The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 50 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 50 (Sects)

Yu Lan was stunned when she saw Chen Yang beat these people so quickly. Her stunning eyes looked at him as if she wished to see something from him.

Chen Yang was likewise shocked. Just how did he end up being so good at combating? His body appeared to have endless energy.

” Why are you …”

Yu Lan opened her mouth as if she wanted to claim something, yet as the pill’s impacts were currently working its way via her body, she really felt weak around and didn’t also have the toughness to speak.

” Can you stand up?” Chen Yang squatted down as well as unknoted the rope on Yu Lan’s body.

Yu Lan claimed with problem, “No …” “I can’t …”

Damn, isn’t this tablet as well overstated?

He frowned as well as said, “Let me see if that baldy has the antidote.”

With that, Chen Yang walked to the baldy’s side and searched around. Apart from some personal belongings, there was no remedy in any way.

Just as he was browsing, he found something weird with the hairless male’s abdominal area. The moment he lifted up his clothes, he located 2 publications of old publications hidden inside.

He was a little curious. This bald male had actually concealed these two old publications in his garments. They must have been dug out from the tomb. He should have absolutely hidden them privately.

He blurted a cool laugh. This baldy was fine, yet he remained in for a beating.

Thinking of this, he secured both ancient books out of inquisitiveness. Through the blurred handwriting on the cover of the books, he about recognized what these 2 publications were.

On the cover of one, it stated “The Eight Trigrams Rising Wind as well as Water” while on the cover of the other, it claimed “The Thousand Gold Prescription”.

According to the title of guide, among them was a dish for Feng Shui.

He was curious about this old scripture of Feng Shui, so he delicately flipped open the book, as well as saw a row of neat little words: Taiji brought to life two photos, 2 pictures gave birth to 4 photos, 4 pictures gave birth to 8 words, as well as gossip …

Chen Yang reviewed it out silently. In addition to being a little bit uncomfortable, he likewise really felt that it was a bit profound. However, if he were to recognize it carefully, it was not that difficult to comprehend.

In the very first fifty percent of this novel, it explained how the Yang Manor was arranged according to the setting of the gossip, along with the relationship between the feng shui as well as the chatter.

The latter half was the Yin Residence. After the dead were hidden, how to explain the acupuncture factors would normally be the burial place.

Whether it was the Yang Home or the Yin House, they all had their own thorough descriptions, and some even had their very own summaries and also explanations.

” Eh, the format of this manor looks so acquainted, I believe I’ve seen it before.” Chen Yang unexpectedly bore in mind: “Damn, isn’t this the same as my household’s layout?”

Chen Yang looked at the description listed below as well as saw that it was written: The location of the house is square, yet it is not fit for cash and also can not be accumulated. After living below, individuals will not prosper, and also things will certainly not work out.

Seeing this, Chen Yang lastly recognized.

It was no surprise that Su Miao’s Su Family members was constantly being reduced. Su Miao’s firm also frequently fell short to invest in them, causing a scarcity of funds.

Emotions are not just a matter of people. It ends up that it has to do with the feng shui layout of the house also.

Reflecting to what took place in the past 2 years, Chen Yang unexpectedly pertained to an awareness.

Equally as he wished to remain to see if he could break this Feng Shui strategy, Yu Lan’s weak voice originated from behind him. “Chen …” Chen Yang, you … Found … Have you discovered the remedy for the pill? “

Chen Yang smacked his temple and kept in mind that Yu Lan was still beside him. He quickly folded up the two old publications and put them on his body. After that, he stood up and also said to Yu Lan, “Yes, I have actually searched and found no remedy.”

Yu Lan looked a little dissatisfied when she listened to that.

Chen Yang walked over and also stated, “Exactly how about, I send you to the health center?”

” No …” It’s okay, Medical professional … The health center won’t be able to treat it.” Yu Lan stated with difficulty, “This …” The medicinal result of the pill … There were only twelve hours left. After twelve hours passed, … “Then I’ll be fine!”

A tip of doubt flashed throughout Chen Yang’s eyes. Exactly how did this Yu Lan understand so much about this tablet?

However, Yu Lan didn’t give him much time to assume. She increased her hand with much trouble and also claimed, “You …” You take my cell phone out of my pocket … “Call the police!”

Chen Yang responded, squatted down, as well as reached into her pocket for her phone.

Yu Lan was putting on limited denims with a limited pocket. Chen Yang put his hand into the bag to feel for the phone and mistakenly touched her tight upper legs.

Although it was divided by a layer of pockets, he can still clearly really feel that smooth feeling.

He could not assist however ingest his saliva, particularly when the faint fragrance of Yu Lan’s body entered his nose, making his mouth go completely dry.

He took a deep breath, required himself to cool down, and also called the police.

After making the call, Chen Yang placed the phone back in her pocket as well as said with a smile, “Alright, your associates will be below soon.”

Yu Lan responded somewhat and stared at Chen Yang with her lovely eyes. “Why did you come here?”

Chen Yang smiled and also described, “Seeing them sneaking up the hill, I was curious and followed them to have a look. That would have believed that they were really robbing tombs.”

Chen Yang spoke extremely delicately, and Yu Lan did not doubt his words.

If one idea meticulously, there were actually many flaws in Chen Yang’s words. Yu Lan’s body was weak and her mind was muddled, so she was not able to concentrate. Therefore, Chen Yang handled to trick her.

After ten minutes of waiting, a warning bell rang at the foot of the mountain.

Chen Yang swept aside the dirt on his body and stated to Yu Lan, “Your coworker came, so I’ll be leaving initially.”

Before he might also take two steps, Yu Lan’s weak yell came from behind him, “You …” “Don’t go yet …”

Chen Yang turned around as well as considered Yu Lan with a wry smile, “You understand the ins and outs of this matter, so I don’t require to return to the police headquarters to record my statement, do I?”

” Chen …” “Chen Yang.” Yu Lan panted, “Can you …” Can you take me down the hill first? “

Chen Yang really did not react and also asked in confusion, “Why?”.

” You … “Don’t ask, I plead you.” Yu Lan stated anxiously.

She was the emperor of the Xichuan City Offender Investigation Squad, and also individuals under her had actually constantly been very respectful in the direction of her, yet she herself had virtually fallen into the hands of a lot of tomb robbers.

Besides, if they saw his current sorry state, they would most definitely laugh to death.

Chen Yang responded. “Alright, I’ll bring you down the hill.”.

With that said, Chen Yang walked to her side, supported her up, as well as curved to aid her up.

The minute Chen Yang lugged him, he couldn’t aid however ingest his saliva.

” You … You’re holding me limited.” Chen Yang claimed.

Yu Lan’s face was extremely red, but she hesitated that she would drop, so she hugged Chen Yang’s neck firmly.

Chen Yang’s cars and truck wasn’t too far away from here. A few minutes later on, Chen Yang placed Chen Yang in the front seat as well as drove her home.

Yu Lan’s home was located in a superior area south of Xichuan City. Her residence was swept extremely easily as well as was spotlessly clean. There was even a faint scent in her bed room that was precisely the like the smell on her body.

After placing Yu Lan on the bed, Chen Yang was sweating a lot. Yu Lan might not be able to make it, however it was still also much.

Simply when Chen Yang will sweat, Yu Lan asked, “Chen Yang, tell me the truth, you …” Just which sect’s devotee are you? “.


What sect?

Chen Yang was stunned when he heard Yu Lan’s words.

” What did you say?” “What sect?”.

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