The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 55 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 55 (Good news)


He appeared to the Xiantian world?

Chen Yang was shocked for a moment and afterwards quickly came to be excited.

Haha … He initially assumed that this Thousand Gold Prescription was a fraud, but he really did not expect it to be true.

He had gotten a mountain of gold and silver.

Chen Yang seemed to see a broad road show up in front of him.

He took a deep breath to relax himself down, and claimed to Yu Lan: “I am also not exactly sure what this Tablet is called, and also my friend did not tell me.”

Hearing Chen Yang’s response, Yu Lan felt a little let down, yet she immediately supported herself. After obtaining the Pill and appearing to the Innate Realm, it was currently an arbitrary chance that could not be looked for.

She said to Chen Yang, “This time, I am really grateful. I will remember this invite in my heart. In the future, if there’s anything I can aid you with, I will definitely go through fire and water with no doubt.”

” Haha, you’re the one that stated that.” Chen Yang didn’t make believe to deny her. He wasn’t a good person, so not only did he assist Yu Lan a great deal, he was also her savior.

If Yu Lan didn’t take this favor right into consideration, he would certainly instead really feel that she had not been somebody that he might befriend deeply.

The two chatted for some time much longer prior to Yu Lan stated, a little humiliated, “Chen …” Chen Yang, if your good friend still has that Tablet, I’ll need to problem you to keep an eye out for me. I absolutely won’t let you experience a loss, alright? “

Yu Lan had no fixation with money. All she wanted was to grow and enhance her own capabilities. By doing this, she would have the capacity to capture even more hazardous suspects.

Listening to Yu Lan’s pleading tone, Chen Yang’s heart softened and he concurred.

This Obstacle Breaking Tablet was excellent, if the growers understood that he had a big number of Pill in his belongings, it would certainly most likely bring concerning a fatal catastrophe.

He understood that having a prize was a criminal offense, so he needed to take care. In the end, he alerted Yu Lan consistently, “Do not tell anybody regarding you making use of Obstacle Damaging Pill to break through to the Innate Realm. My friend is a wild crane, and also I don’t such as being interrupted by too many individuals.”

Yu Lan responded her head. For these kinds of strange people, many of them had an unusual temper.

After hanging up, Chen Yang rubbed his glabella. Given that he guaranteed Yu Lan, he could not break his guarantee.

After completing the job, Chen Yang got the ceramic pot for developing medication and also the natural herbs needed to make the Barrier Breaking Pill, after that he went back to the company.

As soon as he got in the office, Mi Xue can be found in to report on his work.

Seeing that Chen Yang was carrying a big as well as little bag of stuff, Mi Xue was stunned for a moment prior to she asked, “Head of state Chen, are you mosting likely to steam some Chinese medicine?”

Chen Yang put the jar and also the Chinese medication on the tea table and also claimed, “Mhmm, I wasn’t really feeling well these two days, so I acquired some Chinese medication.”

” Let me do the harsh job.”

” No need, I can do it myself.” Chen Yang trembled his head and claimed, “You must get busy. Oh, by the way, if there’s nothing important in the mid-day, don’t come in and interrupt me.”

” Understood, Head Of State Chen!” Mi Xue left the record on her desk and also went out of the workplace.

After Mi Xue left, Chen Yang began to disperse the Obstacle Damaging Tablet’s medical ingredients according to the ratio.

This moment, he intended to refine a few even more Tablet and maintain them with him in case he needed them.

After investing a mid-day’s time, Chen Yang successfully improved 2 Obstacle Damaging Tablet.

After finishing up the black as well as purple Tablet, just as Chen Yang will pack up, his phone rang. He took a look at the customer ID as well as saw that it was his 2nd uncle, the Patriarch of Chen Yang, Chen Tianzong, calling.

Ever since he spent 5 billion to assist his family make it through this crisis, Chen Tianzong never contacted him again.

Chen Yang leaned lazily on the sofa as well as illuminated a Cuban cigar for himself. He chose up the phone, “Second Uncle, why did you call me?”

He didn’t come here for no reason. It was probably because he needed her help.

Isn’t this the way Chen Household people do points? He was currently used to it!

” Hur hur, haven’t I not called him for a very long time?”

” Tell me, 2nd Uncle, what’s the issue this time around?” Chen Yang took a smoke on his stogie and also gradually exhaled.

” Oh, Yang, there’s something good going on this time around.” Chen Tianzong stated with a smile.

Good thing?

Exists a good thing that can take my turn?

Chen Yang twitched his lips in ridicule. He knew his 2nd uncle’s personality also well. Even his son could not stress over him, so why would certainly he seek him?

What a joke!

Chen Tianzong said, “Lei is marrying tomorrow. Regardless of what, I need to inform you, the older brother, that if you can come and attend his wedding, Lei will certainly be very pleased.”


Bouquet is getting married tomorrow?

Chen Yang was both stunned and also delighted when he listened to the information: “Alright, I’ll be there for certain tomorrow.”

” Alright.”.

After hanging up, Chen Yang was indescribably delighted in his heart.

This was certainly a good thing. Furthermore, it was a joyous occasion.

Chen Lei was 2 years more youthful than Chen Yang. He matured in Chen Household and also was Chen Tianzong’s followed child.

It could be stated that in the Chen Household, the individual closest to Chen Yang was Chen Bouquet.

A few years back, when Chen Yang was tossed out of the household, he was still in college at Chen Bouquet. That night, he took a plane back to Chen Family members to support Chen Yang.

He was only the followed child of the Chen Household, and generally did not have much authority in the Chen Household to speak.

Chen Yang had always remembered this issue in his heart. His brother was not his own bro, yet was better than his very own brother.

Therefore, no matter what, he had to attend this wedding event. Additionally, as his brother, he needed to prepare a massive gift for his younger brother.

In the workplace, Chen Yang slowly smoked as he considered what kind of present he must provide tomorrow …

The following day, Chen Yang got up early.

In order to go to Chen Lei’s wedding, last evening, he had specifically made a match for himself from the largest personal brand in the country as well as had asked Mi Xue to prepare a gift for him at the same time.

Currently, Chen Yang was indescribably good-looking. His well-ironed match completely fit his body. He was grinning, better than if he had actually been married.

Rental Property of Riches Xichuan City.

At this moment, there were already several extravagant cars parked outside the estate. Inside the chateau, there were many lanterns and also decorations; it was a joyful scene.

Chen Lei’s wedding celebration, was extremely grand. Chen Tianzong had invited almost all the famous people in Xichuan City to attend.

Those that got in as well as left the estate were all dressed in suits and also leather footwear, resembling they succeeded individuals. They had their partners worn fine clothes on their arms, while the bodyguards behind them held all kinds of gifts in their hands.

Vintages and treasures, pearls and jades, famous people’s calligraphy and paintings, there were also individuals that took little boxes and boxes loaded with money as presents.

At this moment, Chen Lei, dressed in a cheery fit, was standing at the entry of the chateau with his bride, Mu Sisi, to invite the guests.

” Big brother!”.

As soon as Chen Yang left the auto, Chen Lei saw it. He looked happily surprised and also quickly ran over to hug Chen Yang.

” Sisi, this is the big bro Chen Yang that I’ve been telling you about. Hurry up as well as call me large bro!”.

” Hi, Big Brother!” Mu Sisi smiled as she professionally greeted him. She recognized that her husband appreciated this senior sibling the most.

Chen Yang nodded with a smile as well as took a look at Chen Bouquet.

Although they hadn’t seen each other for more than two years, the partnership in between the two of them really did not fade with the passage of time.

” Tolerable, Lei. He’s matured as well as is becoming more and more handsome.” He patted Chen Lei’s shoulder as he lamented in his heart. The slug that had adhered to behind him in the past had now become his household. Time passed swiftly.

He then looked at Mu Sisi. This was his very first time seeing her, he could tell that she was very mild and also virtuous.

” This is a congratulatory gift from me to both of you. I wish you 2 and your spouse a harmonious partnership.” Chen Yang was in a fantastic mood and handed the prepared gift to Mu Sisi.

Currently, the hall was filled with guests that had actually come to attend the wedding.

Chen Tianzong was using an official clothing as well as was getting guests.

Cousin Chen Quan and also sister-in-law Liang Jie were also standing next to their 2nd uncle in fine outfit.

Seeing Chen Yang enter, Chen Tianzong walked over and also greeted him with a smile, “Yang, you’re below.”.

Chen Yang responded. Equally as he will talk, a strange voice originated from next to him.

” Yo, isn’t this big brother? What, the Su Household’s Home Son-in-law is tired, and also he’s willing ahead back?”.

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