The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 56 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 56 (Li Lin)

Liang Jie looked at Chen Yang with a mocking expression.

As she spoke, she purposely talked extremely noisily. The surrounding visitors all counted on check out her when they heard her words.

Sister-in-law Liang Jie may be gorgeous, but she was extremely indicate, and could even be called a petty person.

At that time when he was still in Chen Household, she only risked to urge her cousin Chen Quan to stir up trouble, and also privately drugged him with eye medicine. Now that she had left Chen Household, her ugly face was completely revealed.

He offered Liang Jie an indifferent glimpse. Did he actually assume that she did not know that she was the one behind the scenes when he was removed from the household?

Considering the bordering guests aiming at him and commenting, Chen Yang smiled as well as directly treated her as air.

Chen Yang’s mindset made Liang Jie secretly dislike him. She gritted her teeth and also stated, “Hmph, it’s simply a stray pet kicked out of the household. What about it? To believe that after spending 2 years of hard work at an unranked Su Family members, you would certainly believe that you are some sort of character? ”

This sentence was too undesirable to pay attention to. Even Chen Tianzong couldn’t stand it any kind of longer. He walked to Liang Jie’s side and stated in a low voice, “Claim much less on today’s wedding day.”

Chen Lei couldn’t stand seeing any longer as well as said: “Sister-in-law, exactly how can you say that concerning Huge Sibling? His eldest bro had actually acquired a stake in Jiang-Nan power, however his clan participants had actually misconstrued and also chased him out of the household.

Liang Jie got even much more irritated by Chen Bouquet’s words, “You’re just fortunate, what’s there to show off concerning?”

This kind of play to take power in between huge clans was the most intriguing. The surrounding guests additionally began to snicker. They could not afford to upset Chen Family, could they not pay for to offend Home Son-in-law?

He was relying on his shares in Jiang-Nan energy, without Chen Family members, what was Chen Yang worth? Counting exclusively on Jiangnan Power’s shares, he did not have the credentials to act pretentious in front of Chen Family.

Currently, his relative Chen Quan walked over, nodded and said, “Brother, it’s great that you’re back. Xiao Jie is young and unskilled, don’t mind her words.”

Her words appeared great, that cold could not be hidden.

The two of them were cousins, their partnership wasn’t that excellent ever because they were young. He was the same age as Chen Yang, but he was younger than Chen Yang monthly.

Ever since he was young, Chen Yang had constantly been stronger than him. Despite just how hard he tried, he would just be his buddy.

Particularly after he had actually wed Liang Jie, under Liang Jie’s instigation, the space between the two brothers had gotten to the factor of no reconciliation.

Chen Yang nodded without claiming anything.

” Someone come rapidly, Manager Li collapsed!”

At this moment, a nervous voice could be heard.

Every person looked towards the resource of the voice and also saw a female in a black outfit pushing the flooring.

This lady appeared to be around thirty years of ages. From her facial attributes, one could tell that she was a very stunning lady. Nonetheless, at this moment, her eyes were snugly closed as she laid still on the ground.

” Director Li?”

Chen Tianzong’s face tensed when he saw the female lying on the ground.

This woman was Lee Lin, the general manager of Black Scale Safety Team.

His little brother, Lee Hu, was among the top citizens in Xichuan City.

Relying on his little brother’s relationship, Lee Lin’s Black Scale Safety and security Team virtually monopolized all the protection related tasks in Xichuan City. They even joined the shipping of financial institutions.

Lee Lin was welcomed to Chen Bouquet’s wedding.

Since Lee Lin collapsed during the wedding event reception, if something took place, Chen Tianzong would certainly be blamed for it.

Chen Quan and Liang Jie additionally swiftly ran over.

Seeing the unconscious Lee Lin, Liang Jie shouted anxiously, “Exist any doctors? Come and see them!”

” I’m a doctor …” Currently, a tall lady walked out from the crowd. “Everyone, don’t gather together. Keep the air flowing.”

Upon seeing this woman, Liang Jie said excitedly, “Dean Lan, fast! Everybody vacate the means!”

Chen Tianzong and also Chen Quan, that were beside them, likewise breathed freely.

This gentle jade like female was called Lan Xi, and also was the supervisor of the First Individuals’s Hospital of Xichuan City. Not just was she beautiful, her clinical skills were likewise exceptional, as well as the whole Xichuan City recognized that there was a stunning wizard medical professional in the First Individuals’s Health center.

When she appeared, everyone in Chen Family felt eased.

Upon hearing Lan Xi’s words, the surrounding visitors immediately opened up a path for them. At the same time, they followed her instructions, leaving behind a huge open space to preserve the circulation of air.

Lan Xi walked to Lee Lin’s side and also bowed down to look at Lee Lin’s problem. After a moment, she said, “There might be too many individuals in the hall, so there’s just a short breath in my chest as a result of the air flow.”

After the first medical diagnosis, Lan Xi rested on the ground on her knees as well as placed Lee Lin’s head on her lengthy, jade-like legs. She then squeezed her fingers right into the center of her team.

However Lee Lin didn’t have any response.

Lan Xi frowned and called for a damp towel.

The people from Chen Family did not dare be negligent, as this was a matter of life and death, so they followed his guidelines.

Checking out the busy crowd, Chen Yang frowned.

No, this was absolutely not a coma caused by a brief breath from her breast. The factor why Lee Lin passed out was possibly connected to this estate?

The place of the Riches Vacation home was incredibly excellent. This Chen Household Vacation home was close to the mountain and also was situated in the north, encountering the south.

However, the bad news was that the Xichuan River, which moved before the well-off town, was found before the chateau. The place of the well-off village was appropriate for Yang Mansion, it was much more suitable for Yin Estate.

He raised his head and also looked at the 8 Trigrams Mirror hanging at the entryway, validating his hunch.

It was possibly because of the Baleful Yin Pressure that Lee Lin had actually been subconscious.

Complying with that, Lan Xi used a collection of first aid approaches, yet this Lee Lin, Ren Rann, had his eyes tightly shut as well as was entirely stationary, without any signs of awakening.

” What the hell is taking place?”

” Could this Boss Li have some kind of covert disease?”

” Hush, what are you talking about? Do not you wish to pass away? ”

Seeing that Lee Lin had not woken up for a very long time, the visitors from Chen Family members might not assist but begin to review in murmurs.

Chen Tianzong believed points may be a bit bothersome. He promptly rose as well as asked, “Director Lan, just how is it? Chief Li … “Why have not you awaken yet?”

Lan Xi was not only major, but likewise self-conscious. This circumstance was different from what she had expected, she was not in the hospital and also really did not have any emergency treatment tools. She rapidly stated, “Employer Li’s circumstance isn’t great, I believe we must rush as well as send her to the health center.”

Chen Tianzong nodded his head and also promptly purchased his guys to prepare the automobile.

” Lei.” Mu Sisi leaned worriedly on Chen Bouquet’s shoulder.

” It’s fine, Employer Li will certainly be fine.” Seeing the worry in his partner’s eyes, Chen Bouquet drew her right into his arms and also comforted her softly.

For a moment, the entire wedding event scene was covered in a layer of grey.

Currently, Chen Yang squeezed out of the crowd, took an advance and claimed, “You don’t need to go to the medical facility, not just will you be unable to heal her, you will certainly additionally postpone her illness.”

” Hua!”.

The moment his words left his mouth, every person existing burst into an uproar.

Everyone checked out Chen Yang with wondering about and ridicule. Even Dean Lan couldn’t do anything about it, why did you, an abandoned bastard of Chen Household, come out to cause trouble?

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