocate Su Hai.

Liu Rui claimed expressionlessly: “This matter is something that your Su Family has actually created. You can handle it on your own. Just don’t dissatisfy me excessive.”

Old Madam Su understood the significance behind her words. She has to provide a satisfying explanation for this issue.

She glared at Su Hai: “You vile generate, it was done in vain for me to invest all my effort to nurture you, this is just how you settle me … You disappoint me! “From today onwards, you are not enabled to conflict in any type of matters of the company. You are not allowed to get out of the house for half a year!”

” Grandmother, do not, I … I understand I was wrong.” Su Hai kneeled on the ground and also asked for mercy.

Old Madam Su really did not look at him, however turned to take a look at Liu Rui. “Miss Liu, are you pleased with this treatment?”

Liu Rui didn’t claim anything as she considered Chen Yang.

Seeing Chen Yang nod, she stated, “That’s it.”

Seeing Liu Rui nod, Old Madam Su heaved a sigh of relief. As long as she didn’t pursue the matter any type of better, it would certainly be very easy.

” After that allow’s forget about it.” Liu Rui then said, “Yet I have a problem.”

” Miss Liu, please talk!”

As long as she can forgive Su Family, ignore a single problem, she would certainly agree to also ten conditions.

Liu Rui smiled and walked to Su Miao’s side, revealing, “In the future, Miss Su Miao will certainly be accountable for my product packaging and promo. I will not acknowledge any individual else’s interference, do you understand?”


Only identify Su Miao?

Hearing this, the people from the Su Family members were shocked once again.

Su Miao was the just one he identified when he was dealing with Fantasy Narcissist. Currently, Liu Rui actually claimed the exact same thing … What the hell was going on?

” Alright, since Miss Liu has said so, our Su Household will definitely support you fully.” Old Madam Su was actually extremely unwilling, yet Liu Rui had already stated it so emphatically that no matter how unwilling she was, she could only nod as well as concur.

No one had actually anticipated that the task of packing Liu Rui would go back to Su Miao in simply a few minutes.

Liu Rui had said so herself. This amounted obtaining an imperial edict, making it difficult for anybody to interfere in this matter.

They were genuinely jealous of her. Although Liu Rui’s photo had actually briefly decreased, with the sources and also channels of the entertainment firm, they would most definitely have the ability to gain her.

To be able to obtain near to such a future celebrity, Su Miao would certainly have the ability to make money in the future.

Su Hai was on the brink of rips. He had actually also provided up all his initiatives to help Su Miao.

After she finished what she required to do, Liu Rui grinned and strolled to Chen Yang’s side, “Sibling Yang, I have absolutely nothing else to do, so I’ll be leaving first!”

Liu Rui stated respectfully.


Brother Yang?

Liu Rui really called this trash Brother Yang?

Oh my god, did they have problems with their ears?

Everyone was surprised, their mouths wide open in speechlessness.

When Old Madam Su heard Liu Rui’s address, she was surprised. This … What was taking place?

” Mm, you can return to your work first.” Chen Yang responded as well as stated.

Hearing this, Liu Rui grinned gently, after that promptly left on her high heels, accompanied by three employee. They left the Manor of Su Household as if they were getting away, and checked out each other.

After Liu Rui left, Chen Yang stood, stretched his body as well as said slackly, “We cheated our own family. We have genuinely obtained expertise.”

The ridicule in his tone was undisguised.

When Old Madam Su heard this, she stayed quiet. She remembered her earlier oath that it was difficult for Su Hai to be the perpetrator. Her face was burning as if she had been slapped in the face.

The remainder of the Su Household also had made complex expressions. They wished to antiphon, however discovered that they had no toughness to do so.

Chen Yang grinned and gradually went out of the hall.

As soon as he walked out of the door, Su Miao chased after him, “Chen Yang, wait a minute.”

Chen Yang quit strolling as well as turned his head to check out her: “What’s wrong my partner?”

Su Miao blushed when she heard Chen Yang’s intimate address. If it was before, she would have currently been angry. At this moment, she was in fact a little reluctant in her heart.

Nevertheless, she didn’t chase him out to be timid. She assumed for a moment and also voiced out her doubts, “Did you already know the reality prior to coming below? And also … What’s taking place between you and Liu Rui? ”

Su Miao bit her lips, her words carrying a trace of examination.

” Wifey, you …” Are you envious? “

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