The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 52 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 52 (Sunburst Technology)

After returning to Yu Lan’s home, Chen Yang had a few bags of natural herbs covered in fueled oil paper in his hands.

The book said that for refining Pill, it would certainly be best to use a pill heating system. If there was no pill heater, it would be feasible to utilize a pot to steam the medicine, yet the medicinal strength would certainly be somewhat weaker.

He didn’t require to think about the pill furnace for now.

I’ll have to replace it with a clay pot for the time being.

Chen Yang started to fine-tune the Obstacle Breaking Pill after he had dispersed all the ingredients according to the proportion.

At this time, the advantages of modern technology appeared. Refining Barrier Damaging Pill had very high fire needs, and also this could be easily managed via the oven.

However, the moment it required to improve a Barrier Breaking Pill was instead long and it would take 2 hours. Chen Yang felt bored, so he got guide Eight Trigrams, Feng Shui and Xiang and also started reading it carefully.

The book was created effectively. Chen Yang thought it would be hard to understand, yet he really did not expect it to be so simple. Chen Yang was mesmerized by it.

While reading the book, Chen Yang couldn’t aid however look at the format of Yu Lan’s room. He quietly compared it to what was written on the book and verified it one by one.

An hour later on, Chen Yang involved the verdict that the design of Yu Lan’s home was extremely sensible. Feng Shui had not been very excellent, it wasn’t that poor either.

Unconsciously, two hours had passed.

Chen Yang shut guide as well as shut down the fire. He could not wait to open up the lid of the jar.

In the instant that the cover was lifted, a delicate fragrance wafted out from the container.

It’s actually magical, rationally talking, the Chinese medicine inside ought to have an unpleasant Chinese medicine scent, however the fragrance was in fact originating from inside.

He promptly checked out the container as well as saw a black and also purple Tablet inside. This made Chen Yang’s heart tremble and also his enjoyment rose involuntarily.

After loading the important things in the kitchen, Chen Yang covered the Barrier Breaking Pill impatiently as well as went back to the living room.

Looking at the moment, it was already early in the morning. Chen Yang was afraid that Yu Lan would be in problem in the middle of the evening, so he made a decision to just push the couch for the entire night.

The following day at dawn, Yu Lan woke up parched in her room.

She concerned the living-room and also found Chen Yang curled up on the sofa.

” Eh, why haven’t you left yet?” Yu Lan walked over as well as trembled Chen Yang.

Chen Yang opened his drowsy eyes and saw Yu Lan standing close to him. He massaged his eyes as well as claimed, “You’re awake.”

” Yes.” Yu Lan nodded. “Why really did not you leave?”

” You’re so weak. I was afraid that the pill might have side effects, so …” Chen Yang scrubed his nose as well as stood from the sofa.

Yu Lan’s face reddened. Reflecting to exactly how she oversleeped the very same space with a male last evening, her face flushed a little. “Thank you.”

After Chen Yang said this, he looked at Yu Lan with some question. “Didn’t you state that it would take 12 hours to return to operations?

Breaking via to the Innate World was not that very easy. Several of her elders had died in the Gotten Perfection test, so also though her talent was great, it would not be simple for her to damage through to the Innate World.

Chen Yang’s heart missed a beat as he grinned: “Isn’t it just a Xiantian realm professional, what’s so tough concerning that?”

Yu Lan was for a little while shocked, and also helplessly shook her head: “Innate isn’t that simple. It took me 10 years to reach Acquired Perfection.

Chen Yang shrugged his shoulders, secured the covered Pill from his pocket, and also said with a smile: “I have a Pill below, it should be able to aid you.”


What Pill? Yu Lan was stunned.

Chen Yang opened up the oil paper, disclosing the black as well as purple Tablet inside.

Taking a look at the Pill, her gaze was immediately drawn in.

” This … What type of Pill is this?” Yu Lan asked, puzzled.

Chen Yang intended to say that this was called a Barrier Damaging Tablet, but after some thought, he really felt that this was the very first time the Pill was fine-tuned. He really did not understand if it was actually efficient, but if it wasn’t, it would be a pity: “I do not know what sort of Pill this is, yet my friend gave it to me.”

Finally, he added on, “Initially, there was another Pill, yet I ate that one …”

Prior to he could finish, Yu Lan took the Pill from his hands and stuffed it into her mouth.

He really did not understand if this Pill was valuable, it definitely would not damage him. For Yu Lan, Chen Yang was not only her lucky star, yet likewise her rescuer. If it wasn’t for him last evening, he possibly would not have the ability to keep his virtue.

Chen Yang checked out her with a hint of assumption in his eyes.

After a min, Chen Yang asked, “Just how is it? Do you really feel anything?”

Yu Lan trembled her head as well as stated, “I don’t really feel anything.”

Holy shit, exactly how come I do not really feel anything?

He could not have made a fake medication, could he?

Seeing that Chen Yang was a bit ashamed, Yu Lan described, “I’m fine, don’t fret.”

Chen Yang scratched his head in humiliation. Just as he was about to speak, Yu Lan’s phone called. The cops team called as well as told her to promptly return to the terminal.

Chen Yang didn’t claim much and also went downstairs after bidding farewell to Yu Lan.

As he eliminated of the area, Su Miao called him.

” Chen Yang, where are you?” As quickly as the call linked, Su Miao’s upset voice came through the phone, “Something occurred at home!”

” What’s wrong?” Chen Yang’s heart tightened and he swiftly asked.

” My friend Jack unexpectedly disappeared. My father handed out all the cash in the family and … “Aiya, nevermind, it’s no usage telling you.” Prior To Su Miao can complete her sentence, she hung up the phone.

She was a bit inflamed. She really did not recognize why she had actually called him. So what if she informed him? He could not help.

After Chen Yang was hung up the phone, he was not angry whatsoever. He currently understood that Su Changhee utilized all the liquid capital in his Su Family to spend.

This supposed Educator Jack was plainly a swindler. This was just a fraud.

… Su Miao was Su Changhee’s little girl. It was one thing for this man to damage him and also link his other half as well as little girl, however he really did not recognize what to claim.

” Sigh …”

Chen Yang sighed, “Forget it. It’s a suit between hubby and also spouse. I’ll aid you again.”

As he stated this, he turned to his contact list and located a contact number that he had not called in almost 5 years.

” President Chen, what orders do you have?” When the other event received the call, his tone was very respectful.

” Little Jie, there’s something that I require your aid with.” Chen Yang claimed gently into the phone.

Little Jie’s complete name was Ding Jie. He was the CEO of Scorching Sunlight Technology. On the surface, he was the Chief Executive Officer of the company, yet the genuine manager was Chen Yang.

Five years ago, Chen Yang purchased the establishment of warm sun innovation, the full authority of Wu steel administration.

It took him five years to slowly develop Fiery Sunlight Innovation from a small company right into a leading modern technology venture throughout the country.

Obviously, other than Ding Jie, no one else understood about the financial investment in Fiery Solar Technology. Even Chen Family members people didn’t understand that Chen Yang had such a company under his name.

” Tell me, I will definitely do it well for you.” Ding Jie claimed excitedly. After 5 years, Chen Yang ultimately contacted him.

Just like Zhao Heeqiu as well as Zhou Ming, Ding Jie was a diaosi with absolutely nothing to lose. If not for Chen Yang’s depend on, he would certainly still be working overtime day and night with a wage of several thousand yuan.

” Instantly arrange for someone to visit the Xichuan City and then …”

As Chen Yang stated this, Ding Jie took the paper and also composed it down, worried that he would certainly miss something. After Chen Yang was done, Ding Jie responded, “I comprehend, President Chen, I will certainly do it now.”

Chen Yang nodded. After a minute of silence, he said to Ding Jie, “Little Jie, you have actually done well these past few years.

“Chen …” “President Chen …” When Ding Jie listened to Chen Yang’s appreciation, he choked with sobs, incapable to speak …

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