The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 48 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 48 (Exposure)

“That’s right, this is the Yuan Qing Blossom.” Chen Yang smiled as well as responded.

” What?” Primaeval Azure Blossom? ”

A few antique shop proprietors turned pale with fright as they bordered him. When they saw the red stamp, they were all stunned.

At the same time, Xu Xiaorou as well as Su Yu’s hearts were pounding hugely.

How precious was this Prehistoric Azure Flower?

In the previous two years, a single Ghost Valley Yuan Cyan Flower of the Jaddeth Auction House had auctioned off an overpriced price of over 200 million.

Looking at Xu Qianshaan’s thrilled face, both girls really did not have the slightest little bit of uncertainty.

” This azure vase is really a Primordial Azure Blossom!”

” Paradises, this is also magical.”

” Yet …” “Something does not appear right …” Manager Liu from the antique store was reluctant. “The characters on this flower holder clearly portrayed an immigrant. That’s not right!”

” Yes, Manager Liu is right.”

The other antique shops nodded, agreeing with Employer Liu’s words.

Prior to Chen Yang also opened his mouth, Xu Qianshaan claimed, “Blue and also white porcelain began in the Han Empire and flourished in the Yuan Dynasty. The land area of the Yuan Empire, including the four vassal states, was 33 million kilometers, which was a lengthy means across Eurasia, so normally the Europeans had blonde hair and also blue eyes. ”

Hearing Xu Qianshaan’s description, the antique shop owners were all of a sudden informed.

” Ai ai, I have actually heard a lot from you people. Do you desire this vase or not? If you do not, I’ll go find somebody else.” Currently, the middle-aged male at the side impatiently claimed.

When Chen Yang heard this, he covertly smiled.

This other, it was obvious that he was an amateur. Ordinary people would certainly recognize that this was a good treasure the minute they listened to Yuan Qinghua, and the price would quickly begin at 10 million. He just asked for eight hundred thousand.

There was something incorrect with this middle-aged male. Chen Yang frowned.

” Get, acquire!”

The moment the middle-aged male ended up talking, Xu Qianshaan responded his head and shouted at Yang Jun, “Quick, rapidly provide the cash to this mister!”

After he ended up talking, he meticulously put away the blue and also white porcelain container and let Xu Xiaorou take an unique antique safe to keep.

This action made minority antique store proprietors extremely jealous. They checked out Old Master Xu with jealous gazes, since they had missed out on something large.

This was all thanks to Chen Yang. The means they checked out Chen Yang now was entirely various.

Exactly how is this not knowing? This is plainly concealing his real capacities.

After Yang Jun was finished with his account, the middle-aged man obtained his phone as well as inspected his account prior to entrusting a face packed with pleasure.

Xu Qianshaan strolled to Chen Yang’s side as well as stated with an ashamed face, “Mr. Chen, if it wasn’t for you, I would certainly have lost out on this prize.”

Chen Yang smiled faintly as well as stated: “Grandfather Xu is too courteous, it’s just a matter of task.”

Seeing Chen Yang not proud of his success, Xu Qianshaan was also a lot more pleased. Mr. Chen’s achievements in vintages are very high, you need to listen to Mr. Chen’s opinion in the future.”

” It’s grandpa.” Upon getting such praise, Xu Xiaorou was thrilled.

” Today, you purchased some treasures for my Su Household. Tonight, this old man will certainly treat you and me, so we can have a few beverages. What do you assume?”

Prehistoric Azure Flower!

The price of the eco-friendly flower holder sold two years earlier was much lower than the one he acquired today, whether it was the dimension or color of the polish. This vassal state tribute had far more historic details than the green vase of the Ghost Valley.

He hadn’t assumed that a treasure of this degree would fall into his hands also.

Also for a master at Xu Qianshaan’s degree, his state of mind was upset.

Whatever, he needed to consume alcohol with him today.

Chen Yang was not interested in Xu Qianshaan’s invitation.

Presently, every one of his interest was concentrated on that middle-aged man.

” Drink?” “Perhaps another time. I still have some urgent issues to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first.” Looking at the instructions where the middle-aged man had actually left, Chen Yang claimed a couple of words before hurriedly leaving the Prize Structure.

Xu Qianshaan, Xu Xiaorou, and the others took a look at each other in confusion. They did not understand why he left in such a rush.

Chen Yang quietly followed the middle-aged man as he saw him leave.

After the middle-aged man offered the flower holder, he was incredibly pleased. At the same time, he was likewise exceptionally alert. As he walked, he regularly took a look around, as if he hesitated that he would be considered by a person.

This was the indicator of a guilty conscience.

Seeing that the middle-aged man was so cautious, Chen Yang really did not dare to adhere to also very closely.

After strolling momentarily, a van stopped by his side. The middle-aged male got into the van and also the van reversed, heading eastern of the city.

Chen Yang promptly went back to drive his Mercedes-Benz.

This imported Mercedes-Benz [S] Class car was indeed powerful and also promptly reached the van.

Chen Yang was afraid that they would observe, so he didn’t dare to comply with too closely.

Twenty mins later, Chen Yang got to Mang Hill with the van.

Dong Mang Hill was an untaught chain of mountains in the Xichuan City, as well as was even a burial ground. The graves on the mountain, of different sizes, were largely packed, triggering the sightseers’ scalps to go numb.

Presently, the sunlight had actually set and the sky had actually progressively dimmed.

The minivan stopped in a fairly level clearing at the center of the mountain. The chauffeur as well as the middle-aged man left the van as well as climbed up a winding hill roadway.

Chen Yang parked the automobile in an instead secretive location as well as followed them.

When the hill wind saw the yard guiding in the wind, occasionally revealing a marsh tomb as well as broken tombstones, Chen Yang obtained goosebumps.

F * ck, could it be that these 2 guys are going to dig the tomb right here?

Could it be that Yuan Qing flower was removed from this mountain?

Chen Yang presumed in his mind, and also soon, both people in front quit.

He swiftly crouched down and concealed behind a tree to observe.

Chen Yang was surprised when he saw that.

A loads meters in advance, a loads or so people were excavating a protruding hillside with hammers as well as shovels in their hands.

Amongst the loads approximately individuals, there was a bald-faced guy who was undoubtedly the leader. He was smoking cigarettes as well as continuously commanding everybody.

Right now, seeing that the middle-aged male had returned, the baldy hurriedly increased to him and asked, “Come back, just how was it?”

The middle-aged man stated excitedly, “He did it. He offered it for eight hundred thousand.”

” Holy crap, 8 hundred thousand yuan. Is that container worth that much?”

The baldy was stunned. He after that took a deep breath and also revealed a thrilled expression on his face.

When the employees around them heard this, they ended up being ecstatic and began to work even more enthusiastically.

” Boss, it feels like we really did not choose the wrong place.”

” We’re mosting likely to make a fortune this time around.”

Seeing them stop to chat, all the work in his hands quit, the baldy amusingly reprimanded: “What are you standing there for, one bottle is only eight hundred thousand, then if a few even more containers came, would not most of us be rich?” Hurry up and dig, there’s most definitely extra excellent things inside. ”

Even if they had money, they would certainly have inspiration. Even without him talking, the group appeared to be on stimulants as they sported their hammers even more intensely.

Although Chen Yang was rather a range away, he couldn’t keep back their loud voices.

Appears like that Yuan Qing Blossom was dug out from here. This burial place is not basic.

These men were making use of hammers and shovels to dig almost everywhere. What happens if the social antiques inside were destroyed? These were all prizes left by the old forefather.

What should he do?

Chen Yang couldn’t think about any type of great approaches presently.

Unexpectedly, the voice of the baldy was heard. “Who is hiding somewhere? Venture out here right now! ”

Chen Yang was stunned.

It was over. He had actually been uncovered.

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