The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 47 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 47 (Primrose)

What was different from when Old Man Xu Qianshaan evaluated porcelain was that when Chen Yang assessed porcelain, the scene was noisy.

The previous was filled with reverence as well as love, while the latter was watching the circus like a clown.

Honor Appraiser?


Miss Xu was still too young. How could she rely on such a brat? Everybody was curious to see exactly how he would make a fool of himself in the future.

Xu Xiaorou ended up being anxious. Was Chen Yang also confident?

One needed to know that his grandpa had currently provided him an appraisal. From his point of view, wasn’t he being a little also conceited …?

Back then, if he displeased his grandfather, that would certainly not be good.

Chen Yang took a look around the blue and also white porcelain for some time. Then, he all of a sudden stretched out his finger and also flipped on heaven and white porcelain container.

A crisp noise rang out.

” Promptly quit, if we crash into something, can you afford it?” The middle-aged man’s expression altered as he fast stopped her.

When the antique shop owners saw this scene, they likewise trembled their heads.

A son-in-law of the Su Family members, he’s still too young.

He needed to touch the bottle gently to identify the porcelain, it wasn’t like him, where he could touch it with his fingers. This was too unprofessional.

Likewise, when inspecting treasures, one typically had to wear a pair of white handwear covers to stop the finger prints from harming the antique and to prevent it from slipping away.

Xu Qianshaan, that was standing on the side, exclaimed softly.

Chen Yang’s activities seemed really amateur, also kid’s play. He appeared to have seen his distinct approach of evaluating treasures prior to …


Chen Yang made a silent gesture, after that he put his ear near to the bottle as well as paid attention silently to the noise of the porcelain.

After doing all this, Chen Yang put down the porcelain and turned back to Xu Xiaorou claiming, “How much does he wish to market this blue and also white porcelain for?”

Before Xu Xiaorou could respond, the middle-aged man talked initially, “8 hundred thousand, not a solitary cent less.”

Eight hundred thousand?

Chen Yang squinted his eyes and giggled to himself. He then claimed affirmatively to Xu Xiaorou, “800 thousand can be acquired.”

What Chen Yang and Wang Qian found out one of the most about is the recognition of porcelain.

Whether it was the color of the polish or the structure, it was exactly as Xu Qianshaan said. It was all excellent quality, yet the age couldn’t be established due to the fact that the pattern was actually painted by a blonde foreigner.

Chen Yang additionally agreed with Xu Qianshaan’s appraisal, yet he quickly found out the secret concealed under the porcelain.

All-time low of the fetus was extremely thick, as well as there was a layer of grey soil. Chen Yang recognized this soil, it was the remains of the glutinous rice juice, it was absolutely a triple soil.

As A Result, Chen Yang determined that this should have simply been discovered.


Eight hundred thousand can be purchased?

Prior To Xu Xiaorou could react, the surrounding people burst into giggling.

” Aiyo, it’s so funny.”

” Child, are you blind? There are hundreds of these inventions in the ceramic market.”

” That’s right. Eight hundred thousand even more. I believe you have actually gone mad.”

Su Yu covertly drank her head when she saw that Chen Yang had been mocked by everyone. She was absolutely mosting likely to upset Grandpa Xu this moment.

Xu Xiaorou’s expression was very made complex. She thought that he would certainly state something unusual, but all of a sudden, he made her pay 8 hundred thousand yuan for this “contemporary inventions”. She began to presume if she had actually made a mistake in employing Chen Yang as her online reputation, Evaluator.

Xu Qianshaan frowned as his expression turned awful. He reversed and also asked Xu Xiaorou in a low voice, “Is this the track record Appraiser that you spent thirty thousand a month for?”

This was excessive of a joke. If this brat was like this, not to mention thirty thousand, also three thousand wouldn’t be worth it.

Xu Xiaorou bit her lips without saying a word, but her face was purged red.

Right now, the middle-aged man laughed loudly. He strolled up and also patted Chen Yang’s shoulder: “This little brother knows what benefits himself.”

Chen Yang grinned as well as didn’t state anything.

Seeing his granddaughter flushing in pity, Xu Qianshaan did not blame her anymore. He could just reverse as well as vent his anger on Chen Yang: “Tell me, is this point worth 8 hundred thousand yuan?”

And also 8 hundred thousand, even 8 million deserved it! There was no loss in getting the bottle.

Chen Yang believed in his heart, however he maintained his calmness and stated: “Old man, don’t get as well developed, go discover a brush for me initially, you’ll understand.”

Xu Qianshaan was impatient to start with, but when he listened to Chen Yang get even more brushes, he really felt much more dissatisfied about the boy’s blabbering.

He coldly snorted as well as said to Yang Jun, “Yang, go and give him that brush. I wish to see what type of medicine he’s entered his gourd!”

” Yes sir!”

After Yang Jun listened to the order, he right away obtained a brush from under the counter that was particularly used to brush the antique dirt.

” Hey, this is the brush you desire!”

Taking the brush from Yang Jun, Chen Yang stated, “Oh, I almost neglected to tell you. Please bring me another set of white handwear covers and a data.”

Yang Jun did not move and rather looked at Old Master Xu.

Xu Qianshaan said angrily, “What are you considering me for? Go get it!”

” Ok.” Yang Jun responded to with grievance. He reversed, took out a set of white handwear covers as well as a data and handed it to Chen Yang.

After Chen Yang wore the gloves, he turned the bottle upside down and began to grind it delicately with the documents in his hand.

He even used a brush to clean to get rid of the dust.

Every person stopped chatting when they saw Chen Yang’s pose. They all extended their necks, terrified that they would miss the next step.

Chen Yang very carefully utilized a file to grind the soil at the end of the bottle.

The procedure was destined to be long.

At first, everyone believed that it was a novel, yet as time passed, the crowd became agitated.

” F * ck, this fool actually made use of a file to grind the bottom of the bottle. Isn’t he worried of breaking the bottle?”

” Sigh, it’s obvious that the bottom of the bottle was so thick when it was made. He couldn’t also see this.”

Old Man Xu had always been a restless individual, so when he listened to everyone’s words, he came to be a lot more irritated.

The middle-aged male saw Chen Yang making use of a documents to grind all-time low of heaven flower holder and quickly stated, “Everybody saw it, he’s making use of a file to grind my vase. Whether you buy it or not, you have actually currently worn this flower holder out.

Chen Yang really did not say anything and focused on honing the vase.

Time passed little by little. The originally thick soil was slowly abraded by Chen Yang with his file, revealing the original face of the environment-friendly vase.

” Manager Yang, could I difficulty you to bring me a bottle of water? This container just has a little bit delegated grind with a file.” Chen Yang politely stated to the sleepy Yang Jun at the side.

Hearing Chen Yang’s words, Yang Junqiang livened up, obtained a bottle of mineral water and passed it to Chen Yang.

” Thank you!” Chen Yang thanked him and also took the bottle. He unscrewed the cap as well as put the water into all-time low of the bottle.

Slowly, a magical scene took place. A vermillion seal appeared at the bottom of the fetus. Chen Yang was overjoyed. As anticipated, it was as he had anticipated.

He could not help yet speed up his hand movements.

5 mins later on, Chen Yang quit.

Preserving this action for a long period of time made Chen Yang’s muscle mass ache. Although the procedure was quite unpleasant, the outcome made him really excited.

” Look, what is this!”

Chen Yang stated to Xu Qianshaan and the rest as he turned the bottle to the bottom.

Xu Qianshaan, that had been impatiently waiting, right away walked over. When he saw the vermilion seal at the end of the bottle, he was surprised: “Primaeval Azure Flower!”

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